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  1. Which side here? Whir

    Kemba side, especially in a 12 teamer. Rjax is underwhelming and rhj is a borderline drop
  2. Yeah I’d take myles and the streamer. He’s been bad, but crowder is slowly taking a lot of minutes from favors as well
  3. Drop who for White? WHIR

    I’d hold for now since there are no clear drops. Closest I’d say is mcgee but you’d lose big man stats
  4. Team is in sig and semi punting assists in a 12-team standard league. Thoughts on this deal? my Bledsoe/McCollum/ibaka for Oladipo/bazemore then I would activate John Collins from ir when he returns. Thoughts? Drop a link.
  5. Harden / Curry Trade WHIR

    Hmmm. I think I’d do this. I like curry’s Efficiency and threes. He’d fit better as well since you’re dead last in assists anyways
  6. Oh yeah Murray is a stud. He was hitting 2 threes last year so he average should slowly climb back up to it. I think he’ll finish around the same ranking as Conley but I’d rather kee Murray for the durability and better PO schedule
  7. Hmmm, yes it’s a decent move since Conley has that injury history, it on the other hand he is balling out. But I think I’d still do it. For mine, it’s actually a 12 teamer, should I still do it?
  8. Big Trade

    Omg yes. Harden is top 5 and pg is borderline first round value. Pull it now
  9. Yes easily, McCollum is around 2nd to 3rd value
  10. If u can get away with it, it’s an easy win for u
  11. Easy yes man. It’s oretty much just Mitchell for lebron since bagley is wire material imo in a ten teamer
  12. Shai or Derrick White? WHIR

    Agreed. Similar type players with nice upside but pop’s coaching has the edge so I’d go with white
  13. Think I’d drop grant for sga for the higher upside
  14. In a ten teamer I like getting the star power since the wire is really good. I like the first harden trade you mentioned, but I’d try to see if you can give someone other than jrich. If not I think I’d still pull it.