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  1. Michael Conforto 2019 Outlook

    He was sadly a do not draft for me last year coming off that terrible injury and I traded him away in the off-season of my dynasty. He probably shouldn't even have been playing as soon as he was, completely ignore his 1H. And look at his 2H with the expectation he was still recovering from an incredibly bad shoulder injury. This year I'll be back in. Not concerned with his down year as it was easily expected and his power showed up in the 2H. That 243 average ans 797 OPS will go way up, he shouldn't hit less than 270 and 850. He's a good guy to buy in on that will have surplus value to his draft position or might be acquired for less than what he will eventually be worth.
  2. Troy Tulowitzki 2019 Outlook

    So you think he actually makes it to rehab this year? Is this the bold prediction thread?
  3. DJ LeMahieu 2019 Outlook

    He's hit 300+ in 3 of the last 4 years, and won a batting title. That's not a below average hitter.
  4. DJ LeMahieu 2019 Outlook

    The best thing about him signing in NY is if he plays well enough to hit 2nd, we don't have to deal with Boone hitting Judge or Stanton 2nd. I'm curious if the short porch in RF works against him and takes some opposite field hits away that would normally fall in for him. Solid landing spot but still a downgrade from Colorado.
  5. Victor Robles 2019 Outlook

    This might be the best opening post I've ever seen here. The links are such a time saver. Outstanding. Young guys like Robles are inherently a high risk, but a guy him is totally worth it with his combination of speed and hit tool with solid power in an era where stolen bases are so hard to come by for category leagues. Outfield is a relatively easy position to find during the year should you miss on a draft pick so I'd be okay rolling the dice on him. Around pick 97 as you stated, just make sure you build it into your draft plan and don't gamble too much on other picks that early.
  6. Yasmani Grandal 2019 Outlook

    Just to show his extreme inconsistency here are his monthly splits for 2018: Mth: HR, RBI, AVG, OPS Apr: 4, 20, .315, .953 May: 4, 9, .181, .662 Jun: 3, 10, .162, .521 Jul: 6, 14, .364, 1.215 Aug: 5, 7, .162, .695 Sep: 2, 8, .254, .815 For this reason he's a DND in H2H for me. I had him in Roto last year and traded him after he heated up in July with no regrets. If he ever puts a full year together he could have a monster season, but he usually gets drafted/auctioned far too high for me to want to take that risk. The catcher position is a disaster though. He's one of the better options, sadly. But it's such a bad position I'm happy investing nothing and playing musical chairs with hot hands.
  7. Troy Tulowitzki 2019 Outlook

    Only worth a gamble in a 30 team league with 25 man rosters plus farm system... even then he's a fringe player for the Yankees.
  8. Strategy help

    Any talk if dropping Morris is lunacy, guy has been outstanding. Good percentages, 3s, 6 rebounds per game, low turnovers... I'd move on from Smart or Teague... you need steals so hard to move smart. Honestly, I'd try to acquire Kris Dunn, won't help with 3s but he's got more upside than those two and should provide a lot of assists with top of the league steals.
  9. Yasmani Grandal 2019 Outlook

    He makes Justin Upton look like steady Eddy. Incredibly streaky, he's on my DND list in H2H. In Roto you have to play him and stick with him. His average blows, but he walks a lot so is elevated in OBP leagues. Strikes out a ton and lost for a month at a time. If he ever put together a full year you could catch lightning in a bottle, but that typically leaves him overdrafted.
  10. Gauging keeper value

    Come on guys go beyond the first line when he talks about a 5th rounder vs 8th rounder... "I'm sorry but I always scratch my head when people seem more interested in making a better Monopoly deal than play with the best team they could have fielded in their fantasy league. Yeah if one player takes up half your payroll that isn't good but this "value" stuff isn't about that. It is about winning some weird value war by a few imaginary bucks and forgetting what the whole point of fantasy leagues are about which is winning championships."
  11. Gauging keeper value

    You should reread what @The Big Bat Theory said because it wasn't that.
  12. Gauging keeper value

    In keeper leagues like you describe the inflation of the draft is usually bad, you spend dollars incredibly inefficiently at auction due to lack of supply and so many teams keepe bargains, there is a surplus of dollars vs talent. I do feel there is a balance that can be struck, I'm not a fan of expensive closers, however, true star talent is difficult to find with bats and starters. Considering turnover of a position should influence your decisions as well. Closer is the highest turnover year to year, so investing big dollars is a big risk. I find value in cheap closers that have a solidified role like Raisel Iglesias. He was a $4 keeper last year at Y! market price. Treinen was $1, but more of a risk.
  13. Justin Jackson 2018 Outlook

    Paint and primer paints contain no primer, they are just extra thick latex paint.
  14. Buy low / Sell high 2018-2019

    Did I say he has a miracle PED? Or did I just say he was on them?
  15. Justin Jackson 2018 Outlook

    BREAKING: NFL player was a stud in high school.