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  1. I'm in the minority, but Steve Blass kinda annoys me on broadcasts. Respect Steve and his longevity and loyalty, but I'm looking forward to Walk or Wehner on every broadcast from now on. As for the Pirates warning signs, it's not a matter of not having what it takes - they do, as evidence by their 3 straight playoff appearances in the mid-2010s - they simply don't want to. Huntington's Archer deal will go down as one of the biggest whiffs in MLB history and now he is also a fool for not trading vasquez, but he did compile some good teams a handful of years back that turned the corner. Even last year was a great team (by Pirates standards) - a >.500 team is a truly important milestone for the franchise. The problem has never been solely the GM, the staff, the manager, the scouts, etc., the problem has always been the owner. Bob Nutting took an 82-win team with $91M payroll in 2018 and cut it to about $70M for really no rhyme or reason. Buccos brought in roughly $254M in revenue in 2018 despite attendance dropping. Win or lose, it doesn't matter, the Bucs are extremely profitable and because of that there is really very little incentive to try to win. For Nutting, it's an investment and a higher payroll does nothing but take away from his bottom line.
  2. I've had 3 weeks in two years with an OBP under .331. Naturally, one of them was last week (.309). *SIGH* On to the 3rd place matchup
  3. So Kyle Gibson is opening now? Sweeeeeeeeeet, wish I realized that before adding him at 3 AM this morning
  4. Fair point. He's played 26 games, here are the 13 vs 13 splits: 1st 13: .333/.451/.524, 9R, 3 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR, 5 BRI, 1 NSB, 23.5% k rate, 11.8% BB rate, .448 BaBIP, .190 ISO 2nd 13: .292/.393/.500, 9R, 1 2B, 0 3B, 3 HR, 10 RBI, 0 NSB, 26.8% k rate, 12.5% BB rate, .367 BaBIP, .208 ISO Overall not too bad, but certainly a dip in some spots. Additionally, he's benefited a great deal from luck with a .407 BaBIP vs a 20.6% LD rate and a whopping 60.3% Med contact. The 25.5% k rate is also a bit worrisome, but that's not atypical of rookies in general. Still a guy I think projects to have nice longterm value. Again, probably not much more than a plug and play in small leagues (particularly redrafts), but a nice hold in Dynasty.
  5. Not overly impressive thus far. Also, just a 7.86 k/9, .258 BaBIP, and a 5.09 xFIP at AAA this year. Dude is a ticking timebomb imo.
  6. Buccos should have sold him at the deadline anyway. Another fudge up by Neil Huntington. Enjoy your cell Filipe, changing your name won't help you now.
  7. Funny how the juiced ball ERA has changed our outlook as I think many will agree that Chapman is a bit disappointing despite 34 homers. Agree with you on Solak with a caveat that he is probably closer to a must-own in dynasty formats, but not so much redrafts.
  8. Other than the occasional frustration with the lack of prospects in the data base (and somewhat limited ability to customize), Yahoo is way better than ESPN IMO. Fantrax is the most customizable and has the most players, but app sucks IMO and is basically a hyperlink to the website (OSB explains it above, just not my cup of tea). I ride-or-die with the Y!
  9. Not all of these guys are outside the top 100 and some could even pop up to the Show in 2020, but some less talked-about names that might be good bargains right now: OF Trevor Larnach - Min OF Julio Rodriguez - Sea 1B Grant Levigne - Col OF Travis Swaggerty - Pit 1B/3B Triston Casas - Bos OF Kyle Isbel - KC OF Lewin Diaz - Mia SP Kris Bubic - KC SP Jacob Heatherly - Cle SP Brailyn Marquez - Chc SP Edward Cabrera - Mia SP Ethan Hankins - Cle SP Quinn Priester - Pit
  10. Yankee guys, any chance he gets 1 more appearance at 1B and/or OF this season? His value is great as it is, but skyrockets in my league if he can be 1B, 3B, SS, and OF eligible.
  11. 4th division title in 6 years in my dynasty. Feeling fresh off the bye week, ready for the Division Championship/League Semis. Need the boys to step up for Yelich. BOL everyone, been a pleasure talkin shop with yous this year.
  12. @osb_tensor and by "you" i don't mean YOU specifically, just folks in general. Wanted to clarify that. You're right, that's his big thing, but much of the debate through 20 pages of this thread has been "is Avg/OBP enough if the counting stats aren't there?"
  13. Was just kinda going for counting stats, figured if you don't know about his elite avg/obp then you probably don't know who Jeff McNeil is to begin with.
  14. Current ranks among 2b-eligible players R - 12 H - 11 HR - T17 2b - 5 RBI - T18 Depending on depth of a particular league, he could go anywhere from 7-11th IMO. With that said, I've never been great at projecting ADPs, they always seem off to me.
