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  1. Benched Damian Williams for this guy..please DJ...just give me one week that’s all I ask
  2. That’s 6.5+ points from TE..I’ll take it
  3. At least they didn’t split him into two players like they did with Shohei Ohtani in that was a real screw up.
  4. Yes that’s 5 out of 12 leaving at least 7 of us in desperate need of a TE
  5. if yahoo suddenly removed his TE eligibility...Samuels suddenly becomes very unattractive...Please don't do such evil things yahoo.
  6. The cowboys were quite horrendous offensively until Amari showed up Odell was consistent in fantasy production still. Saquon is in Gurley Kamara territory. And they all played for bad teams...Gurleys rookie season he was on a terrible rams team. I think you can draft a rb1 on a bad team with confidence...David Johnson just happens to be a case where he’s returning rb2 stats this season and it’s unfortunate but give me saquon zeke gurley(rookie season) all day
  7. Unless their names are Saquon Odell or Ezekiel
  8. Until there is an official report saying that it's indeed something minor, it's difficult to believe the way the injury looked that it's only a bruise...knee nearly bent sideways..looks more sprained and his limp today makes it sound more like a sprain than a bruise...
  9. *Warning* Hunt and Ware posts infiltrating all relevant Chiefs threads in 3...2...1...
  10. Understand this but Dalvin Cook has burned me too many times this season. Ware easily replaces Cook in my flex to prevent another burn by the Cook.
  11. 2016 Ware was the main back for KC...he was no bellcow but he still outcarried West by 130+ carries. He also out targeted West so i wouldn't say it was rbbc. i think Ware is pretty safely the main back now. With Mahomes, i think he can be real good as a receiver
  12. No...that's because JC was in town before that...Ware was always a super cuff which is why we are are all stoked that he is once again going to be the super cuff this season!
  13. for now roll with Coleman Gus and Mack.... jk Gurley Chubb/Ware and are too solid at RB...
  14. we follow NBA Draft rules with the same odds they have. i agree that draft picks are fun which is why i always find myself blowing up my team every season for draft picks it seems. lol.
  15. Dynasty league and my team cannot contend for the foreseeable future. my team currently is composed of only sophomores and rookies making DRuss the senior citizen of my team. it's a deep league with deep rosters so im thinking about doing this deal to add some depth with potential. Do you think it's worth it? The picks will likely be somewhere between 3rd to 12th. Season's still young so those picks are still TBD. thoughts?
  16. He probably feels like your team is the bigger threat. It’s all fair game imo...even though it’s hella annoying and shady, I’ve seen and heard of leagues doing this. It’s kinda like popovich benching his starters to rest them and position them for a favorable playoff matchup
  17. Need to start one of them for week 12. Please help
  18. Down by 28 facing Greg the Leg...I have Mahomes Cooks and Butker to lead me to the promised land
  19. How many WRs RBs do you start...your WRs look solid as is...
  20. Not sure the price but I’d shop Lamar...maybe you can get Arob...doubt it after his blow up tho...maybe Amari Cooper but I dunno if you wanna go through that weekly migraine