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  1. I think that's a pretty good trade...with the way Fournier and warren are playing tho, you may be able to squeeze in a minor player. Maybe try to negotiate?
  2. Gary harris

    Not quite sure on this one....although the espn player roster is iffy sometimes...I'd try to check his rankings on bbm for a better analysis
  3. Who to drop for Dunn? Whir

    Favors would be he closest since he will regress when gobert gets back, but I'd rather try doing a two for one first with favors in the package to make room
  4. If you can get a mid rounder back I'd do is the best player and gobert gets back in about a month so if you can get someone else serviceable it's a clear win for u, imo ,
  5. Rank these players for ROS value whir

    Damn this is tough...kanter may lose minutes to hernangomez in the future if the Knicks prioritize development and tyreke always has that injury concern. I think I'd go tyreke on this one
  6. K so I've got a potential deal with two short, I'll be giving my Lowry/Marc/giannis/ariza/dsj to get curry/kat/gobert/lavine/porter it looks really good on paper but I'd have 3 injured guys in gobert, lavine, and I have millsap. What y'all think? I'm in third place and only 2 teams don't make the playoffs. my team now is: pg: Lowry, chalmers, dsj sg: Harris, crabbe, valentine sf: giannis, ariza pf: millsap, collins c: Marc, Turner, wcs
  7. Should I blow up this team? Whir

    Would it matter if only 2 people don't make the playoffs? I doubt I'd fall that far down
  8. Yeah man you can get more for wiggins
  9. Embiid has solid value rn and getting gobert back is nice, but if your main target is a pg, I think you can find someone better for embiid
  10. So I'm in a 14-team, 9-cat, H2H league with this team: pg: Lowry, dsj, chalmers sg: Gary Harris, crabbe, valentine sf: giannis, ariza pf: millsap, collins c: Marc, Turner, wcs sucks cuz of what happened to millsap, but I've gotta hold (even with no IR)since I'm sure he'll be back. I've got an offer of my Lowry/Marc/dsj/chalmers for kat/gobert/lavine/Wes. It looks like a good deal cuz kat is a nice first rounder, but it would hurt having 3 injured guys on my team. Plus I'd have to punt assists. I'm currently in third place so idk if I should do it. What y'all think??
  11. My Oladipo for Draymond (WHIR)

    This. You got strong big men already so may not need greens stats. But then again you can get green and move someone else to improve elsewhere
  12. Who to pick up? WHIR

    Yeah I'd go Murray too
  13. Who to pick up? WHIR

    Sorry man I can't any sense see your team on mobile, but I guess it depends on your needs...if you need threes then go Murray, blocks for for collins. Kieff is good but the other two have higher upsides
  14. It looks like a good deal for you....I'm not a kanter fan and Lowry is not that far behind lilard. And Capella is sooo good I say pull it
  15. Lillard trade WHIR

    Yeah it's a fair trade so go with whatever fits your build so the Simmons side is good