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  1. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    You will regret passing on either. Both look top 50. I've kept the two all season in 10 team dynasty with no IR -- even ran a week with no point guard rather than drop.
  2. He's a power forward who scores in transition and plays around the rim. His role on offense is to make layups. 60% is high, but we're not talking about a 56 game hit streak. Last year five guys did it including Montrezl Harrell. Curently 9 guys are better than .600 at 20+ minutes. The way the game is pulling rim protectors out to the perimeter, the list should get longer every year. With what he's done so far, 56-57% is a reasonable over/under. 60% would surprise, but not shock.
  3. I'm prepared for him to sit one out. Hope it ain't Tues or Thur.
  4. This checks out. From 0-3': 2016-17 -- .463FGA%/.600FG% 2017-18 -- .456FGA%/.728FG% 2018-19 -- .518FGA%/.793FG% For comparison, 0-3', 2018-19: Whiteside -- .500FGA%/.754FG% Sabonis -- .550FGA%/.855FG% Drummond -- .581FGA%/.690FG% He's taking the modern game to heart this year, with >97% of his shots coming from inside10' or beyond the arc. Coach's dream, fantasy gold.
  5. ^^Yeah, and the 45% from the field going into tonight looks sustainable -- not bad for your lower usage point guard. One of the things I like about him is he's never a threat to go Josh Richardson . Size is not so essential to his game, either. He's not that slasher who draws contact in the trees. Dude's always and only shooting after he's made a little space for himself -- even if it's only a couple of inches. Reminds me of Nash that way.
  6. Nice thread, guys. Love the who's better Pascal or Bledsoe turn. It brought out a lot of detail I wouldn't have been aware of, only having watched about 20 mins this year. Led me to pick him everywhere, thanks! It's funny how much things can change over a few games. I think if you wanted to ship off your Bledsoe for Siakam in dynasty, that ship sailed. In redraft, still there but the window is closing.
  7. Best Fantasy Keeper League Setting

    For realism I like feilding an eight man rotation with F/C, G, Util in addition to starting 5. But I think a standard 13 man team with 10 slots a day is more equitable. Fewer positions per day make a smaller weekly sample, and amplify the disparities that often happen on Tuesday and Thursday.
  8. Wish my hoodie was that soft.
  9. Guy took all of a half season at 18 yo to go from least heralded recruit of his class, sixth man at Kentucky, to the guy they ran their offense through because, wait for it, composure on the ball. His career arc so far -- repeatedly exceeding expectations to contribute, right away, at the highest level -- reminds me of Gilbert Arenas. Only he plays within himself and has a better BBIQ. I have him everywhere at no cost whatsoever, with full expectation that he is just getting started.
  10. No one can guard him. And he can guard anyone in the league. He will win many rings.
  11. You can't assess this from his current body of work. Guess I'm with you, but as "probably not" -- never "never." Dirk gave me the same impression (prolly latent racism on my part) until one day... And man, I like this team in spite of Murray. I want to see them win. Placating ball-hog teammates at 7-1 into an 82 game season means nothing. Pat Ewing bitched to the Post every time one of his teammates (aside from chucker Starks) took more shots than he did, and look how many rings that "carry my team" posturing got him. Nobody did. IMO Iverson was closest.
  12. Are the rebounds for real?
  13. Move me from the "dude anybody who knows anything drafted him for blocks so stfu" side of the discussion to the "who told this POS he could play basketball with men?" side. I regret drafting him at 80. G. Dieng without the rebounds.
  14. No and probably not. Lauri led the team in reb last year but only 7-ish per game -- he's no beast on the glass. More likely: having WCJ will free Markkanen up to run the floor a bit, spot up some early 3s. This is a guess.