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  1. The owner offered me this. Should I take it? 12 cat league - 15 man roster 2 IL Fg%, ftm, ft%, 3ptm, 3pt%, Pts, reb, a**, st, blks, TO, DD My team: Zion Favors Schroeder Barton J. Brown Thompson (IL) T. Harris G. Harris Jokic Ingram Whiteside Ayton Simmons Fultz (IL) Hayward Love D. Murray
  2. Should I do this trade? We keep all players year to year. Roco is younger but love is the first option right now on the cavs.
  3. Sorry I have love. So I’m guessing don’t trade for Roco.
  4. Dynasty rules: keep all players year to year should I pull the trigger?
  5. Yes only 1 round rookie draft. Keep everyone year to year. You have giving me a lot to think about. Thank you for your input.
  6. I don’t have to drop anyone now. This is for next year. Murray will be back and I like his porential. I am also drafting Zion. Roster size is 14. Murray comes back that’s 15 and Zion is 16. I will have to drop 2 players.
  7. All great points. I have to drop 2 players then. Who should I drop?
  8. Some rules for the league: we keep all players year to year. Draft a rookie (have to drop a player) I have to clear 2 spots. 1 for Zion and 1 for Murray (torn ACL). I can drop Schroeder for 1 of those spots. Should I pull the trigger? I know I’m losing it I will have to drop 2 players anyway. At least I get a solid young player. Drop a link!
  9. This is for a dynasty league. We keep all players year to year. I’m in last place and not worried about the playoffs right now. Should I pull the trigger?