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  1. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    Gee, yuh think?
  2. David Dahl 2018 Outlook

    Progressing well coming off the broken foot. What is the plan for him when he gets back to Colorado? Bud's comments about Dahl being the "trade deadline addition" are funny, but are they expecting him to be a regular? Platoon? He'll probably pull his factoid 2nd game back anyway.
  3. Jesse Winker 2018 Outlook

    I think that's too high of a bar to set for success. Could he potential run into 30 for a season? Sure, but I think consistently hitting 20 would make him absolute gold in certain leagues. Winker has 56 homers in his MiLB career (2,438 plate appearances, hr every 2.29%). In his MLB career, he has 14 HR in 383 PA (3.66%). At that percentage over let's say 650 PA, it's about 23 HR. So 30 isn't impossible with more power as he ages, but I still think 20ish should be the benchmark for his prime years.
  4. Austin Meadows 2018 Outlook

    Luplow with two bombs today, Marte on an 11-game hitting streak, Polanco finally red hot, Dickerson solid as always. Not sure what the Bucs plan to do with Meadows for the rest of July. Using him as a pinch hitter isn't helping his development. He'd be better served playing every day in AAA until they need him/trade Dickerson.
  5. Gregory Polanco 2018 Outlook

    Polanco is under team control until 2024. He's not getting traded without a King's ransom... And even that might not be enough for Huntington.
  6. 7/14 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I imagine pitch count + situation. Was at 93 pitches through 4.1 and Twins had 1st and 3rd w/ 1 out.
  7. 7/14 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Archer with 7k through 4. Lotta pitches so far, but much better than his first start back.
  8. 7/13 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Abreu with a solo shot.
  9. Teoscar Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    Finally hits a dinger and has to sit the next day. Bummer
  10. Shane Bieber 2018 Outlook

    Regarding the luck issue: A .380 BaBIP is usually unsustainable; however, Bieber is getting hit Hard or Medium a ridiculous 91.1% (per Fangraphs) which helps support the elevated BaBIP.
  11. Miguel Sano 2018 Outlook

    His High-A ball stats since the demotion: Date Team Opp G AB PA H 1B 2B 3B HR R RBI BB IBB SO HBP SF SH GDP SB CS AVG Total - - - - - - 16 56 64 18 15 1 0 2 9 10 8 0 17 0 0 0 4 0 0 .321 .321 is splendid, but the K% (26.6) and lack of extra base hits (3 total) is concerning seeing as he's playing teenagers 3 levels below the majors.
  12. Ryan Mountcastle - SS BAL

    The Machado comment wasn't meant to imply Mountcastle getting a call to the Show, but rather AAA guy filling MM's spot and leaving an opening for a possible Mountcastle promotion to AAA.
  13. Ryan Mountcastle - SS BAL

    Funny, I was just going to comment on this thread yesterday. Surprisingly little discussion about this kid, especially with Machado on his way out of Baltimore. .316/.366/.509, riding a 12-game hitting streak (17-52, .327), is 34-96 (.354) over his last 22 games, and has chipped in 8 HR (.193 ISO). Not sure what else he has left to prove at AA. Perhaps a promotion to AAA after the Futures Game?
  14. Jesse Winker 2018 Outlook

    Quick comparison on Votto's age 24 season ('08) vs Winker's (current) - states from Fangraphs: Season Team G PA HR R RBI SB BB% K% ISO 2008 Reds 151 589 24 69 84 7 10.00% 17.30% 0.209 2018 Reds 80 297 6 31 37 0 14.80% 13.80% 0.124 AVG OBP SLG wOBA wRC+ BsR Off Def WAR 2008 Reds 0.297 0.368 0.506 0.375 124 -0.6 17.2 -0.1 3.6 2018 Reds 0.281 0.392 0.406 0.353 120 -2 5.3 -9.3 0.5 Winker actually with a higher BB% and lower K% with similar BaBIP and average, but Votto with a clear advantage with ISO and SLG%. The comparisons are valid, but only for the eye at the plate. Votto had much more power at this age than Winker currently does and had/has more speed for the occasional SB.
  15. Scott Kingery - PHI 2B

    Nothing to do with Kingery's season, but just discovered that Kingery (4/29/94) is just 2 days younger than Corey Seager (4/27/94). This fact has been brought to you by A-Boring-Friday-Morning-In-The-Office.