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  1. My team has me worried as almost everyone on my team hasn’t panned out so well...half ppr 12 team league...currently starting QB Baker WR JuJu Thielen RB Conner TE Engram I need to start another RB and a Flex from the following pool of players: Latavius Murray, David Montgomery, Chris Thompson, Mecole Hardman, Marquez Valdez Scantling, Dede Westbrook, Jaylen Samuels i am leaning toward Chris Thompson and Latavius Murray...but I really have no idea what the play is here...please help!!!
  2. half ppr in a 10 team redraft? did you end up with kamara juju and davante adams?? but to answer original question...i'd hang on to juju
  3. Which WR1 would you rather roster in half PPR and why? ready, set, go
  4. Well Jalen didn't quite now you can drop him lol
  5. pick up jalen richard for jaylen samuels if you still can make that transaction prior to the oakland game tonight. he has potential to get targeted 6-7 times with AB out.
  6. scoop up jalen richard right now before he potentially joins the week 2 waiver pick up list. drop your flop for him. worth a free dart throw..if not, then drop richard for whoever you were going to gun for in the ww.
  7. Gronk will be announcing his comeback during tomorrow nights ring ceremony.
  8. Edelman is notoriously a volume target ppr don’t think the addition of AB..the greatest WR1 for the past 5 years will put a significant dent in his target count? Gordon takes a hit of course but he was always the big play option for the Pats and still is. Edelman probably is back down to his usual mid/low WR2 tier whereas prior to AB he was flirting with low WR1 projections in ppr
  9. Guys...this is Antonio Brown we’re talking about...the man is gonna find himself in WR1 tier before you know it. Edelman takes the biggest hit here. AB will get TD looks all day with the New England Warriors than with the Oakland Knicks.
  10. Like I said...Tom Brady the sleeper in this meme..
  11. Tom Brady is the sleeper in this meme
  12. "I know you guys [the media] are going to try and draw comparisons like that, but really, the snaps in the preseason have nothing to do with the way we executed, or the sloppiness tonight," Trubisky said. "We weren't doing that in practice. We were smooth in practice. ... It just seemed a little scattered tonight with all of our personnels, and trying to find a rhythm and trying to find our identity on offense. We just put ourselves in bad situations and shot ourselves in the foot. You can maybe contribute it [to the lack of preseason action], but I think it's kind of a stretch." Sounds to me like Mitch needed some good ol' preseason snaps
  13. sub question to your response: should i take Fitz for Pollard and drop geronimo if i wanted to keep the Jags?
  14. drop jags or hang on to jags and drop one of ballage or geronimo,
  15. 12 team redraft. Accidentally timed out and autodrafted Jags DST in round 9 or 10....of course they play the Chiefs week 1 so now im tempted to drop them and just stream DST...Dallas and Seattle on the WW i burn a ww priority for one of these DST or just pray and hope Jags can come out with 1 pick 6 to offset the Mahomes onslaught forth coming. who to drop for seattle or dallas? Ballage? Geronimo? MVS? Jaylen Samuels(i own Conner), Pollard(zeke owner interested..offered me Fitzgerald), or Jags DST?
  16. do it my man...starting julio juju conner freeman is money...and to stack big ben with juju is a treat. flex singletary or shady
  17. why would you do this? lev bell is a question mark in a new offense...todd gurley is a question mark with his arthritic knee...pollard is useless if you don't own zeke...jaguars and browns are equally as good as baltimore and dallas.. zeke is coming back sooner than later and is clearly the best fantasy rb here..aaron jones is a popular 'breakout player' this season..montgomery is in a different league than pollard when it comes to fantasy value with zeke back...
  18. OP spot? is that a Superflex spot? shoot i'd go with Wentz