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  1. Jordy Nelson 2018 Outlook

    That still doesn't explain what you mean... are you saying he's slow? Gassed? Etc?
  2. Jordy Nelson 2018 Outlook

    Looks old how? Recorded 13th fastest ball carrier speed so far...
  3. Cameron Meredith 2018 Outlook

    43% FYI - Pro Football Reference started listing the snap counts for each game.
  4. Moves that made or broke you this year?

    Winning a waiver claim for Matt Chapman after he slumped hard and was put on the DL... absolute monster after getting off the DL.
  5. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    Eh, Warner got cut by GB, kicked around in the arena league for several years and was stocking groceries. Yeah his 2nd year on an active roster, but took like 6 years to get to that point, he was 28 his first year of playing.
  6. Tre'Quan Smith 2018 Outlook

    Lol What? It's exactly what the poster said, come on man... Poster: "He's getting better at practice and now Payton is saying he needs to get a chance to make plays." Payton: "“(Smith is) playing well and what I mean by that, practicing well .... we’ve got to find ways to get him more touches,” “A lot of that just comes by, A, design (and) B, opportunities where the coverage or the play design puts the ball toward him...”
  7. Tre'Quan Smith 2018 Outlook

    The poster is not speculating. “(Smith is) playing well and what I mean by that, practicing well, training camp – we’ve got to find ways to get him more touches,” Payton said Wednesday morning. “He’s handling our installation, he knows what we’re doing gameplan-wise and I think he’s ready to prove that. “A lot of that just comes by, A, design (and) B, opportunities where the coverage or the play design puts the ball toward him. That’s one of the things that we’ve got to keep building on.” Just googled "Sean Payton Tre'Quan Smith"
  8. Hyde v Pit Carson @ Den 0.5 points per reception. Who do you start?
  9. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    Baseball players deserve it more 162 games vs 16. NFL Players are the teachers of athletes But honestly, with the hard cap and short careers but players wanting long term deals, they can't guarantee money, if they did players would make less than they do now because everyone would be loaded up with dead cap and heavy commitments to ineffective players. But at 16 games per year (only 8 home games!) that greatly reduces the ability to make gate revenue. Hurts the ability to ask for what other sports get in comparison.
  10. Hunter Renfroe 2018 Outlook

    Floor: Bad BJ Upton Ceiling: Good BJ Upton. As for Renfroe... this could be a full fledged breakout, it's not a BABIP surge or anything, he's legitimately cut swinging strikes, cut down at swinging at balls, cut strikeouts, hard hit rate continues to remain high as hit has all year but with increased contact frequency. If he can sustain these changes, you might have yourself a new Mark Trumbo.
  11. Nathan Peterman 2018 Outlook

    Oh come on that's such a cop out and irrelevant for fantasy, otherwise ignore all transfers like Cam Newton, and any anyone drafted after Round 4. Long term Allen is the guy but to think he doesn't have QB2 upside in 2 QB leagues because he transferred in college and had a bad debut last year is nonsense. The offensive system plays to his strengths. We've seen this same system take Matt Cassell, who didn't even play in college look good enough in this system that KC traded for him and gave him a franchise QB contract. Peterman, who I admit am not a long term fan of, has looked great throughout the off-season and preseason, enough that they flat out dumped McCarron. To ignore him in 2 QB leagues and load up on Ravens D because of those reasons just seems like a shotty oversimplistic outlook.
  12. Nathan Peterman 2018 Outlook

    No, you didn't quote the only part that matters, you ignored the entire meat of the post. We all know preseason is just glorified scrammage, but judging him based on 1 start as a rookie, that most just saw highlights of, and ignoring his offensive system and potential coaching staff approach. Good job. SMH.
  13. Nathan Peterman 2018 Outlook

    Peterman this preseason: vCar - 9/10, 118 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT (Int was off RB hand/shoulder over the middle) @Cle - 8/10, 113 Yards, 1 TD vCin - 16/21, 200 Yards, 1 TD Week 4 @ Chicago, DNP Total: 33/41, 80.5%, 431 Yards, 3 TD, 1 INT Dogging a guy who looked bad his first game as a rookie the year prior is just lazy and how you miss out on players in fantasy and make mistakes. I think people banking on Baltimore Defense are being overzealous. Theres a good chance the bills play conservative ball control offense that leads to few sacks and turnovers for the Ravens. OC Brian Daboll spent many years with the Patriots and brought a similar short passing attack to Buffalo which plays to Peterman's strengths. Peterman isn't going to start for single QB leagues obviously, but in a 2QB league he's an easy own with QB2 potential. McCoy didn't play at all this preseason and the OL was shuffled during the Cinci game. The OL hasn't looked good but there are factors working in their favor to vastly improve over what happened in week 3 of preseason.
  14. Gary Sanchez 2018 Outlook

    Active is a relative term with this clown
  15. Harrison Bader 2018 Outlook

    Haha yeah... meant the good Fowler from a few years ago.