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  1. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Looks VERY similar to my roster. I also have Teague, Mirotic and Tobias Harris and Capela in place of Gobert
  2. He could be a sneaky good late round pick. He'll get a good burn being the main wing defender and might be a solid source of 3s and steals. I'd just keep an eye on him for now though.
  3. Lol this team is such a damn mess. They need a complete do-over, like fire thibs, get rid of Jimmy, somehow get rid of wiggins' contract and start over with KAT from square one. Otherwise he is gonna be the 2nd generationally talented big man whose prime will be wasted by Minnesota
  4. Patty Mills 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I agree with this. Pau even said that he wants to be more of a facilitator. He's a good passer for a big man and I'd assume they'd run the offense through Derozan and him.
  5. Got him in the 13th round. If he's healthy he has top 60 potential so you'd be getting a very nice return on him if you spend a late round pick.
  6. On paper it looks fantastic because Curry isn't too far off from Harden production-wise and BG is a top 40 cherry on top. Only thing I'd consider is that both Curry and BG are pretty injury-prone while Harden is a tank and barely misses games. It's a very high-risk, high-reward move if you do end up doing it. Personally, the more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards not doing it. I'd stay put
  7. Who to drop for j-rich 100%WHIR

    I'd drop JJJ, he's the biggest question mark for me. As for your follow-up, I'd go with Fultz. His upside is too tantalizing and Philly seems to be all-in on giving him as much opportunity as possible. White doesn't seem all that special to me tbh, he's only even being talked about because they don't have anyone else that can take on the PG role in SAS
  8. In redraft I'm going to take LBJ and Gobert, but in dynasty Embiid and Booker all day
  9. So someone in my league badly in need of a big got excited at Bam's big game and dropped Anderson for him. I'm thinking about grabbing Slo Mo but is it worth using my #3 waiver on? that across the board production is really tempting. I'm thinking about dropping RHJ, I think he's my only "disposable" player. Thoughts? Team in sig.
  10. I would do it. I think Embiid will have a better season + you could really use the blocks
  11. Team in sig. I feel like I am a little weak in blocks and assists. Should I attempt to make a trade or drop anyone? Some guys on the wire that can give me dimes and blocks: - Spencer Dinwiddie - JJ Barea - Jeremy Lin - Ish Smith - Kyle O'Quinn - Jakob Poeltl - Pau Gasol - Jerami Grant Should I stay put and see how the season starts out or start making changes now?
  12. Waiver Wire Season Savers 2018-2019

    Don't forget Green usually avg's a block too which is very nice from the G position. His fg% is a drag but he doesn't really take enough shots for it to be that big a deal. I'm a Toronto homer so I'm eyeing him just for kicks.
  13. Bam Adebayo Season Outlook 18-19

    I mean...they already have that albatross of a contract thats Wiggins' deal, why not 1 more
  14. Bam Adebayo Season Outlook 18-19

    If Whiteside gets moved or injured then I'm on Big Bam in a heartbeat. But until then unfortunately he won't get enough minutes to make an impact in standard leagues. Keep an eye out for him though because I feel like Whiteside's days in Miami are numbered.
  15. Who would you rather have? I actually have RHJ on my squad right now but I'm eyeing Gay on the wire. There should be some extra minutes to go around with Dejounte gone and someone other than Derozan and Aldridge needs to score too. Maybe a resurgence year for Rudy? RHJ definitely has more upside though, he just tends to get injured and I'm not a fan of his lack of 3s. I got him in the last round so losing him wouldn't be too huge of a deal for me. rest of team in sig. leave your link