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  1. Westbrook and Giannis trade.. Which side wins?

    Stick with your current players. Westbrook is back to trip double form and butler is starting to get hot.
  2. I have Boogie and another owner badly wants him. I can get any of these players. Either a 1 for 1 or 2 for 2. Fox Lavine Harris Bamba Should I do a 1 for 1? Or 2 for 2? Who would I trade for and who would I include? He also said boogie plus 1 of these for Butler Tobias Harris or Hayward. We keep all all our players year to year in this league. Please leave a link!
  3. I would drop Clarkson for Oubre. I like the rest of your team. Thanks for replying. I left a follow up.
  4. Yes you got it! That is my dilemma. If boogie doesn’t recover and I do this trade I will have Harris for him. I am not worried about this year as I have no shot to recover with all my injuries.
  5. Drop question

    I would do it. His workload/value increases for those 3 weeks. You should have Barton back by then.
  6. More upside then KAT?
  7. 10 Team 12 Cat League FG% FTM FT% 3PTM 3PT% PTS REB AST ST BLK TO DD D. Schroder, T. Harris, H. Whiteside, K. Thompson, N. Jokic, D. Ayton, W. Barton (INJ), K. Love (INJ), D. Murray (INJ), B. Ingram, B. Simmons, G Hayward, J. Brown, M. Fultz (INJ), D. Cousins (INJ)
  8. This is for a dynasty league. We keep all players year to year and do a 1 round draft for rookies only. I am in line to get the #1 pick (again) next year. Should I trade away Jokic and Boogie? Please drop a link.
  9. Harris and towns for Boogie and Joker WHIR

    Sorry it’s Gary Harris.
  10. This is for a dynasty league. We keep all players year to year. Unfortunately I am looking at the #1 pick next year (1 round only rookies). Should I pull the trigger? Please drop a link.
  11. Who wins whir

    Embiid + Dipo
  12. Should I go ahead and make the move?