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  1. stash dinwiddie or kyle anderson? whir 100

    Probably go with Anderson. You have a ton of scoring already so Dinwiddie (who probably won't score as much now anyway) will probably be a non factor on your team. Thanks for mine.
  2. My Bledsoe/Mitchell for Beal

    Anybody else?
  3. Ayton + Tatum vs Butler WHIR

    Ayton/Tatum side wins. Like above, Philly is too stacked and I always worry about Buckets durability.
  4. K Love or D Fox? WHIR

    Would much rather have Fox. He's starting to snap out of a slump and his PO sched is $$$. Love would be a headache to own and a very good shut down candidate.
  5. My Bledsoe/Mitchell for Beal

    You're not worried about Jrues PO sched? his 9 games versus Beals 12 is a game changer to me.
  6. My Bledsoe/Mitchell for Beal

    Thanks all. I'm still on the fence with this one lol. What about Jrue and White for Beal?
  7. I'd rather have Bogdan/Portis over Harris at this point in the season. Harris has been a bag of frail bones this year and it'll be hard for him to come back and produce the way he's done in the past with the stacked Denver lineup.
  8. I have Derrick White coming off the INJ list soon and need to free up one spot. What do you guys think of this 2 for 1 deal? Too much? Too little? This is for team 1 in sig. WHIR
  9. I would probably pull the trigger on this as well based on where you are in the standings. Lauri and Vooch are just absolute monsters, especially Lauri as of late. I feel like Ayton, Harris and Millsap will have more quiet games due to their role on their teams and that's something you probably can't afford at this point in your season. Thanks for mine.
  10. Stay put or move to improve for PO?

    Maybe trade McCollum for Hield in some package. Also look to trade Horford and Love for a Forward that can knock down some 3's like Gallo.
  11. Dame side. You're getting the best player in the deal.
  12. AD + Kevin Love for my Embiid???

    I personally wouldn't do it. Love and AD's situation are major headaches that are not worth dealing with.
  13. ROS Moves? Too many FA! WHIR

    You can also do a 2 for 1 deal to open up a roster spot for one of those guys. Other than that like the others said I wouldn't drop anyone from your roster.
  14. Jabari or Saric ROS?? WHIR

    Both have been inconsistent but I lean towards Jabari just for that PO sched.
  15. IT is back

    Probably Kleb, but I don't really see IT doing much on that stacked roster in Denver.