  15. Love how injured players don't get put on the DL in September. Makes managing a dynasty roster soooo wonderful 😑
  16. FYI, shelved for the rest of the season. Great debut year for the kid. "The Mariners are shutting down RHP prospect Logan Gilbert for the remainder of the 2019 season. Advice: Gilbert was able to throw 135 innings in his first professional season, and to say it went well is an understatement. The 22-year-old posted a 2.13 ERA at three different levels -- 2.88 once promoted to the Texas League -- and he whiffed 165 hitters against 33 walks. Gilbert is the top pitching prospect in the Seattle system, and has a strong chance of making several starts for the Mariners before 2020 comes to an end."
  17. Your 1 through 7, regardless of order, are pretty much the consensus. It gets foggy after that.
  18. There is no reason, short term or long term, for Boston to be trotting Brock Holt out their daily, so I assume Chavis will be in the lineup. Might get more off days down the stretch though (shoulder).
  19. Depends on your league format and weekly situation. If you're already punting ERA and WHIP, heck yeah he's useful. If you're in a tight matchup, I'm not risking it. Better 2020 outlook than 2019 playoff stretch IMO.
  20. Set to return from the IL (infection). Hasn't pitched since July 31, but saying he's set to rejoin the rotation. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/marlins-edward-cabrera-back-from-il/amp/
  21. Trying to project ahead, looks like a tough next 4 matchups. Cards, Stros, Cubs, Cards
  22. Congrats to the kid getting his first knock. Gotta be a big monkey off his back. Excited to see how he performs tonight/going forward.
  23. What a rush it must be for Nick Solak making his major league debut in front of hundreds of fans this afternoon.
  24. Potentially getting the call for a start Saturday (8/17). 6'2", 220 Born: 11/18/96 From 2080 Prospects: Large frame, wide and muscular build, durable look. Abbreviated semi-windup, starts side-saddle; effort throughout, heavy tilt to clear arm, backside swings around hard and pulls off-line after release. Hooked arm-circle, inverted-w, recoil after 3/4 slot. MLB ETA Present Role Future Role Role Description Risk 2020 P 55 Mid-Rotation Starter High Pitch Present Future Sitting Range Comments Overall Fastball Value 45 55 — — Projects to have an above-avg sinker w/ heavy life and mid-90s velo if he can improve command. Fastball Velocity 60 60 93-94 92-97 Plus arm-strength, touches 97 on best bolts. Strong-bodied guy who holds 93-94 all game and won't wear down. Fastball Movement 50 55 — — Heavy FB that bores in hard to armside. Shows above-avg life when delivery is timed and he gets downhill, something he can do more w/ mechanical refinement. Fastball Command 40 45 — — Effort in delivery limits present command. Scatters the zone, will always rely on velo to get away w/ his spots. Ceiling in rotation hinges on delivery/command improvements. Curveball 45 45 74-75 74-77 Wrinkles in a show-me curve as a second look breaker. Usable mix pitch. Slider 45 55 83 82-85 Best off-speed, sharp SL w/ late show and two-plane depth. Flashes like an out pitch at best, chance to get there w/ more refinement. ChangeUp 45 55 85 84-88 Improved as season went on. Best ones have good sell and separation, showing armside dive. Inconsistent at times, still floats it occasionally. Control 40 50 — — Primary pitches are sinker and slider. Fights bouts of wildness now and can be vulnerable to the free pass. Needs to iron out delivery in order to improve control. Attribute Present Future Delivery Below Average Average Athleticism Average Average Pitchability Average Average Mound Presence Average Average From San Fran Fansided site: The 22-year-old was taken in the fourth round of the 2014 draft and signed to an above-slot $600,000 bonus. He made his Single-A debut in 2016, but suffered an arm injury that required Tommy John surgery, and it was not until last season that he was finally back to full strength. With that return to health came a breakout performance. In 104.2 innings between High-A and Double-A, he posted a 2.41 ERA and 1.25 WHIP with 100 strikeouts. A strong start to the 2019 season was brought to a screeching halt when he was slapped with an 80-game suspension after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance. He was reinstated at the end of July and he has quickly picked up where he left off. All told, Webb has posted a 1.85 ERA and 1.17 WHIP with 69 strikeouts in 63.1 innings on the year across 4 minor league levels (R, A-, AA, AAA)
  25. Maybe he was juiced up, but I thought his stuff was much better than reported during the Futures Game. A lot of his scouting reports make him seem like a better Brett Anderson. Kid can really pitch. A lot of MiLB throwers, but this guy has a strong feel for the craft already. Definitely stashable. At this point, barring and injury, he should get an audition for KC late in 2020.