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  1. Nubes take note. Questions that give proud owners the chance to totally jock their guy over 1st round talents like KD will not be redirected to the AC forum. Well done, ghost, and welcome to sweet reality.
  2. Big of you to admit that. I'm hodling myself so I can't wish you the best but . . . big of you.
  3. Giving some leash where I'm not desperate and there's no gem on the wire. Top 100 last 2 weeks (caveat: 136 last week). Ebb and flow, seasons change and all that. Suck if Elf and Nico get locked out of 3 man game, but gonna breathe through it for now (deep roster, 12 team). I Ching: "The Superior Man waits."
  4. Kristaps Porzingis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    "He is scheduled to be evaluated again in mid-February. His return from a torn ACL wouldn’t come before then. It may not even come until next season.... ...(but) He’s in a really, a great groove right now with his workouts and his development.” That's dispositive. Picking him up and inserting in all weekly leagues. Can't wait to say "I told you so"🙄😉
  5. Late round target for 2019.
  6. Derrick White 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    2 solid 2 stream = fantasy heaven. Watching this guy go off for someone else after you dropped him for 1/2 week of Malik Beasley . . . Unh-uh.
  7. FWIW he was 9th in standard per BBM before last night. After, 14th. Just behind 18 fga/game Embiid, just in front of 20 fga/game Walker. Cherry pick the games you want to troll after all you want. End of season, Jokic is as likely to return 1st round as any of 15 guys. That's good enough for anyone who took him outside the top 5 -- good enough to win a championship in any of the smart builds you might have read about at the beginning of this thread, pre-draft just like the rest of us. Where I own this guy, I'm in 1st. Any trolls who picked him for your high usage, popcorn builds: the vent and rant thread is a nice place to complain about how you can't win the points category every week.
  8. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    DND in 3 cat, stl/blk/ft%. Agreed, I want to see more. But: means: Acceptable underperformance when its flirting 20/10/.55, if you have other steals and blocks sources. I'm curious if the blocks ship has sailed. He was kinda flying all over the place on D last year, and there's a good chance some of his aggressiveness has been coached away. If that's the case, then there's a equally good chance he can be 0.8/1.0 down the stretch, figuring out how to turn it on and off. More likely development this year, imo, will be the three ball. Unfortunately, that usually partners a dip in fg%...
  9. Not the Myles Turner I drafted. I drafted the 8th round steal who chills in the top 70 because blocks but loses minutes to the son of Sabonis since he can't bang and sets lazy picks. Lucky me, knock wood. Good mid-round flier, thought I. Fly, Myles, fly.
  10. Respectfully, Al McCoy once said, "if anyone ever breaks Wilt Chamberlain's record of 100 pts in a game, it will be Armon Gilliam guarding him." Looks like Suns have another daimond in a long line of great defensive bigs. Welcome to the real NBA, Thomas Bryant. It's downhill from here.
  11. I knew of Cuttino Mobley. I watched Cuttino Mobley. Oubre, sirs, is no Cuttino Mobley.