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  1. Safe to presume Vazquez will get the night off tonight?
  2. Been rolling with the Bears all season, though Jacksonville and Seattle sitting here on waivers. When some of your core players include multiple Packers (Adams and Jones), it's hard to start the opposing D. Usually I say "Dance with the one that brought you," but this may be one time I outsmart myself lol
  3. Agreed with the consensus here. Jones all the way, and especially at that price. Thanks for the help on mine.
  4. This is a 10 team, 1 PPR league where we start 3 WR (2 RB and 1 Flex). I have the following options and can only keep 1: Todd Gurley (keep for my 1st Round pick... obviously going top 2 on average) Stefon Diggs (keep for my 4th Round pick... going mid-late 3rd round on average) Chris Hogan (keep for my 6th Round pick... going mid-late 6th round on average) Rex Burkhead (keep for my 11th Round pick... highly variable on average and uncertain situation) Thoughts? Thanks, WHIR
  5. Likely pass today. Brewers just saw him
  6. Scratched from the lineup today (reason TBD). Phantom injury/DL stint coming?
  7. Anyone brave enough to start today?
  8. Thoughts on his start today? Washington a tough matchup?
  9. I agree with above. I'd drop Velasquez and grab Andujar. I also like Alonso longterm this season. Think he puts together a nice year and goes at least 260 and 25-30+ HR. Thanks for the help
  10. 2018 MLB Spring Training Joey Votto's Agent: "Hey Joey, I bet you $1M that you can't hit under .260 and OPS under .700 in April, and then finish with an average over .300 and OPS of 1." Votto: "You mean like 2016?" Agent: "Yeah." Votto: "You're on."