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  1. This is for a dynasty league. We keep all players year to year. I’m in last place and not worried about the playoffs right now. Should I pull the trigger?
  2. Yes I’m trying to trade with out of the playoff bound teams. He also has JJJ.
  3. Dynasty league and we keep all players year to year. I offered this to him and he rejected. Said he would do it if I swapped Ingram for Schroeder (I don’t want to). He turned and and said he’ll give me sabonis and Redick for those 3. Any thoughts? I need to clear 2 spots on my roster (Zion and Murray from IL). This is why the 3 for 1 trade.
  4. This is for a dynasty league. We keep all players year to year. Should I trade Klay and Whiteside?

    He doesn’t have much. Conley has been bad with games played past couple of seasons. Only missed 1 so far this year. I would take it. Galo has been playing very well and you have no idea what your getting with boogie. Right now may be his trade ceiling but again you never know.
  6. DLo for Klay Dynasty WHIR!!!

    Damn!!!! I am favoring the Klay side as well. DLo is 5-6 years younger and is on fire right now. Do any of you think levert will slow him down?
  7. Should i drop barton?

    He will get back up there. Just takes time he is only 2 games in. I wouldn’t drop him.
  8. Better Stash - Love or Howard? WHIR

    I would go with love. Haven’t really heard much about Howard coming back.
  9. This is for the team in the sig. We keep all players year to year. Drop a link.
  10. Determine Draft order in Dynasty Leagues?

    In my dynasty league we implemented a no tanking rule. You had to start your players every night no exceptions.
  11. This is for a dynasty league. We keep all players year to year. Should I trade Cousins?
  12. Westbrook and Giannis trade.. Which side wins?

    Stick with your current players. Westbrook is back to trip double form and butler is starting to get hot.
  13. I have Boogie and another owner badly wants him. I can get any of these players. Either a 1 for 1 or 2 for 2. Fox Lavine Harris Bamba Should I do a 1 for 1? Or 2 for 2? Who would I trade for and who would I include? He also said boogie plus 1 of these for Butler Tobias Harris or Hayward. We keep all all our players year to year in this league. Please leave a link!
  14. Worth dropping any for these guys? whir 100

    I would drop Clarkson for Oubre. I like the rest of your team. Thanks for replying. I left a follow up.