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  1. i'd keep thomas and draft gordon or fournette at 8
  2. hah i'd go with the first 3 because i am high on mckinnon and not at all with crowell. but i can agree that bell is easily the best of all of these. but in terms of choosing best 3...i think barkley has the upside to produce bell like numbers..we'll have to see if he really can tho.
  3. Team in my sig minus Cam Henry and Hyde. I don’t have to rely on these rookies besides Guice as my roster is relatively strong still. Went with upside WRs not for this season but hopefully beginning next season. Same with Chubb. Guice was obvious choice at 1.02. Kerryon was available at 1.06 but not 1.12. He went 1.10.
  4. 1.02 Derrius Guice 1.06 Nick chubb 1.12 Courtland Sutton 2.06 Christian Kirk
  5. What if Guice outproduces Barkley somehow? That would be the dream..
  6. Kerryon dj Moore were gone..took Courtland Sutton instead!
  7. this is hilarious cause my draft that is going on right now...went like this EXACTLY. incredible.
  8. dude...worry about your qb depth later. trade for a stud qb later if it comes down to it...obj in dynasty is money...2qb or not.
  9. My team qbs are Mahomes and dynasty rookie draft, should I risk taking Lamar here or wait until the 18th overall pick to take another qb and take a Gallup or Miller or Kerryon at 1.12? Already drafted Guice and Chubb with 1.02 and 1.06. You think Lamar will be around at the 18th?
  10. Michel RoJo gone..took moving on to the 12...looking at my team and my QB situation...Mahomes sounds like he’s having a rough training cam so far...should I take another RB or WR or should I try for Mayfield or Jackson at this point?
  11. Hmm...I dunno but I think you will be fine if you do this trade...
  12. Of course. I plan on drafting one of them with the 1.06 not sure who to take at 1.12
  13. I took guice with 1.02 already. Please rank the following players in order of preference: michel Ronald jones royce freeman chubb ridley who should I take at 1.12 assuming everyone mentioned above are gone? Currently my qbs are Mahomes and Carr but I also have a 1.18 pick where I think I can target a Lamar Jackson mayfield Rosen darnold. Team is in sig(minus cam, hyde, Henry)
  14. I'd be Sending Davante Parker and Lamar Miller for #3 that too steep? Team in sig for your reference. Thanks!
  15. JJJ will probably be the best player from the 2018 draft.
  16. i guess the only thing tangible that we can compare these rookies as "safe" or not is their minutes for now...and by taking that into consideration...i think doncic, ayton, trae have the most opportunity to hit in their rookie season strictly because they will play a lot of minutes....but trae's game will never be considered "safe". JJJ, Bamba, Bagley and WCJ have somewhat of a position battle going so i think those guys will probably average around 25mpg whereas the first 3 mentioned probably will see no less than 30mpg.
  17. I agree that Doncic has the high ceiling potential and Ayton has the higher floor. That being said, i dont think Doncic has a particularly low floor, just that the likes of Ayton, WCJ, possibly JJJ have the higher floor. IMO JJJ i think has almost as high of an upside as Doncic with a higher floor due to his ability to hit 3s rebound and block.
  18. probably whoever is engineering yahoo fantasy for baseball wanted to screw their league mate who had the 1st pick by splitting ohtani into two but keep his DL status as one and then secretly allowing select 2018 draft picks to be eligible for FA pick up so that they can pick them up before anyone else notices.
  19. Our league leaves them as untouchable until the following year where we have to draft them. I guess it makes it fair that way.
  20. do both. Kawhi/Dunn are the better Dynasty keeps even though Mitchell looks like he is a younger better version of dame lillard. Turner...vs Isaac and #9...if you don't have any bigs then this would be a No..if you have at least 1 other decent C i'd do it. Isaac has shown a lot of least in SL he has.