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  1. If you don't think McMahon can be a Top 100 guy in a best case scenario, it's you mis-valuing him, not the other owner drinking hype koolaid... frankly, I think you are being disingenuous because who tries to trade for a guy in the preseason if don't think he's even a Top 100 player in the best case?
  2. Serious value here. In my H2H with $260 budget I got him for $14... He can miss may as long as he pitches September in H2H!
  3. The SD OF sure is one of, if not the most, cloudy situations in the league... however, I see 3 OFs there that are more setup for bulk playing time than the others... Renfroe, Margot, and Franchy... Myers is perpetually injured and could get some games at 1B (Hosmer blows) or 3B (If Macho plays some SS), and Franmil is a big ole useless slug in the field which is a tough pill to swallow in a pitcher park. Renfroe is a superior athlete to Franmil with just as much power and his own 2H breakout with outstanding hard contact rates and discipline growth. He's a clear cut better defender. Margot is a great defender, had good hitting peripherals even if the #s didn't happen. Him and Cordero are the only 2 on that roster that can play an effective CF (forget Jankowski he's a bench guy and pinch runner). Cordero has really loud physical tools and superior defender to Franmil. Left handed bat for a lineup that could use another one. I think the year might start with Cordero and Margot rotating in CF. Myers playing full time in RF with some maintenance days before he gets his extended injury, and the Renfroe the bulk of LF while giving up some time to Franmil here and there. Not a good OF for weekly li ego changes, but with daily changes I'm sure to invest I. At least one of these guys. Opening day line up will be meaningless, this is a situation to monitor through April and May.
  4. He's been pretty highly touted, already made his MLB debut, and is coming back from a tough year with injuries that kept him from the MLB roster... I don't think his spring stats mean much other than he's healthy again. Baltimore's roster is garbage, and he's better than guys in the roster so people are understandably irritated with service time manipulation... he went to college and been in the minors a few years, he's 23 and going to turn 24 in July.
  5. We can conclude he did not leave due to injury yesterday. Just a standard spring half game sub in the 5th.
  6. Do you have a source saying he left injured? He was subbed in the bottom of the 5th, no indication of it being injury related, just a run of the mill spring training sub in his first game back, not like he was pulled during play or anything.
  7. Not sure if it qualifies as bold but I'll pit it out there... Ryan McMahon is this year's spring heartbreaker who puts up gaudy spring stats just to fall flat in regular season, following in the footsteps of Maikel Franco, Juan Nicasio, and Greg Bird.
  8. I've got both him and Hampson, but to be honest, McMahon tore up last spring too then couldn't hit MLB pitching. I'll believe it's real when it happens in the regular season.
  9. The reason I bring it up for Upton is because he is an extreme case. Baseball Forecaster tracks Dom% and Dis% - Dominance and Disaster. This is based off of how many weeks a player's BPV was 50+ (Dom) or under 0 (Dis). BPV is a metric that essentially values a player's overall skill set. In Upton's case over the 26 weeks he played, 42% were disaster, 31% were dominant, leaving 27% in between. That is an enormously high disaster rate, which speaks to his volatility. Also, with a 31/42 Dom/Dis split, he is not winning you as many weeks as he will lose you. To put this in perspective a guy like Rhys Hoskins is considered streaky and he provides 54% Dom and 32% Dis. A consistent player with similar value to Upton would be Michael Brantley, he returned 74% Dom, 11% Dis - extremely consistent. So in Upton's case, I would say his 31 Dom/42 Dis is extremely noteworthy for H2H leagues.
  10. Austin Hays - 2019 AL ROY Touki Toussaint - 2019 NL ROY Leonys Martin - Top 100 player Cole Hamels - Top 25 SP Judge and Stanton fail to reach 60 combined HR. Hunter Renfroe hits 40 HR Matt Chapman - Top 25 hitter Javier Baez repeats Patrick Corbin - Top 10 SP Nick Madrigal makes MLB debut Greg Holland returns as Top 5 closer. Red Sox repeat.
  11. The Greek God of Hard Contact, aptly named that from a past fangraphs article and I love it... his growth in hard contact the last 4 years is a thing of beauty: 33%, 36%, 43%, to last year's incredible 48%... the guy barrels up. He hits gobs of line drives, 29% last year and consistently 23%-25% the 3 previous years His HR/FB rate has floated between 13.6% - 14.3% the last 3 seasons... If this takes a step forward you have a 30 HR bat, if not you still have a consistent profile that will give you a good 280+ average and 90 RBI and 20-something HR... He's a good source of reliability/stability as an OF3. He's entering age 27 so hopefully we see that fully matured power.
  12. Consistency year to year but rollercoaster month to month. He's a do not draft for me in H2H but a undervalued target in Roto. I'm not concerned about the knee.
  13. This. As much as people make fun of the Rockies and young players, it stems from this -- they put the best lineup on the field and play the players that play best, regardless of age or pedigree. If a young player comes up, he needs to earn PT through good playing time, they aren't going to trot you out there to stink up the joint and let you develop while the team suffers. Even if Hampson doesn't start March 28th, there's enough inconsistency in both health and playing time on that roster that he will get a line up slot sooner rather than later. And with his skill set, I see him holding the job once he gets it... if he doesn't play well enough you don't want him in your lineup anyway. Hampson has excellent plate discipline, contact skills with pop, and speed to make an impact with a high likelihood of success IMO.
  14. August? When he had a 102 wRC+ and struck out 30%?
  15. Speed is absolutely highly valued in the field, especially in a unique place like Coors that is both a large park and offensive due to altitude, range is highly important. It's nice that McMahon is hitting well in spring training again, exactly like he did last year, but the problem is that it hasn't translated to MLB caliber pitching in either contact ability nor approach. Maybe his spring stats are for real this year, but I'm not going to pass on Hampson because of it, especially when he's a superior fielder that can also play OF.