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  1. Hey guys, I have been super busy and haven't had the time to do my normal recon of the fantasy landscape pre season this year and I have a 10-team ,PPR, 2 QB league draft tmrw. Any advice for some good rankings/resources for the draft?
  2. I would love to hear some opinions on this guy
  3. My prime bounce back candidate for the coming year. CRAZY aloe BABIP was a major factor in his low BA. Still managed to hit 40 HRs and even stole 15 bases even with a very low .303 OBP. He's also in a contract year. Also a very prime Trade candidate, so he could be plopped into a loaded lineup around the trade deadline. I like him after the big 4-5 3B this year.
  4. I could see him as a top 10 OF in a 5x5 ROTO no doubt. Showed power two years ago with 19 HRs and showed the crazy speed last year with over 45 SB. If he can combine those two with around a .310 average he could be a top 5 guy really.
  5. I just now purchased the Baseball Prospectus access. I didn't realize how much good MLB and MiLB articles are on there. Thanks!
  6. What website/service do you guys use for your pre-draft prep and in-season info, other than the free information? I love the free stuff and I believe it can be sufficient if you use the right sources but I am curious if anyone here believes any premium type memberships are worth it. I have the Baseball HQ Forcaster for 2017 already so mostly looking for digital content. Thanks!
  7. Lots of factors hard to determine. Playing time. Talent. Age. What's your opinion?
  8. I think he will come back and could be a top 15 guy. The previous 500 innings he had in the MLB shouldn't negate one bad season with some lingering injuries. The stuff and talent is still there.