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  1. 16 minutes ago, smeeze said:

    It’s just a suggestion as to how they could proceed if they wanted to implement it. From what I understand, the decision to split the players was done under a previous group at yahoo, and it appears the new group would prefer to actually get it right as opposed to cutting corners. Just an idea.

    Where did you hear this? I mean...they had the chance to fix it with McKay so just curious to see where you heard this. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, duke of queens said:

    So let me get this straight. Your league has two different rules for Ohtani and McKay?

    hah pretty much...and that's what im trying to bring to light however everyone in this league are blind or dont really care...cause there are only 2 players currently affected...

    I suggested prior to Ohtani draft that I should be allowed to get both hitter and pitcher but league thought that wasn't fair....fine whatever...

    fast forward to Mckay and this bs happens? Commish suddenly realizes that there may be future 2 way players (his mckay being one of them) so he makes this 'new' rule that i proposed prior to Ohtani draft...and now this is suddenly fair. 


    to bring it back to relevance to this forum topic...Yahoo sucks.


  3. 6 hours ago, osb_tensor said:

    there's not a good answer unless the commish comes to his senses and quits being selfish.

    my recommendation to you (and anyone else) is to leave yahoo. it's garbage the way they manage their system. i'm not going to recommend a specific alternative... but pick one, any one, that doesn't do this silly nonsense with duplicate players. while your commish contributed to this issue, this entire situation is a yahoo problem. if you play in a simple redraft, yahoo probably works fine, but anything beyond and its likely creating more issues than it satisfies.

    yes at the root of it all...this is a Yahoo problem that they continue to refuse to correct. That's why i decided to rant on it here rather than the rant forums. i made the suggestion to the commish about implementing this same exact rule prior to the Ohtani draft and nobody thought it was a good idea back then..this is the main reason this is so frustrating..however this is a lost cause and my only hope remains in Yahoo coming to their senses and merging the two Ohtanis/McKays into a single player...


    6 hours ago, smeeze said:

    This is the only issue I have with yahoo, and it's head and shoulders above ESPN for literally everything else. I've heard yahoo might be changing (see: fixing) the Ohtani/McKay situations over the winter.

    my only hope..

  4. 14 minutes ago, Baseball Jonze said:

    That is total BS.  I'd go to the league mates on this one and call out the situation.  I'd also put in a claim for McKay, though you could have a later priority so it wouldn't help.  But no way I stay in a league like this.  He'll probably come back with "Yeah, you were right then - but I'm fixing it now".  But he's "fixing it" when he directly benefits from it and did it by edict rather than league vote. 

    yeah i thought about putting in a claim...however the commish has priority 9 and i have 10....and he can just easily add him on with his commish tools if i decided to add him anyway..

    i did post on the league board and waiting for other members to reply. waiting to see what they have to say about it. i'd hate to leave this league though..i built up my empire from absolute hot garbage team through the draft...sigh.

  5. so my league...i drafted Ohtani the pitcher back last season and suggested that i should also be able to roster the batter since it's pretty ridiculous what yahoo did...however league caved into yahoo's poor handling of the commish owns Mckay and he posts a rule prior to the beginning of the season saying that "1) Any future two-way players that are rostered in their NA status as a prospect shall be wholly owned by that team should Yahoo in their "infinite wisdom" continue to split two-way players." ....should i make an argument for myself to be able to roster the Ohtani batter. Commish bumped post of the new rule again this morning to remind the league i assume so that nobody picks up his McKay....this sounds like a load of bs to me.


    *sorry if this belongs in the rant feed however it involves Yahoo's settings so i posted it here*

  6. Dynasty: i like Garland, Clarke, Hayes, and Culver. 

    Garland, i think in 1 or 2 years will outshine Sexton and Cleveland will move on from Sexton.

    Clarke: Plays big for his size. Stocks. Cause lots of mismatches 

    Hayes: Blocks and C elig

    Culver: Wiggins is done at Minny. if DLo lands at Minny...then perhaps Culver drops out of this list. 

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  7. AD stats wont be affected much...he played along side boogie for a while and his averages we're for the most part the same...he actually saw his efficiency improve. I think more of the same will happen here on the Lakers. Probably his points may drop 1 or 2 ppg but that's all i see really being affected. Klove went from being the #1 on a crappy Wolves team to the #3 on a championship team that had prime Lebron and an over zealous Kyrie. I think the Lakers trading away their young core and future picks for AD solidifies him as the centerpiece for the Lakers outside of Lebron...meaning that whatever 3rd max player or complimentary pieces...will be just that...complimentary pieces to the center piece Anthony Davis.

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  8. 3 hours ago, kmoore1521 said:

    Reports they are getting closer on a multi team deal for AD


    bet it gets done before the draft, so pretty much a week to get it done

    Im hearing the 3rd team is Washington...I was thinking it made more sense that it would be Phoenix..I can't imagine how brad beal gets involved in this deal...i thought it would be Oubre or Josh Jackson and the 6th pick for Lonzo..

  9. 1 hour ago, paintingtheblack said:

    In a redraft, I'd probably do this if you feel you need an arm more than a bat. Degrom is a consensus top 2 arm, so you won't be able to get much better of a return even if Vlad has a good first series. 

    This is my thought exactly...I have a bunch of underwhelming pitchers all who have yet to produce anything pretty good with batting and winning majority of the categories on that end but i get killed with pitching in all aspects...definitely didn't expect that with Sale Strasburg Morton Bumgarner Clevinger as SPs

  10. I am in dire need of SP as Sale, Strasburg, Bumgarner, Clevinger, Ray all are either hurt or playing terribly...

    this is a redraft league. I held on to Vlad, Andujar, with McMahon and Profar manning 3B for the time being....that being said i just got offered DeGrom for Vlad straight up in a logic says this is a no brainer accept and run situation...unless there is something i dont know about degrom's injury..Anyone out there know? 

  11. I have Sale, Strasburg and Madbum as the key pieces of my SP core and as you all know...they are getting lit up left and right this season. Fortunately, i have been able to get some decent depth at SS with Correa, Anderson, and Tatis Jr. Im thinking Correa is best to get bang for the buck as i think Anderson is not gonna warrant a big return even with his remarkable start as people may think he can't sustain this type of production, Tatis Jr is has a lot of hype but in a redraft not so much. What kind of SP talent you think i should look for with Correa? Should i trade someone else?

  12. 2 hours ago, DarinB300 said:

    Getting Trea isn't a bad offer, as long as you can be competitive with him being out for a while. I think I would consider the trade & then try flipping Correa or Tatis Jr for another SP.

    Maybe 1 of them & Ray, if he has a good game the next time he pitches. 

    that's a good idea...

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