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  1. Just hopped on the DJ train boys. Let’s hope for a bounce back this week and that wrist injury is nothing that lingers. DJ was top 10 last year in a way worse situation and I think he’ll easily outperform what he did if he stays healthy. The key here is health! Pray he stays on course and trust the stud to do the rest. Enjoy the show.
  2. Connor for Carson is pretty even imo but I'd actually prefer Carson. Waller for Godwin is quite lopsided. Would they consider 1) Josh Gordon or 2) McLaurin instead? I think great things are ahead for Godwin. Just making sure my man! Overall, I agree with sentiments that you should definitely get a boost to your TE situation then drop your current TE for another waiver wire flyer.
  3. Everyone is saying great trade but I'm gonna play devils advocate for fun and say you could have gotten much more. Nothing personal!!! Unless Travis Kelce's guy said "no" or any of the top 10-15 receivers (draft day ranking) owners said "no" I have no idea why you would hop off the Ekeler train for a tight end? Then again, I don't have a Godlike trio of RB's like you do so maybe it feels different when you're sitting that pretty (I do have Kamara, DJ, and KJ). I just think you could've focused on a receiver over a TE. Not to mention the weakest performer of the "big 3" who I think is not going to have a better year than Mark Andrews, Waller, or Evan Engram barring injury. Great team though overall!
  4. LMAO - he did burn me that one year where he went down in week 1 and I told myself he was DND certified. The guy also has Amari Cooper which I might consider for KJ straight up. Or I could just keep my RB trio and roll as is, who knows! Thanks for the input so far everyone.
  5. Ekeler has been a stud but I say this...It's a trap. Melvin Gordon has to report this year and I don't think it's a "show up and shut down" situation to get eligibility for FA and not play. Long term I do not think Ekeler will A) make it through the season healthy or B ) end the season as the same back you see today. Kamara stock took a hit (maybe? We'll find out next week) but Brees is going to return and you drafted Kamara as one of the big 4. He's worth more than that imo so aim higher! To give you a frame of reference...I traded Marlon Mack and Sammy Watkins last week for Julio Jones and Duke Johnson and I drafted CMC with the third pick. BoL!
  6. Wow - I just traded away Juju (who I think will be fine, just not what I intended coming into the season) but if you can land him for those two...YES!
  7. Damn man... I look at teams like ours and I shake my head wondering how we start the season 0-2. Just the name of the game. I love the team man! However, you've got such INCREDIBLE depth at RB I would do something about your WR situation. OBJ is solid but get him a running mate that's also another stud WR1. Gurley for Adams, Julio, MT (yes, even with Brees out), or maybe even Hopkins would be sick and would round out your squad REAL nice. Best of luck my 0-2 brethren!!!
  8. I'm 0-2 and I just needed to shake it up. Long season, I get it, but I'm the second lowest scoring team in the league with a team full of household names and no production. I have two first round RB's now and a solid WR core that I am looking to juice up a bit. It wasn't easy letting go of Adams but we'll see how Juju does. I don't think he'll suffer greatly but I don't like the downgrade from Ben to Rudolph.
  9. Agreed - save that #1 spot my man. David Montgomery's stock is rising and I think after next week you'll know how solid he is. Breida imo can win out that backfield and produce good enough numbers. Neither Barber/Gore is worth starting over the two backs I just mentioned. Wait for a gem and strike! With all the injuries happening - you never know.
  10. What a nice squad. I agree with staying put as your RB/WR core is godly. However, get a QB upgrade STAT. I'd try and get Cooper Kupp and McLaurin packaged together to land a stud QB in the top 10.
  11. Definitely the first option! I was geeking at the second option until I saw the 1st round pick next year...too powerful. Gurley can get hurt at any moments notice, Boyd I like, and Gio is just a filler. Definitely the first option.
  12. Hopkins is gonna be the anchor to this team. DONT MOVE HIM! Package together Dak and Miles Sanders for an upgrade like Kerryon Johnson or Sony Michel.
  13. Sup gurus, I wanted to get some input as I’m 0-2 and trying to shake things up. Just made a trade today for David Johnson and Mike Evans for my Davante Adams and Juju Smith Schuster. Once the trade processes my team now consists of: QB - Waiver wire guy (lost Drew Brees and Big Ben) RB - Alvin Kamara, David Johnson, Kerryon Johnson, David Montgomery, Miles Sanders, Kenyan Drake, and Malcolm Brown. WR - Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, Mecole Hardman, and John Brown. TE - Mark Andrews and OJ Howard Still making moves...I’ve got an offer out there that’s sticky for my Kerryon Johnson and David Montgomery for his Keenan Allen and Courtland Sutton. Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on making this trade to add more quality receivers to round out my RB core of Kamara and DJ. This is a 10 team half PPR league. Thanks.
  14. I’ll be mindful next time but the description did say questions regarding your team specifically in general. Thanks for the heads up none the less.