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  1. Dario was so fun to have rostered when he started last season. Hoping for the best tomorrow. Need his production more than I’d like.
  2. Off the faried train since I have excess of bugs. Let’s see how this unfolds.
  3. Questionable tonight, but probably closer to probable, right? I mean, they're going against the Nuggets, so I'd assume he wants to compete today. Really looking forward to his games after ASB though. His back will get nice rest in that time.
  4. Just a word of advice—dude has nice trade value right now because of his return and PO schedule. Had him in two leagues, got plenty of offers in the past 2 days. If you don’t believe he can return 2nd round value for you, definitely consider capitalizing on a trade. I managed to get Towns in a small package in my 12 teamer.
  5. Welp, see you guys in next season's thread haha
  6. The key is having a team of studs. That's why we're all on here figuring out who to grab. Again, I didn't say don't add him. But your 2 games vs 4 falls apart when you consider the teams making playoffs. If your end of the bench guy is Wright, and your first pick happens to have been Curry, then week 1 of playoffs you're going to have a hard battle against someone with LeBron who just picked up Zubac today. It's all relative to team build, but yes, having more games matters when you're playing for the championship.
  7. My point was painfully simple. Good schedule team is going to beat the team with players from Warriors and Grizzlies. End of an era x3 for Greg
  8. If things stay as they are--winner winner chicken dinner.
  9. Here
  10. Yes, because it's possible to draft guys like Westbrook, Harden, Paul George, LeBron all in the same league. Don't be dense, I clearly mean via trade. And I never said don't make the add. I said have fun owning those guys especially if you have multiples of Grizz and Warriors. Make the add if you wish, but a savvy owner will accumulate a few good games and trade them away before the fantasy trade deadline according to league settings.
  11. So I initially said a team with Warriors and Grizzlies players and now you're just saying Delon Wright? Obviously, if you've done your due diligence and acquired guys from HOU, DET, OKC, etc, to buffer the loss of games then you may be able to fight off the onslaught of an opponent with multiple games more than you.
  12. If your opponent has Beal, Drummond, Westbrook, Harden, LeBron, Gobert during week 1 of POs, you may not get that chance.
  13. True. Have fun with owning MEM players if you already own Warriors.