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  1. Gurley had 21 total. Which is not generally sustainable. I could see a large split where he ends up with around 10-12 next year.
  2. Taking the under on the prop bet for how long before his ring ends up in a pawn shop
  3. Most likely a major reduction in tds. 21 is not generally repeatable
  4. I feel like Rams/Gurley take a step back next year. Just a hunch
  5. 1. Barkley 2. Eliott 3. Gordon 4. CmC 5. Chubb 6. Kamara 7. Conner 8. Gurley 9. Mixon 10. Johnson
  6. It's pretty simple really.. avoid players on bad teams, off injuries, or over hyped. Take the safer players through the first 5 rds. Grab as many rookie rbs late as possible. One or two kill it every year. Don't over draft a QB or Te. Basically ff 101. most people over pay for the Royce Freeman's every year.
  7. I grab him as late as the fourth round in some spots. I think he really burned alot of people in 2017.
  8. Anyone else make it with Mike evans. He was a little up and down but overall pretty solid.
  9. Won two ships Both 12team 1/2 ppr Rodgers McCaffrey Chubb Hill Evans Brate Anderson Fairbairn Chi Lost conner, hunt, sanders on this one got lucky. I played Rivers all year but the Mahomes finally dropped a rod and I played him against lol Second team Watson Barkley McCaffrey Hopkins Cooks Samuels Chubb Fairbairn Jax
  10. Well he got me one more point than my opponents Gronk