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  1. Thinking of dropping Thomas Bryant for him, his just sitting there in the ww in my 10-teamer smh
  2. WTF is happening to this dude!!! Playing s---y in my championship week
  3. "Prince did not see the floor during the second half. No injury has been reported, so it's unclear exactly why Prince was held out. With that being said, he has played heavy minutes most of the season, so it's possible that Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer is merely trying to avoid overworking Prince down the stretch." - Rotowire I think it's because of taaaank city! lol I might drop after tonight's game.
  4. Questionable for tomorrow's game... what you guys think?
  5. He just got listed as Out for Monday game. Bulls are in tank mode!
  6. Yeah, he's been sitting in the wire for a week more or less. Just came from scooping him up now when i knew he dunked today lol
  7. Can't believe someone dropped him in my league.
  8. He's in the ww, don't know if I should pull the trigger and scoop him up.
  9. Which would you guys hold in a no IR slot league, Kawhi or K-Love?
  10. Is he a better hold candidate than Kawhi?
  11. Such BS... "Zach LaVine will not play in both ends of a back-to-back for the remainder of the season. This means two things. The Bulls will continue to be cautious with LaVine's knee and it improves their chances of landing the top pick in the 2018 Draft. The Bulls have four more back-to-back sets this season, so LaVine will miss at least four more contests the rest of the way. It's still unclear if he will play on either Monday vs. the Nets or Tuesday vs. the Hornets."
  12. He's hurting my fg%. Darren Collison is sitting in the wire, thinking about swapping him.
  13. Yeah Malone's update was brutal, still have hope. My league playoffs starts in March 12, waivers for both of them clear tomorrow smh
  14. Man I got decisions to make lol, I want both but the only players I'm willing to drop are D'lo, Dinwidie, or Parker also got Millsap and don't have IR.
  15. He just got dropped in my league by a desperate owner as well Vucevic, which one is the better choice? I'm 3rd in my 10-team league.