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  1. Half ppr.. have baker as starting qb have Conner Montgomery samuels CT at RB sitting at I take this deal?
  2. I am hurting at qb...with baker the letdown mayfield...i offered juju for lamar and was instantly done with fantasy football.
  3. if it's not from subway, then i'd take the deal.
  4. again...i'm not saying Daniel Jones isn't capable of being better than Eli. but it's crazy to expect a rookie QB running a subpar offense and expect him to be an instant improvement over a seasoned vet. What have you seen Daniel Jones do to lead you to believe he will be a 100% hit? The preseason? Engram's TD opportunities may improve but that is mainly due to the fact of the return of Tate and Shepard. i wouldn't expect 10+ targets most people are expecting. Tate is a PPR machine and Shepard is their WR1
  5. To bring it back to Engram, assuming Daniel Jones will be better for him is setting yourself up for disappointment. Add Shepard and Tate joining the party soon..don’t be surprised Engrams value dips. Just saying
  6. I guess Rosen’s first year was his best year.
  7. Playing devil's advocate....But what if Daniel Jones turns out to be Josh Rosen.
  8. Hopefully Mixon and Freeman bounces back. I like the trade as it's only been 2 weeks. you gotta buy low and hope they dont drop lower! lol... I also have Juju and Conner and am sitting 0-2 as well...having Baker and OJ Howard certainly doesn't help the cause.
  9. Just replying to your comment of "can it get any worse?" and i am saying it sure can.
  10. please refer to jags, jets, and the dolphins. just saying.
  11. As long as he has the opportunity...i'll be content. If Pittsburgh decide to pull some rbbc bs i'll be very upset.
  12. lev bell not going to make it through this game running like this..
  13. Bell's gonna request a trade before their bye week.
  14. is it me or is siemian going backwards?
  15. Yes I would but it depends on your rb situation as well
  16. hoping OJ plays better. Engram will have Daniel Jones, Shepard, Tate all coming back sometime this season and who knows what will happen in that offense once that happens. OJ can only go up from here right? lol. MVS i will have a hard time starting confidently whereas marquise brown has shown his upside as the wr1 for Lamar.
  17. I just traded away Engram and MVS for OJ Howard and Hollywood.. my bench and flex position is real bleak with MVS, Dede, Jaylen Samuels(Have Conner so even if Conner is out, doesn't fix my flex/bench problems, Mecole, and Chris Thompson) I have hopes that OJ Howard gets targeted at least 5-6 times a game and settles as at least a low end TE1. Hollywood Brown seems like Lamar's go to guy along with Andrews. Im 0-2 and i think it's time for me to start making some moves before it's too bad was this trade?
  18. Not many that I can recall... OJ is headed towards that direction tho.
  19. Drop mecole or mvs for metcalf or stick with them? Half ppr redraft