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  1. And just like that, dropped. Maybe ill be back on board later in the season! Best of luck fellas.
  2. I will most likely make my decision based on tonight's game. It's everything you want/need to happen for Jah - AD is sitting, it's against the Lakers, and he's not competition for the minutes. Please Jah - show me da whey~
  3. His boards are low but his stocks are THICC! He's tempting me real hard right now...
  4. I want to hold on since he’s my handcuff for AD but RoLo is looking JUICY on the wire. Tough decisions here but something tells me to hang on to Jahlil. Dude was a stud when AD was out and those stats are a game changer.
  5. Would you guys rather pick him or Jahlil up for ROS? I think Dedmon's game but the shutdown risk of AD might give Jahlil an edge right?
  6. What is going on? He had an amazing game yesterday and he hasn't even check into the damn game yet!?
  7. Honestly, I’d rather have Prince and he gets way more “action” on the team to take shots and have opportunities to produce. It depends on what’s out there and I definitely have more options to choose from. What I’m saying is that he’s not what I thought he was but he most certainly is a hold in dynasty because next year might be a different story.
  8. I made the exact same move here as well. Bradley is barely removed from fantasy relevance so I can see a new change of scenery, especially on a team/HC that values his veteran presence and game, to get him back on track.
  9. Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen. The game was a blowout, AD made real efforts and took some pretty horrible shots tonight on double teams and Vucevic (who isn’t a defensive stud) in his grill at times. Just make moves if you’re scared or hold true if you aren’t. I’m sitting tight and watching closely, best you can do.
  10. Uh...we running to the waiver wire right now?
  11. I agree, I really wanted something to happen here but there's WAY too many mouths to feed and Prince looks much more solid within their offense than Huerter does.
  12. Plumlee isn't all that especially now that Millsap is playing again. He's definitely someone I would move ASAP. Maybe try trading him and Mike Conley for Eric Bledsoe/De'Aron Fox/De'Angelo? Also, which Leonard is that? I'm assuming it's not Kawhi.
  13. Take Hield if Brogdon isn’t an Anchor to your percentages. Jabari is competing for minutes with Green and Brooks seems set on making him the starter over Jabari, for now. also depends on what you’re going for but if you’re prioritizing 3’s and points then Hield is definitely the answer!
  14. Osman or White and I give the edge to Osman when healthy.