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  1. End of the day this guy is producing solid rb2 numbers with a terrible offense and still has rb1 upside if suddenly something clicks in Arizona....although the latter may be a long shot
  2. he prime sell high candidate or wise to roster him?
  3. FWIW At least they’re the most appreciated in fantasy football
  4. Actually trade that happened was mixon burton and woods for mahomes David Johnson Jordan reed how did I do?
  5. gurley will likely sit last game or two if rams go undefeated and ruin your ff playoffs. I’d stay put.
  6. Half ppr 2 wr 2 rb 1 te zeke trey burton Edelman and duke for mahomes David Johnson kupp Jordan reed which side? Stay put? I am carrying goff Woods Cooks Edelman Arob Zeke Mixon latavius dalvin Mack duke njoku burton
  7. Offered to me his team needs help and he has Mahomes and wentz...
  8. My team now goff woods cooks Edelman Arob Zeke Mixon dalvin latavius Mack duke njoku burton butker chicago should I trade along the lines of njoku or Burton and mixon for Mahomes and David Johnson? gurleys red zone carries have been giving me a headache for my Rams stack... please help. Thanks!
  9. Sounds like my league... i iffered Dalvin Cook before his injury, Brandon cooks for bell and Keelan Cole...investing for future vetoed and no one manned up to explain why it was vetoed....
  10. Damn this is a difficult one...I’d say Gordon since Cleveland situation is still fresh...gronk out helps Gordon most.
  11. Lev bell and keelan Cole for dalvin and brandin Cooks
  12. Today he leaves practice with undisclosed it ethical for leaguemates veto this trade?
  13. Only reason I say it’s collusion is that you’re trading away players to help another team beat out other teams however if it is not a prearranged plan with the other team and the trade goes through with no veto then it’s fair game. I should have read more thoroughly
  14. Really? You don’t think lev bell is an upgrade for dalvin? I still have woods Edelman Arob and Cole while starting MixonZeke and Lev while hanging on to latavius in case dalvins hamstring acts up again
  15. Currently standing at 4-2 after starting 0-2.. half PPR.. my RBs: Zeke Mixon Cook Latavius Mack my WRs: Woods Cooks Edelman ARob my TEs: Njoku Burton traded away Dalvin and Cooks for Lev Bell and Keelan Cole...was this a good move?
  16. Do I take this offer? Got offered Melvin ekeler and yeldon for my Mixon Dalvin Latavius Woods half ppr currently I have Rb: zeke mixon dalvin latavius and Mack wr: woods cooks Edelman Arob
  17. Half ppr and currently starting Edelman and njoku but opponent is streaming trubisky l. Is it better to switch them out for Arob and burton?