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  1. go get him - def worth burning waiver priority
  2. That's a whole of pieces and hard to know what those picks are worth - but I'd hold AD personally.
  3. What? That's a ridiculous proposal - very one sided
  4. Neither I guess I'd rather have Augustin 🤷‍♂️
  5. Yep Agree too - can’t pass on JJJ at only $11!
  6. Heres one of my teams from a recent 9-CAT 12-team H2H: Harden 67 JJJ 21 J Murray 18 Bam 18 Mitchell 26 Sabonis 14 Tatum 15 Carter Jr 13 D Green 3 Z Collins 2 D Powell 1 T Ross 1 Culver 1
  7. Hield (much more durable) - just check how the kings playoff schedule compares to Utahs for your league settings, that could be your tiebreaker
  8. Ideally I'm keen to stop March 22nd, but earliest setting in yahoo is March 29th, so that's locked in for the time being Earliet finish = less impact of tanking/resting near end of season.
  9. Yeah Harden in 8, KAT in 9 for me
  10. What round pick is Kyrie? I'd actually consider going Jokic, Turner and JJJ if that's the draft spots you'd be giving up, robbery!
  11. From a dyno perspective (assuming 9-CAT) I'd rate the players value as: Harden Zion = JJJ Kyrie Mitchell SGA Daylight Sexton
  12. 👀 I think you ignore Sexton here (he's just a mid to late round scoring type and not a great fantasy guy, never will be) So Harden and Kyrie For Zion, Mitchell, SGA and JJJ It depends on who you'd be dropping/rest of your squad, league settings etc but I love all those young guys so I'd probably do it even though Harden is obviously amazing. Kyrie is great (per game stats) but generally a bit overarted given how often injured.
  13. Agree I like this. And BTW I own KAT in a dyno and while Donny and Ayton is intreguing I still wouldn't do it.