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  1. 48 from Hopkins, Thomas and Fairbain in .5 ppr
  2. He sat out a bunch obviously wasn't a 💯
  3. Got the 1 spot in .5 ppr Zeke or Barkley???
  4. Carson fell all the way to the 5th in my 10 teamer. Pretty criminally undervalued and I felt alot better about going zero rb
  5. Mike Evans should get a healthy boost in targets. Keep in mind he only had 86 rec last year. If he can get to the 110-120 rec range of the elite wrs it's going to be a monster year. Josh Jacobs is in the perfect situation. I think he gets 350+ touches
  6. Mike Evans goes for 1600yds and 14tds for the wr 1 finish Elliot signs and becomes highest paid rb in history. Tears acl week 3 Josh Jacobs is Rookie of the year with 1300yds and 10tds and 55 rec 450yds 3tds Patrick Machines fails to throw for over 4500yds and leads the NFL in interceptions
  7. Meh I believe it when I see it. Meanwhile I could have 3 of the top 5 wrs
  8. 10 teamer ppr. I passed on Elliot for fear of getting leveoned. I was shocked Evans was there still I guess some people are still scared of what he did in 2017
  9. I'm usually against zero rb.. but while everyone scrambled for rbs I quietly ended up with Nuk, Thomas and Evans .. followed up by Jacobs and Carson, Lindsay, Eckler, Singeltary and Hyde pretty sure one of them can have mid rb 1 value
  10. Need to drop one for a defense. 10 team .5 ppr.. ended up full on zero rb Qb: Cam Rb: Carson, Jacobs, Lindsay, Eckler, Singeltary, Hyde, Samuels Wr: Hopkins, Thomas, Evans, Fuller TE: MacDonald, Hockenson
  11. You need to make it to the playoffs to care.. infact Kareem was a big part of making it there last year only to win it with CJ and Samuels lol