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  1. McCollum & JV for DeRozen. WHIR

    JV injured - 4 weeks
  2. NBA Trade Season 2018-2019

    Unless the Lakers cough up picks not sure how they get these deals done, dont think KCP is going to do it. He's just not that good.
  3. Keeper question

    Are you no chance of winning this year? Seems like a lot for Kyrie, Garry Harris i’d rate as a top 40-50 guy in a keeper league. As above, counter with LMA and Dunn and you could always throw Saric in there too (3 for 1)
  4. Trade my DRuss for JJJ?

    I prefer JJJ here but you’ll need to be a bit patient, expect a big secons half froM him.
  5. I like Mitch Rob and Harrell, wouldn’t bother with the other two (Knox back soon and Boban is too matchup reliant and just not someone you can rely on in standard sized leagues)
  6. Bamba dropped in a keeper.

    Hell yes - I think he’s got much greater long term fantasy upside than Bagley (who should be good but much lower blocks) as your sixth keeper. I’d drop Dotson or PJ.
  7. Yes I’d pull the trigger on that trade!
  8. Thats ridiculous in a keeper league - unless it’s 10 teams or less, then maybe I can understand, will only get better across the season.
  9. Dropped for Shai in one of my standard leagues. Maybe he works it out but he’s going to hurt your % and the lack of threes is a buzzkill. Just doesn’t fit my team build and I got caught out in an auction bidding him up (only paid $4 though!). Still think he’ll be good long term in dyno!
  10. I’d rather own Levert over Brown and Bell.
  11. Trade Lillard for McCollum? - WHIR

    Keep Lillard or make it a first round pick then it’s worth considering
  12. Got him for $5 in my dyno auction this week. Good luck