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  1. Powell ingles Osman who should I drop for a streaming stop? Leave links and I’ll helpout! Thanks
  2. Who would you drop for a steaming spot? Ingles smart powell thanks for you help and leave links!
  3. Mcgee thomas bryant zubac millsap in what order would you rank these players? Thanks
  4. I was offered Lebron for Wendell carter jr who was purchased for $3 in an auction league who I could keep that price for 2 years, doncic who was $13 and also kept for two years and I pull the trigger? I usually pull the trigger on things like this but wcj could be amazing to own for two more seasons for peanuts...
  5. In any format I wouldn’t stash him for 5 weeks. That’s a long time without stats for a player of his caliber.
  6. That’s close. Love always concerns me with injury so since it’s so close I’d stick with Lebron and Gobert
  7. That’s a tough one...young has the green light like college and doncic plays within the system. Doncic may be the better player by far but as far as fantasy I may take trae.
  8. It’s not far off and would say depending on team needs.
  9. Depends on team needs but Dunn is going to be close to the league lead in assist so I’d grab him.
  10. Would you pull the trigger? George is so elite in steals and treys but vuchevic has been so good so far and Harris is no slouche either.
  11. I always go the stars and scrubs approach. There’s so many cheap players going for so little. I make a list of the players I must have and then basically get as many as possible and then have a backup plan of super cheap players I’ll be happy with if the players I must have cost too much.
  12. I just added him and I’m optimistic he’ll be rosterable. He’s very efficient and as the starting guard last season he shot 51% in 19 games at 14.6 ppg.9 steals 1.5 tries 3.4 boards and 3.7 assist...he clearly is better as a starter and he’s a year older.
  13. If I draft either player I can keep them for 2 years at their auction guess, what will both player go for in this format? Leave link for your questions