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  1. After the consensus top 3 of Zion Barrett and Ja..with the #4 pick..who would you take?
  2. I am lacking in active SS depth. Corey Seager has been out for most part of the last 2 seasons...i have Royce Lewis and Wander Franco and Brendan Rogers on my bench/MiLB...Im trying to go for Tatis you think Yordan Alvarez and Royce Lewis is a good offer for Tatis or do you think i need to add a lot more to the offer?
  3. Hidden in the midst of all this Kawhi speculation...Ben Simmons breaks world record as highest paid rookie in any sport
  4. How is Lebron a wussy if Kawhi signs with LAL....He came when they had a bunch of babies..
  5. Heard the Clippers are out...down to Lakers and Toronto...Ladies and Gentleman...welcome to the 2020 NBA Finals.
  6. I’m just can sell or buy it...we will never know..
  7. Plot twist: Phil Jackson is the orchestrator.
  8. My theory of the current Lakers situation Lakers working around the tampering rules. The Rob and Magic fall out was a hoax. Magic stepped down out of nowhere blatantly ripping Rob apart after a great meeting with the Lakers FO. Even with Magic’s accusations of Rob, Lakers give Rob Magic’s position. They still get rid of Walton. Magic taking calls and meetings with Kawhi while openly saying he’s available to help the Lakers if they want to...the NBA tampering rules have been Belichecked by Magic and the Lakers.
  9. So I started Clevinger and Degrom today...
  10. It's all about this upcoming season...Lakers are doing whatever it takes to buy a championship right now..once Bron decides to retire, it'll be interesting what lakers decide to do then...let's just enjoy this FA period. I think today's move made things very interesting...i don't think kemba and jimmy are locked to the Celtics and Rockets anymore with this new development...I think the lakers hold the first domino...unless kd signs with the Nets...then all bets are off.
  11. Do you guys know of any pitchers projected to become closers?
  12. In summary, Yahoo dynasty leagues suck. hows McKay being treated in other leagues? Yahoo the only format cloning players?
  13. Where did you hear this? I mean...they had the chance to fix it with McKay so just curious to see where you heard this.
  14. hah pretty much...and that's what im trying to bring to light however everyone in this league are blind or dont really care...cause there are only 2 players currently affected... I suggested prior to Ohtani draft that I should be allowed to get both hitter and pitcher but league thought that wasn't fair....fine whatever... fast forward to Mckay and this bs happens? Commish suddenly realizes that there may be future 2 way players (his mckay being one of them) so he makes this 'new' rule that i proposed prior to Ohtani draft...and now this is suddenly fair. to bring it back to relevance to this forum topic...Yahoo sucks.
  15. yes at the root of it all...this is a Yahoo problem that they continue to refuse to correct. That's why i decided to rant on it here rather than the rant forums. i made the suggestion to the commish about implementing this same exact rule prior to the Ohtani draft and nobody thought it was a good idea back then..this is the main reason this is so frustrating..however this is a lost cause and my only hope remains in Yahoo coming to their senses and merging the two Ohtanis/McKays into a single player... my only hope..
  16. yeah i thought about putting in a claim...however the commish has priority 9 and i have 10....and he can just easily add him on with his commish tools if i decided to add him anyway.. i did post on the league board and waiting for other members to reply. waiting to see what they have to say about it. i'd hate to leave this league though..i built up my empire from absolute hot garbage team through the draft...sigh.
  17. so my league...i drafted Ohtani the pitcher back last season and suggested that i should also be able to roster the batter since it's pretty ridiculous what yahoo did...however league caved into yahoo's poor handling of the commish owns Mckay and he posts a rule prior to the beginning of the season saying that "1) Any future two-way players that are rostered in their NA status as a prospect shall be wholly owned by that team should Yahoo in their "infinite wisdom" continue to split two-way players." ....should i make an argument for myself to be able to roster the Ohtani batter. Commish bumped post of the new rule again this morning to remind the league i assume so that nobody picks up his McKay....this sounds like a load of bs to me. *sorry if this belongs in the rant feed however it involves Yahoo's settings so i posted it here*
  18. Dynasty: i like Garland, Clarke, Hayes, and Culver. Garland, i think in 1 or 2 years will outshine Sexton and Cleveland will move on from Sexton. Clarke: Plays big for his size. Stocks. Cause lots of mismatches Hayes: Blocks and C elig Culver: Wiggins is done at Minny. if DLo lands at Minny...then perhaps Culver drops out of this list.
  19. *Carmelo Anthony has entered the chatroom*
  20. AD stats wont be affected much...he played along side boogie for a while and his averages we're for the most part the same...he actually saw his efficiency improve. I think more of the same will happen here on the Lakers. Probably his points may drop 1 or 2 ppg but that's all i see really being affected. Klove went from being the #1 on a crappy Wolves team to the #3 on a championship team that had prime Lebron and an over zealous Kyrie. I think the Lakers trading away their young core and future picks for AD solidifies him as the centerpiece for the Lakers outside of Lebron...meaning that whatever 3rd max player or complimentary pieces...will be just that...complimentary pieces to the center piece Anthony Davis.
  21. He is what we all thought vlad jr would be..
  22. If washington is willing to trade beal for a package around the #4...lakers should just do that lol
  23. Im hearing the 3rd team is Washington...I was thinking it made more sense that it would be Phoenix..I can't imagine how brad beal gets involved in this deal...i thought it would be Oubre or Josh Jackson and the 6th pick for Lonzo..