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  1. No doubt in roto those end of first rounders are much better. I’ve been listening to podcasts here and there and have heard real good things about kyrie so he’s valued around the same area as kawhi and embiid, but I feel you on the injury history. I’m in a H2H league so it’s really tough to take a chance on those “load management” and guys with recent injury woes. So If I end up on the back end of the draft, I am really tempted to just go Beal first and hopefully jrue on the second. But I have heard these Rotoworld writers have already been drafting both Beal and jrue in the first round on their mocks, if that means anything to anyone
  2. All great points. I was thinking exactly the same. I think that’s why it gets tricky for me this year when it comes to the 8-12 picks where embiid, pg, kawhi, and bron fall. I think I’m actually planning on skipping those guys and reaching a bit for guys like Beal and jrue than drafting those guys.
  3. Ah ok makes sense. What’re your thoughts on “injury prone” and “kid management” candidates. Guess I’m more paranoid than usual since I’ve been burned so much before. I’m actually tryna avoid embiid, kawhi, and pg, unless they fall hard and moving jrue and booker up towards early second. Not sure if that is wise
  4. Curious what everyone’s rankings are for 9-cat H2H
  5. Those with ir or locked for the playoffs should probably hold....saw a tweet by him earlier today saying “soon”
  6. I did this exact same trade....Didn’t wanna have to deal with ad sitting if a trade irl doesn’t go down. Getting a first rounder back is a good return imo. I’ve seen a lot of low balls on the forums so we got lucky
  7. Dropping for Powell as well, but we all know what happens once we drop someone. He gon go off with. 20/10 line with nice stocks
  8. I’d prolly try to move kemba/x for oladipo/player better than your x. Dipo is in a mini slump rn and should help with steals and kind of match kemba’s Points and threes. The key is getting that upgraded second piece. Since it’s a 14 teamer it’s hard to drop any of your guys rn since the wire is pretty thin. Unless you decide to treat players then maybe I’d be ok with dropping smart to stream if you have unlimited moves.
  9. Haha yeah I did. And thanks for the reply. I’m actually just semi punting assists and a little weak in threes so I was thinking kd could help a little there. But all your points makes sense
  10. Yeah if he’s the best you can get, I think I’d do it. Love coming back not looking so optimistic
  11. So I’m in a 12-team, 9-cat, H2H league: i would give KAT to get KD thoughts?
  12. @Chuck3222 @chefboyarg how about Dragic? Worth a hold in the ir? Only catch is if u do get him I’d have to wait another two days to get collison since I only have one spot open right now then I’d have to move Dragic into the ir then claim collison
  13. I actually think Winslow will produce more for a longer period. Bagley should be back within a week or two and bjelica would see less minutes whereas Dragic won’t be back for another 2 months or so, giving Winslow the starting pg spot for quite a while