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  1. The correct call would have been THE REAL Josh Allen... #17 for the Buffalo Bills.
  2. Wrong. Even less. Davis makes only $2 MM this year. His contract is 2 years/$6 MM, but structured to pay $2 MM this year and $4 MM next year. They can cut him after this year for minimal dead cap.
  3. Har har... Or maybe the fantasy season is more than 2 weeks long? The the consensus Tier 2 TE that's in his 3rd year might do better than he did the first 2 weeks in a brand new offense? I'm always amused by the panic and toddler attention spans and lack of patience that exists in fantasy football. For a lot of guys, we get it, you didn't like Howard coming into the year, yup... Doesn't mean people that see it different sell for pennies on the dollar.
  4. Considering Howard's injury history every Howard owner should have an upside backup.
  5. I'll look forward to acquiring Sony Michel, Davante Adams, Steph Diggs, etc from you as well... If you don't like Howard this year that's cool, but if you liked him going into the year, draft him, then dump him week 2, that's pretty bad. Goose egg sucks 100%. But dumping your 6th round pick after 1 or 2 weeks not due to any sort of injury? That's just not good, why bother preparing for the draft, just have your team auto drafted and chase guys coming off good weeks.
  6. My league doesn't count plays nullified by penalty for some reason so Brate had 2 catches on 2 targets for 8 yards... Both penalties were offensive holding so without holding whoknows if he would have ever gotten that pass there or the TD be scored. But i didn't see it so maybe you can fill us in on how exactly the holding affected the play. For a guy that supposedly watched the game it's funny you don't mention those penalties on his 2 "TDs" were on the same drive, so he would have had 1 TD, not two. Howard was also targeted in the red zone 1 time. (Brate had 2 RZ targets that dont count). Again none of this is new, Brate has been on the team all along. Week 1 should not change your opinion on Howard.
  7. This is horrible advice IMO... I get you feel that way but if someone drafted Howard they obviously liked him -- changing tune so drastically after 1 week is crazy. Brate had 2 targets and 8 yards. The concern about him is so overblown.
  8. In the 3 games Winston started and Howard played last year he produced each and every game... He had 13 catches for 197 yards and 2 td... Lazy extrapolation that's 69-1051-11, in other words he put up high end numbers for a TE in that stretch. He had 5 targets last week, 2nd only to Godwin's 6.
  9. The amount of people freaking out with recency bias against OJ Howard is hilarious. Dude was 2nd on the team with 5 targets (Godwin had 6). He caught 4 for 32 yards. A bad game but not that bad considering the offense has a rough day - Mike Evans was 2 rec 28 yards, Godwin led the team with 3 for 53. Winston threw for 194 yards, his career average is 260 and actually over 270 the last 2 seasons... He's not throwing for 190 yards every week. Also the < Brate myth needs to stop... In the 3 games last year that Winston started that Howard played with him he produced each and every game collecting 13 rec, 196 yd, 2 td -- which over 16 is 69-1051-11. He plays very well with Winston because he's a great player. Maybe you didn't like Howard coming into the year, that's cool -- but if you are changing your opinion of him after week 1, that's just ridiculous.
  10. Then why did you bother drafting him in Round 6? This is recency bias to the extreme.
  11. Here's a breakdown of every Devin Singletary touch from week 1:
  12. You're wrong here. His broad was horrible. His 40, 20 yard shuttle, 3 cone, broad jump were all terrible and at the bottom of RB and even LBs. His vert was mediocre. His shuttle and 3 cone were actually worse than Tom Brady if you can believe that. I posted the numvers previously. It doesn't mean he can't succeed, but the odds are stacked against him -- or maybe he just had a bad day. Obviously that's my take before the season with little to go on, and as we see him in live game action that could change. But Sunday did nothing to shake my lack of faith in his "explosiveness" ability. We seem to be in tune with what his upside is if he pans out. RB2 at best, not a feature back. I am still pessimistic on his season long outlook, that's not changing in 4 carries. Especially considering the Bills disregard for the run game on Sunday. Also, I never once used his o-line success against him, just stating the obvious that the Jets defense severely missed Mosley and after he was injured some wide open holes opened up anyone could run through, and he was chased down fairly easily in open field. But even on those 4 carries Singletary's lack of burst/speed cost him a TD, on his carry that went inside the 5 he had wide open field and only 1 saftey to beat but he had to cut back inside because he couldn't outrun a corner behind the play, he cut back in and ran right into the lone safety, rather than heading to the pylon -- things line that cap his fantasy appeal and separate him from the true RB1s IMO. I'd give him a boost in PPR leagues though. This team had zero interest running the ball.
  13. Haha! I love it! How much of the game you watch? How much of his play you see? They didn't start running until late in the 3rd after CJ Mosley was injured. Has wiggle made some guys miss, but on his runs we are talking wide open gaping holes with no one there. On display: vision and wiggle... But also lack of a higher gear and chased down easily, and a couple really bad drops in his bread basket (early on I'll call it debut nerves)... Also on display was Allen as the goaline option running it it. Most concerning thing here is complete abandonment of the run with a pass heavy offense utilizing Beasley as an extension of the run game. He's got the opportunity, but lack of goal line opp (too early to call), and lack of higher gear, leaves me saying he's not a feature back and at best is an RB2 if it all comes together. His description as an explosive back is still incorrect. Plan accordingly.
  14. 1 pick off off beasleys hands... 1 fumble was on the center and never reached his hands. The 2 his fault -- one deflected at the LOS by an unblocked defender... Tge other a strip sack from the blindside he tried ymto sidestep as the last second.