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  1. I don't even know what this was specifically in reference to but since it basically sums up his last 2 weeks, I concur.
  2. Currently worse than Hoyer, who my opponent is playing.
  3. Yeah, fortunately it looks like I'll win this week despite Aaron Rodgers posting single digits again.
  4. Ugh I don't care if it's a bad call, just let me have that passing TD.
  5. That's the rub, though, right? Is Rodgers in a pitchy GB offense against Carolina a better match-up than Ryan, who has constantly been playing from behind this season and first game back from an injury, against New Orleans? I'm not sure there's a clear answer. By the numbers I think Carolina's D has been better than the Saints, but the other factors make it clear as mud.
  6. Need to figure out my QB situation this week. With Matt Ryan coming off an injury I would normally say Rodgers for sure, but after seeing how badly the entire Packers offense stunk it up last week to the Chargers, I'm not so sure. Other than in week 4 against Tennessee and against the Rams, Ryan had been pretty consistently good for plenty of garbage time points. Also, my opponent is playing both Davante Adams and Julio Jones, so either QB has the potential to feed points to the other side. (Passing TDs worth 6 points for QBs in my league, if it makes a difference. All other QB scoring settings are Yahoo standard).
  7. It was an achievement just to see him break 1.5, never mind 15.
  8. He played the whole game, as far as I can tell, but only looked at Knox once.
  9. Ertz owners: at least you haven't been forced to resort to Dawson Knox.
  10. Bell, Edmonds, Godwin, Knox here. I feel your pain.
  11. Sat Rodgers for Matt Ryan this week, that went well for me.