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  1. Demaryius Thomas 2017 Season Outlook

    Beast tonight. DT gonna be ok? Saw he left the game for a bit with an injury and came back in. He's a warrior
  2. Legarrette Blount 2017 Season Outlook

    I feel like this guy can only have some positive TD regression going forward, no? I guess I haven't looked to see how much the Eagles are throwing in the RZ (they're certainly getting a lot of big plays). He has 70 carries so far this year and only 1 TD. Let's say he continues to see at least 12-15 carries/game moving forward: what do we think that means in terms of TDs ROS? Something like at least 5-7 seems reasonable to me, obviously with the upside for more on this offense. Where do you guys see him ranked going forward, somewhere in the RB18-25 range? A solid RB2/3
  3. 2017 Celebration Thread - Victory is Mine!

    My league does a combined format set-up where we essentially have 2 running standings throughout the year, one for H2H that we let Yahoo keep and a Roto one that we manually compute each week (using Yahoo's total logged stats throughout the year, which is really handy). We call it "Roto-Head" and have been doing it for a few years with really good success. But anyway, I came in 1st in both formats this year! Feels real solid like a dual championship haha. 10 team league, 6x6 with OPS and Holds. Roster below: C Realmuto 1B Freeman 2B LeMahieu 3B Arenado SS Correa OF Stanton OF JD Martinez OF Harper Util Encarnacion Util Lamb/Reynolds (platoon) SP1 Severino SP2 Nola SP3 Paxton SP4 McCullers (before they both got injured or sucked) SP5 Godley SP6 Archer RP1 Doolittle RP2 Parker RP3 Hunter RP4 Minor RP5 Petit P spot Peacock Entire OF was the MVP, especially Stanton and JD. Led the league in R, HR, RBI, AVG, and OPS! Woohoo
  4. Bryce Harper 2017 Outlook

    !!! Bryce Harper (knee, illness) is expected to return from the disabled list on Tuesday. Harper was originally lined up to return on Monday, but plans changed due to an illness. He's already feeling better as of Tuesday afternoon, so all signs point to him being in the lineup. Harper has been out since mid-August with a bone bruise in his left knee, but the Nats are hoping to get some at-bats under his belt going into the postseason. Source: Chelsea Janes on Twitter Sep 26 - 2:01 PM
  5. Mark Reynolds 2017 Outlook

    For some reason I want to play this guy during this final week. All Coors games against probably hittable pitching. Will he be starting most days?
  6. Mike Clevinger 2017 Outlook

    This guy getting 2 starts this upcoming last week?
  7. Jon Lester 2017 Season Outlook

    Leaning toward sticking with him, since the matchups aren't particularly bad. Though he definitely hasn't lived up to expectations this year
  8. 9/17/17 - Jets @ Raiders

    NYJ just blatantly not even trying, trotting Elijah McGuire out there for carries
  9. Yahoo's Stat Tracker having issues updating today?
  10. What to do with Cousins this week?

    I play in a 10 team league and am struggling with this same decision. Have Cousins as my starter and Palmer is sitting there on the wire. I've gone back and forth with it, and ultimately decided to roll with Cousins. Palmer, without question, has a better matchup against Indy but I think Cousins has much better weapons (Pryor, Reed, Crowder, 3rd WR, Thompson Vs. Fitz and... the rest of those guys on Arizona). It should be close I think. In your situation, I'd probably drop Lee and pickup Palmer if you decide you want to start Carson. Lee is a FA in my league
  11. Mark Reynolds 2017 Outlook

    Being moved down in the lineup or just straight up benched a lot more recently. Is he cooling off?
  12. Jon Lester 2017 Season Outlook

    2 start week in playoff time: If the Cubs keep their current rotation lined up, he'll go Monday @TB then Saturday @Milwaukee. What's the play here?
  13. Chris Archer 2017 Outlook

    You guys considering dropping this guy over the rest of this season? Definitely won't be starting him next week in the playoffs against the Cubs, who have put up a couple of football point totals over the last week...
  14. Kirk Cousins 2017 Outlook

    Been trying to figure this out as well. Traveling across the country against an underrated defense who will get their best interior lineman back, I'm thinking the answer is probably not. It will probably happen more like next week against the Raiders where they have to throw all day to keep up with Oakland.
  15. Jamaal Charles 2017 Season Outlook

    Was watching the game last night with a KC fan who said the same thing about the Broncos' use of him. He said obviously Charles is at his best on sweeps, tosses, and little swing passes where you can catch the D off balance and create more lanes for him to just accelerate right through. Hopefully the Broncos realize this and start to see how dynamic he can be with space.