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  2. Interesting move, I like that for the Magic. Collison is a nice upgrade over Augustin and should set up some pretty easy looks for Vuc as a better playmaker.
  3. Collins all the way. He's a stud and is shaping up to be the franchise player in ATL over Trae Young. Do it quick.
  4. Interested in what Melton brings to the table. Team is in sig. Only possible drop i can think of is SGA or maybe Grant.
  5. He still put up 13/7 with 2 steals with over 50% fg lmao and people are complaining. Avg that over a season and you get a top 30 player.
  6. Who the hell ranks a player based on one game? Capela is a top 20 player on the season.
  7. I still don't understand why these guys are so damn insistent that Vuc WILL be traded lol, it's starting to look like an obsession. It's like they're mad that he's producing elite numbers.
  8. I've been eyeing him, just worried that the Suns will trade for a PG on the 15th and he'll be relegated to the bench.
  9. If you go on the fantasybball subreddit there are some leagues where people outright dropped him lol
  10. Great trade for you, I'd say you won it by a pretty solid margin.
  11. Avoiding panic moves is what separates the men from boys in fantasy. Yall know who you are now.
  12. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Just picked him up. I wouldn't drop anyone valuable for him but if you have an end of the bench guy you don't care too much he's definitely worth taking a flier on.
  13. I'm just gonna reiterate what I said before: all the people in here that are constantly trying to downplay Vuc by calling him overperforming/sell-high/will be traded are GMs that passed on him in drafts and may have even drafted Bamba over him. That is pretty much the only explanation for the random negativity for a guy that has absolutely crushed his ADP and is carrying a crappy team on his back.
  14. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Hopefully he realized that he's a max contract superstar and can and should be taking over games on a nightly basis
  15. Lavines numbers were inflated because the bulls literally had no one else to score the ball and generate offense. He will come back to earth now that Lauri and Dunn are back - ready is, in fact. From a season long perspective dipo was always going to be better.