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  1. Rolling the dice because I want the 2 start week and need the Ks. At least the Rockies have never seen him before.
  2. Good to see Bush being just as dominant on the 2nd day of a back-to-back. Guessing he'll probably be unavailable tomorrow.
  3. Is it confirmed that he's just getting a day off today? (Edited out a mistake comment)
  4. For people in weekly leagues, he's got 2 starts this upcoming week which can definitely be pretty valuable. However, the first one is @ Coors and I usually really don't like starting anyone there not named Kershaw. Tough one. Decisions, decisions...
  5. This is bizarre usage for sure, especially with Gregerson also available...
  6. Probably just a "It's 12-4 in the 9th inning" kind of decision
  7. Obviously there have been many more positives with this kid than negatives over his first few starts. Some really good analysis and data here that backs up the breakout look that he's got going. Agree with the people who have stated that any "regression" he may have in the BB rate (assuming he's not just improving and this is a new skill set he's showing) or BABIP will be overshadowed by the numerous other positives already outlined. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but his current LOB% is also 57.7% which should obviously come up and help drive that ERA down. FB/HR rate also elevated, which has been stated. He may be above average here pitching half his games at Yankee Stadium, but even so it was around 17% last year (10 points lower than currently).
  8. Wrong uniform, but gotta celebrate!
  9. Went all God Mode today
  10. Those wheels, though
  11. Stanton just got hit by a ball in play while running from 1st to 2nd? Did he get hurt?
  12. Any games in danger of rain outs? Specifically in SF and Oakland?
  13. Then Lance painted the corner with a perfect FB and the ump didn't give him the call. Came back to get the K with a breaking ball. Talk about making him throw an extra 3 pitches for no reason.
  14. Great start today, especially facing the same team within a week. Gotta love that K/BB ratio so far.
  15. You guys think that they give him a few weeks to heal up, then maybe send him to the minors for a week or two to get warmed up before starting him in real games? Maybe early May is a more realistic timetable than late April. Either way, as long as things go well and he doesn't rush, we should see him by mid May at the latest.