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  1. Got him for $6 in one of my leagues. Supporting cast is worse this year but wasnt that good last year. He makes up for that with his legs and they will be playing in more shootouts this year.
  2. .5 PPR 10 Teams Team 1 QB: D. Watson $11($10) D. Brees $2($6) WR: A. Thielen $17($20) A. Jeffery $6($5) R. Woods $1($1) N. Agholor $3($2) RB: S. Barkley $54($59) A. Kamara $53($57) L. Miller $18($11) J. Williams $5($8) K. Johnson $2($2) R. Jones ll $2($2) TE: T. Kelce $19($31) K: C. Boswell $1($1) DEF: Jacksonville $5($5) Team 2 QB: R. Wilson $6($7) WR: D. Baldwin $21($25) D. Thomas $12($10) C. Kupp $2($5) J. Crowder $2($5) RB: L. Bell $65($76) S. Barkley $59($54) J. Ajayi $11($12) R. Burkhead $3($8) K. Johnson $2($2) R. Jones ll $2($2) TE: G. Olsen $4($3) D. Walker $3($2) K: G. Zuerlein $2($2) DEF: Jacksonville $5($5) The number in parenthesis is what he went for in the other draft. Team 1 was drafted 8/27 and team 2 was drafted 8/29. My strategy is to secure 2 elite RBs with one of them being Saquon Barkley. If he stays healthy, I think he’ll be in the conversation for 1.1 next year. Thoughts on the teams? Biggest weaknesses? Which team do you like better? Do you think I’m putting too much money into my RB1 & RB2 slots? FOR ALL YOU AUCTION HEADS LIKE MYSELF.... I know that no auction is ever the same but if you’d like, instead of me replying to your thread, DM me with up to 25 players names and I will tell you how much they went for in both drafts. Also I will be doing another auction or 2 so by next Tuesday night, I will have all results on a spreadsheet of the top 75-100. As far as the 25 players though, I will try to get back to you as fast as I can.
  3. CMC all day. Melvin is JAG so I think there’s a chance he loses his job.
  4. Alvin. Easily. Pass catching RBs are gold in 1 pt PPR