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  1. Yes are you interested? If so leave your email
  2. I have another open spot as Colts, I'll send an invite.
  3. http://games.espn.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=10534&teamId=4&seasonId=2018 http://games.espn.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=10534&teamId=5&seasonId=2018 Looking for experienced GMs to take over these teams. Unique league and scoring, 33 keepers and 5 round rookie draft. Detroit and Minnesota are available due to inactive GMs. Let me know your choice and leave your email. Thanks!
  4. Currently full but leave your email and I may have an opening soon.
  5. Changed to 16 team league. Still an opening
  6. This is not a start up league. Ballers is in it's 11th season and G-League about the same. Same LM since the begining.
  7. http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league?leagueId=290&seasonId=2019 The G-League is a 14 team H2H most categories league that re-drafts each season. This league is part of a 2-tier league, this one being the lower tier. The way it works is the top 3 GMs from this league get promoted into our main league called "Ballers" (11th Season) at the end of each season to take over the 3 bottom teams from Ballers that get relegated to the G-League. Ballers a 3 player max. keeper league and G-LEAGUE is a redraft league. The 3 promoted GMs will get to select up to 3 keepers from the team they inherit in Ballers, or by trading players/picks before the draft. The 3 promoted GMs will have the first 3 picks in the draft as well. If less than 3 keepers are selected, the remaining will be selected during the keeper rounds in the draft. We have been running this format for several years now and the promoted G-League GMs have had great success after being promoted by being active and making savvy moves. If interested in the open G-LEAGUE team, leave your email address.
  8. Sorry, Someone messaged me just before you. If another team becomes available I'll keep you in mind, thanks!
  9. http://games.espn.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=10534&teamId=9&seasonId=2018 Looking for an experienced GM to take over this team. Unique league and scoring, 33 keepers and 5 round rookie draft. This team needs a lot of work, so if you are up for a challenge then this if for you. If interested leave your email.
  10. http://games.espn.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=10534&teamId=12&seasonId=2018 Looking for an experienced GM to take over this team. Unique league and scoring, 33 keepers and 4 round rookie draft. If interested leave your email.
  11. Anybody interested? Once this team is filled, FA will start.
  12. http://nfltherealdynasty.proboards.com 1 open team which is Baltimore Ravens. http://www57.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=30948&O=07&F=0005 The league is mainly played on ProBoards with MFL used for scoring. Sign up now before the team gets filled! Looking for some experienced GMs, however experience not required. Free agency starts this week along with all the great bidding wars.