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  1. Yeah agreed on what @Tr3yball said - he needs to be more of a leader but let's also keep in mind that he's only what, 22 years old? Still pretty much just a kid. The leadership qualities will come as he gets older. But yeah once once he develops a three point shot, for all intents and purposes he will be unguardable by just about everyone in the league, guys like kawhi and draymond included
  2. Now that's more like it. If he can avoid foul trouble this dude is going to be a beast
  3. He's on my wire right now. Worth a pickup? Just worried because his playing time nosedives whenever Gallo or Chandler come back
  4. Just traded for this guy today, this is a welcome start to his spot on my roster!
  5. Mozgov officially shut down for the season. It is time for Zubat to evolve into Golbat
  6. I had to trade him away recently because I'm not winning assists in my roto league but damn, I'm so happy to see him straight up ballin' out like this. And the Wolves are legit a dangerous team now too. He is on my must-draft list next year, but I have a feeling demand will be high. It also seems like KAT an Ricky's stats are usually huge together,
  7. This is definitely more promising. This kid is a per-minute monster. UNLEASH HIM, LUKE!
  8. 3 solid games in a row, with minutes going up in each. Nola has no reliable backcourt scoring other than Jrue so surely this guy should carve out a decent role off the bench? Should be good for scoring and 3s and some dimes here and there
  9. A dud was inevitable sooner or later. It's ok though, he's been amazing for the most part and I'm more than willing to let one bad game pass.
  10. Where do you see him being taken next year? There's no way he falls below top 3 right? It should be harden, kd and giannis depending on your preference or team build. Even in 8 cat I would take him over Westbrook. If he can add a consistent 3-pointer...good god no one else even has a chance
  11. Thinking bout trading for this guy but the slump is concerning. Surely he's too good for this to last much longer?
  12. Putting together some solid lines, doubled doubled in the last 4 out of 5 games