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  1. i'd do it. I don't think Eovaldi will make any difference in the deal though. I'm not that high on him. Thanks for the help.
  2. In a 10 team points league in Yahoo. I'm first/2nd in all offensive cats. Others I'm considering dropping - Shin-soo Choo and Christian Vazquez Worth it? Thanks!
  3. I'm being offered Mondesi for Springer in roto and it's tempting because I need steals. I've been 1st/2nd in most offensive cats and steals is my only weakness. What do you guys think? Thx
  4. This man is turning out to be the biggest waste of space in the history of fantasy playoffs. SMH.
  5. Ah Gotcha. There was nothing on Yahoo. But I wonder where espn got this source from?
  6. His outlook mentions nothing about Jrue...
  7. With Rondo starting now and a superior playoff sched maybe I should pick him up and drop Derrick White? I have a hard time letting him go though but Rondo can really make a difference with his assists. Team 1 in sig. WHIR thanks
  8. So is this guy in the doghouse now? Hasn't played yet 😥
  9. I refuse to drop this man. He can put up some great all around numbers in limited time, and with his nice playoff schedule he can potentially be money. I don’t want to take any chance of dropping him and kicking myself later.
  10. Which side wins? This is for team 1 in sig. WHIR. Thanks
  11. I also traded Damian Lillard today because he only scored 13 pts for Caboclo. These moves will pay off just watch.