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  1. Gobert and Dray forgetting how to block shots made me lose a close 4-5.... Was first seed now fighting for third smh
  2. I've cut him. Concussions means he's not going to play tomorrow and if you're in PO you need to drop to stream.
  3. Considering he was GTD, I’m holding.
  4. Yeah...can’t believe I held on for two months for this crap. That is the worst bone bruise I’ve ever seen. Dropped and moved on. May the Lord Rest In Peace.
  5. Getting raped by Trae and Harden this week
  6. Dropped this fool and couldnt have felt better
  7. I actually think he has been abducted by Aliens
  8. Lost my matchup by ONE REBOUND. FML. And it was because AD did not play and Otto injured. I'm so mad. Lost four in a row after the AD injury. My worst pick.
  9. I wouldn't trade him considering he was good enough to play in the all star game. If you still have two weeks until PO I would not trade him low. Unless a good offer comes e.g. Gobert.
  10. This is so dumb, playing him 20 min a game and Jrue 25 min a game is still blatant tanking in my view. There needs to be a reward for organisations not finishing in the bottom four or something. It's bad for the game.
  11. What? Last year he wasn’t even in the top 100. Do you mean the year before?
  12. I need 20 assists from him to win. PLS PLAY.
  13. I swear this guy always get in foul troubles, makes the owner panic then somehow ends up with another beast stat line.
  14. I'm so tired of injuries. In my money league I have CP3, Covington, Gallinari, Butler AND Teague. That is 5 guys with an O tag. I've lost three straight, and have slid down the standings from 1st to 3rd (and will soon to be 5th or 6th). I can't bring myself to cut anyone because I know I will regret it come PO time (if I am still in it...) If I cut them now I will probably be able to stream and make the PO but will probably get destroyed. Might as well hold on and pray I get in PO and all my guys become healthy. However, this is really testing my patience and I think Teague will be the first to go if I suffer yet another loss... This sucks.