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  1. Was just about to come ask this same thing, especially if you somehow have another top 5 3B option. Ended up with Lamb, who I may be slotting in for Arenado this week
  2. How would you guys rank the "In" guys here in terms of ROS value? I think we can definitely start with Rosenthal and Hand, and after that I'm kinda like ehh...
  3. Any reason to think he needs an MRI to official rule-out a bad injury? Sometimes scaphoid fractures (other hand injuries?) can hide on initial X-Rays so I sort of wonder if he'll get more imaging just to be sure. I guess we'll see but nothing today yet.
  4. People in weekly leagues activating him? Speculation that he should return by the end of the week on the road trip.
  5. At what point does he become droppable? (In a 10 or 12 teamer)
  6. Also wondering this, about what people think he'll be able to do ROS (assuming PT is not an issue). Something like 12-15 HR, 10+ SB and around 280/350/470? Is that too conservative?
  7. I guess no official announcement has been made yet, but we're going with the speculation that he'll return this weekend against the Pirates? Say Friday or Saturday depending on what the Mets want to do with the rotation?
  8. This soreness was expected, right? I think he admitted at some point he knows he's going to have soreness for the whole season and it will just be a matter of playing through it or getting used to it vs. resting more frequently
  9. What are we thinking once this guy comes back and when he is able to stay healthy for however long that is? His usually great stuff, rock solid command, something like a 3.3-3.5 ERA, WHIP around 1.2 and 9 K/9?
  10. Cards played 2 games today and Oh pitched in a tie game in the top of the 10th in the 1st game...
  11. How do you know when a guy is elite? He hits a 3 run HR and everyone is like *yawn*
  12. Fill in the blank: It will take _____ weeks to make up for Garret's start tonight in Roto.
  13. Rolling the dice because I want the 2 start week and need the Ks. At least the Rockies have never seen him before.
  14. Good to see Bush being just as dominant on the 2nd day of a back-to-back. Guessing he'll probably be unavailable tomorrow.
  15. Is it confirmed that he's just getting a day off today? (Edited out a mistake comment)