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  1. Half ppr league 2rb 2wr 1 flex My RBs are Zeke Mixon Cook Lmurray Mack My WRs are Woods Cooks Arob Edelman should I trade Edelman and DCook for OBJ and one of Cthompson/Lindsay/Dion Lewis/Bpowell? and if so, which RB? thanks!!
  2. Was up 106 103 with Goff and Cooks on my team going against Rams D...of course Carr throws pick 6...I lose 111 there a vent and rant thread?
  3. Yes I think so.i think fournette in dynasty is pretty damn valuable. I’d stick with your team for now. Green is on the downhill of his career now Connor is unknown. Carr and Ryan are t terrible Qbs so I don’t think it’s worth giving up fournette for.
  4. Hmm does a Hill for Sutton and Royce sound better?
  5. Tyreek Hill for ARob and Rojo or Hunt for Doggs Rojo J. Conner which offer is better ? I own Hill and Hunt
  6. Piggyback question: Some WRs available on WW: Traquon, Dede, Godwin, Sutton, Desean...should i drop Gallup for any of them or just stand pat until one of these RBs blow up?
  7. You are correct. However i didn't expect for Dalvin or Mixon to fall to me at #21 and i instinctively went 3 RBs first 3 rounds.
  8. 1 Flex 2 WRs 2 RBs TC Owner: QB: R Wilson RB: L Bell, J Howard, Barber, TC, WR: Evans, J Gordon, Funchess, Golladay, Benjamin, Dez TE: Rudolph Lamar owner: QB: Cousins RB: Saquon, Shady, Lamar, Montgomery, WR: Juju, Diggs, Jordy, Lockett TE: Olsen, Clay
  9. My teams right now: QB: Goff RB: Zeke, Dalvin, Mixon, Penny, Duke, Latavius WR: Cooks, Robinson, Edelman, Gallup TE: Burton Obviously i need some serious help at WR and i was just offered CMC and Baldwin for Zeke. This is half PPR league. Should i take it? What other WRs do you think i can/should target instead? All opinions appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Drafted Guice and got screwed at RBs right now are Fournette, Lamar Miller, Guice, Chubb, Jamaal Williams, Kerryon Johnson, Ballage and Barber...(i know lots of quantity but not quality) I have Gronk and Ertz as my TEs with Mcdonald, Butt available in FA right now. Considering that Gronk is towards the end of his career, would you make this trade and add on to my pool of RBs in hopes that one of them hit or stay put?
  11. you know it. now it's time to buy myles' while his stock is down right?
  12. had to default add him in my dynasty after my guice went down.
  13. heck, i wouldn't be surprised if people took saquon over guice in a redraft as well.LOL
  14. looks like Guice will drop to 4 after all...but probably not worth it anymore?
  15. if this happened to saquon and not guice...would we still take saquon ahead of guice in a dynasty?
  16. if you haven't taken it by can probably kiss it goodbye after yesterday's game.
  17. seems kinda high but i can very well be wrong.
  18. is it time for me to pick up Perine off my Dynasty FA List ?
  19. i'd keep thomas and draft gordon or fournette at 8
  20. hah i'd go with the first 3 because i am high on mckinnon and not at all with crowell. but i can agree that bell is easily the best of all of these. but in terms of choosing best 3...i think barkley has the upside to produce bell like numbers..we'll have to see if he really can tho.
  21. Team in my sig minus Cam Henry and Hyde. I don’t have to rely on these rookies besides Guice as my roster is relatively strong still. Went with upside WRs not for this season but hopefully beginning next season. Same with Chubb. Guice was obvious choice at 1.02. Kerryon was available at 1.06 but not 1.12. He went 1.10.