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  1. As it has been with their Ben and Joel, do we trust the process with Markelle as well? So far his offseason progression with his fitness and shooting have been very promising! what do you guys expect out of the final piece of the process?
  2. Both on week 12 deadline I drop Goff and scoop up Lamar Jackson or another qb with a juicy week 12 matchup or do I hang on to Goff And drop one of latavius(I also own dalvin) Arob or Sutton for a qb for week 12?
  3. How many WRs RBs do you start...your WRs look solid as is...
  4. Not sure the price but I’d shop Lamar...maybe you can get Arob...doubt it after his blow up tho...maybe Amari Cooper but I dunno if you wanna go through that weekly migraine
  5. I’d do it...dalvin looked GOOOOOD last week
  6. Deadline has passed...nobody took any offers I sent
  7. My WRs are cooks Edelman Arob sutton my Rbs are zeke David Johnson mack dalvin latavius my qbs are Mahomes and Goff ...both week 12 byes Trade deadline has passed I also need a te for this week as I only have njoku ugh
  8. Chubb or Mixon WHIR

    We were all wrong and owe this man an apology lol
  9. Hmm drop Sutton or latavius or Goff for a week 12 qb?
  10. Hunt and Gurley will take you far lol
  11. QB and TE help...WHIR 100%

    Goff njoku. Goff has been on fire lately
  12. It’s be hard to swallow a loss with fournette on the bench. I’d go with fournette
  13. Chubb or Mixon WHIR

    Mixon...cmon now
  14. Sutton

    Burn the #1 ww and drop one of Arob/reed/Njoku for this guy?
  15. Courtland Sutton 2018 Outlook

    I have #1 ww priority...WRs not the greatest with cooks Edelman Arob...should I burn the #1 on Sutton with DT moving?
  16. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    End of the day this guy is producing solid rb2 numbers with a terrible offense and still has rb1 upside if suddenly something clicks in Arizona....although the latter may be a long shot
  17. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    I’d take that lol
  18. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook he prime sell high candidate or wise to roster him?
  19. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    FWIW At least they’re the most appreciated in fantasy football
  20. Offered Kamara for my Juju/Mack

    Do it and do it now
  21. Need your help on blockbuster!

    Actually trade that happened was mixon burton and woods for mahomes David Johnson Jordan reed how did I do?
  22. Half ppr 2 wr 2 rb 1 te zeke trey burton Edelman and duke for mahomes David Johnson kupp Jordan reed which side? Stay put? I am carrying goff Woods Cooks Edelman Arob Zeke Mixon latavius dalvin Mack duke njoku burton