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  1. Any news on how bad that ankle tweak was?
  2. Drop dieng, pick up zubac? Whir

    Yeah great point. So far I've been good with my boards but need some help with points. I feel my stocks are already pretty decent with a core of draymond giannis ariza crowder kat and I just picked up chriss. Looking at my overall team should I stick with dieng? Or claim zubac? Here's my team: pg: lilard, Jackson, ulis sg: Middleton, beverley sf: giannis, ariza, crowder pf: draymond, chriss c: kat, dieng, noel
  3. Should I? Dieng has been trending down lately. Or should I drop someone like Beverley instead?
  4. Is it time to drop Lowry? Whir

    @pod818 @DonaldsDucks @chnzshyguy @Illuminati Does it make a difference even even if I've been winning matchups one man down pretty much the whole year?
  5. Yeah I agree...I'd rather keep holiday. Do you have any other drop candidates?
  6. Lin or Ulis? (WHIR)

    Call me crazy but I'd do that. With knight and Bledsoe gone, ulis should be getting big minutes going forward
  7. I would probably cut the same two you did. Johnson for sure, but I'm swinging between mcconnel and dirk
  8. Is it time to drop Lowry? Whir

    Yeah sucks we have no IR. Who'd be a good pick up tho. Chriss and zubac are both on waivers, but I feel I'm already strong in boards and weak in threes. There aren't many three point snipers on the wire
  9. Yeah it's a pretty even trade imo. But I agree check news on it. If he's healthy I like the giannis side cuz I'm kinda worried about kyrie resting
  10. Is it time to drop Lowry? Whir

    Who should I pick up if I drop him? Chriss is on waivers and zubac was just dropped right now. I want both but not sure who to drop. Are they even worth grabbing cuz I've been leading in rebounds whereas threes I'm pretty weak in
  11. Who should I pick up? WHIR.

    Yup go with chriss
  12. ADD K. Love? Drop Noel?

    Dang this is you have any other potential drops? Klove can be huge down the stretch, but also consider he may get rested on some back to backs. This is really tough. I think if you're good in blocks and steals I'd do it
  13. Should i start love tonight?

    Yeah I'd wait it out first man. He'll be on a minutes limit
  14. So my team is: pg: lilard, Lowry, Jackson, ulis sg: Beverley, middleton sf: giannis, ariza, crowder pf: draymond, dieng c: kat, noel so with the recent news Lowry won't be back until 4-5 games left in the season, should I drop him for chriss or levert or even to stream the spot? Also, should I drop Jackson for his counterpart ish? They've been exchanging good games and it's frustrating lol
  15. Is he safe to drop after the recent news that he will only be back wth only about 4-5 games left?