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  1. Stumbled across this from March 1: Pertinent bits: "While his back barked and his 2018 season slipped away, Carlos Correa claimed he could not hit a baseball harder than 105 mph off his bat. . . . On Thursday . . . Correa split the left-center field gap with another double. Though Major League Baseball does not keep tabulations on exit velocity in spring training games, the Astros do. 'First thing I did yesterday was to look at the exit velo,' Correa said. 'That was 113. That made me feel good . . .'" Anecdotal, but I had regular back spasms and associated soreness from age 35 to 40. It put me on my back every few weeks or so and bothered me almost daily. Alignment Yoga 2-3 times a week for six months made it go away. I'm 50 now and havent done yoga more than twice a month for about five years, but my back has given me no trouble -- nada, since about 3 months into the initial regimen.
  2. ST can make a lot if guys look like prime Miggy. But he sure looks like prime Miggy -- OPS 1.000, a HR every 12 AB and all that. Innards are prolly duct tape, shock cord and pure grain alcohol but guys have put together full seasons relying on less. 1B being as thin as it is roll the dice at that price. Guy's a generational bat.
  3. Weird, he shows up SP/RP/P in my Fantrax leagues. Do they have custom eligibility?
  4. Thx for starting the thread. Adam Conley Kyle Zimmer
  5. Sneaky guy whose value creeps up as overall SP innings creep down. His one decent offering is a knockout slider that really came to life late last season, and propelled him to a strong finish. With a meh FB and just one out pitch he's a classic twice through the order guy -- K/9 3.91 and WHIP 1.61 3rd time through the order really suppresses his overall. So his value kinda depends on a smart manager lifting his floor by capping his ceiling, but that's the trend. 2nd half 9.25 K/9, 2.15 BB/9, 3.42 xFIP. He got unlucky in September with a 22% HR/FB and 56.2% left on base, which inflated his ratios some. But the peripherals stayed strong and have carried into a strong spring training. I'm buying a low floor back end guy who should provide K's without killing your ratios, with modest upside if he can sustain. I'm carrying an 8th SP in some leagues, with one less MR to make room for these guys. Changes in game management limit their damage potential in the same way it limits others' upsides. SP3, SP4 & SP5s are getting compressed into a single tier, and one trick ponies like DeSclafani get a relative bump in value imo.
  6. 50/50. Last season looks like 2 holds in 3 relief appearances so if he makes the roster then yes. But Hinch wants him starting games this year, so there's a good chance they'll send him down to AAA to stretch out.
  7. One to watch. Couldn't hit the side of a barn with his 80 grade FB until last year, when he went 59 innings across AA-AAA-MLB @ 3.36 BB/9 (10% BB rate). So far this spring its 3 BB in 5.1 innings. SSS, meh, who knows? If he has discovered average command and stays healthy he will be special. 14.44 projection is no joke. The gas is for real -- FB sits at 98 and reaches 101 (he's been clocked as high as 104). It's live, with about 10 inches of rise and late arm side run. Paired with an above average slider, prototypical righty closer toolkit. Injuries include Tommy John during high school, a knee injury that restricted him to 16 innings over two seasons in college, labrum surgery on his pitching shoulder, a hand injury, a lat injury and bone spurs in his elbow. I've yet to add him, but pulling for him fershur. *just optioned to AAA so I can wait.
  8. Had him a nice ST. 10 hits and 2 HR in 18 AB. Watching the AA start in shallower keeper leagues, where he's still available.
  9. Miggy Cabrera will OPS > 1.000 with > 500 PA Greg Allen will score 80 runs and steal 30 bases Keibert Ruiz will become the Dodgers everyday catcher in time to bat .300 in the post season The D-backs will be accused of running a de-humidifier during home at bats. At least one team will intentionally walk in a run to meet the 6 run threshold and gain pitchers' eligibility for field players. Franklin Baretto will hit 25 mlb hrs Vladdy Guererro and Marcel Ozuna will be the first players (twice in the same year!) to win a batting title while weighing more than their batting averages.
  10. This guy's signals are so weird -- the reverse platoon split out of nowhere? I've rooted for him since he showed up as a solid age-to-level guy in Cistulli's Fringe Five and I'm glad he's getting every day at bats handed to him. 30 hrs is pie in the sky, but with his contact skills I could see .285 with 20 hrs. Safer bet -- .265 and 15 is not much to write home about but passable at 2B. He's no lock to keep the gig -- could be the odd man out in the unlikely case that Adam Jones can still play baseball, with Ketel moving back to the keystone. A steal for MI where he's going in drafts (505 on Fantrax!!?). I'm grabbing him as a sleeper/utility in more than one league because it looks like that middling power stroke could be lurking.
  11. I dunno Brock. I agree it would be teh stupid, but managers have done a lot dumber than putting a 25 year old on the light side of a platoon and letting him "develop" his weak side bat by filling in around the infield against righties. As bad as Jones was last year, he was near average against righties (99 WRc+). Ketel WRc+ 74 v righties. Even discarding the suck that was April and May, he only managed WRc+ 92. I don't have enough of a feel for this Lovullo guy to say which way he might go. But in the league where I'm relying on Ketel as my bargain 2B die roll, the Jones acquisition has got me scrambling to cover my a.
  12. I've disagreed with you re this concern all thread. And I'm certain that weight isn't necessarily a detriment to baseball skills, outside of speed. Some guys are just big. But right now, for a 20 y.o. or a 40 y.o., the eyeball test is a lot shakier than it was just a year ago.
  13. 🙄😂🤣
  14. "So how's those trade talks?" "Ah, you know . . . "