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  1. At this point in his career is Flacco really any better than Keenum?
  2. I know he is young but I am not sure he has winning super bowl qb in him.
  3. Tim is still better that quite a few backups in the NFL.
  4. I think if Manning played in the Bellichek system his whole career the Patriots results would have been pretty much the same.
  5. This will be one of the lowest rated SBs of all time. I am going to see The Mule during the game.
  6. Goff will be like a deer in headlights. It would not surprise me if the Pats blow them out.
  7. Everyone (except pats fan) are so done with Bill and Tom that the SB ratings will be quite low.
  8. No Bellichek would have been no Brady.
  9. For sure. Turnover only thing that saves KC now.
  10. Yep, lots of time for the GOAT.