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  1. He slipped pretty far and I got him in the 11th round. Very little investment at that point so if he flops no big loss, and if he does play well then I will have gotten some nice value
  2. Joining a different team for the first time in his career, where he'll pretty much be the 1b guy again. He's still not that old and has been pretty healthy the last few years. What are we expecting out of Conley this year? Where did everyone draft him?
  3. I got him in the 5th round. Maybe I reached a bit but I have a good feeling about him this year. He'll take some much needed pressure off of curry
  4. I would go with Collins personally. He should become a better scorer this year, and with Conley and Bogdanovic joining Utah, Mitchell's scoring will likely drop. You're also getting better efficiency from Collins, rebounds and blocks. Mitchell scores more 3s but those are fairly easy to come by on the wire. Help?
  5. I would take it. #1-5 are all excellent this year and you can't really go wrong with any of the AD/Harden/KAT/Curry/Giannis picks. The 61st pick is usually a lot more valuable than the 85 so I like this for you. Help?
  6. I'd go with KAT. His scoring, boards, fg and ft are elite and he's strong in blocks. His assists and dimes have also been going up over the last couple of years. He doesn't hurt you in 3s and ft like Giannis does either. Help?
  7. Didn't see a thread for Dame Dolla so I thought I'd create one. Seems to be the consensus 7th pick (and where I ended up drafting him). One of the most durable superstars and has not been the victim of the dreaded load management regime yet. What are we expecting from him this year? 27/7/5 with 1 stl and 45/90 shooting seems possible and is in line with what he's been doing over the past few years. Thoughts? Anybody take Dame over Embiid as they're usually in that 7th/8th range?
  8. I got him in the 10th round which I think is a pretty big bargain for him. Should still provide some nice across the board production with a small bump in scoring with Kawhi gone.
  9. Got him in the 3rd round, excited to see what he does! FWIW Vuc did get drafted a couple of picks before Ayton, and Collins got drafted after. Also snagged Rubio so I'm hoping they get a good duo thing going an elevate each others' stats lol.
  10. Here;s it how it went down: 1 (7) - Damian Lillard 2 (14) - Paul George - this was actually a mistake lol. I was talking to someone and didn't realize it was my turn. PG13 was the next auto-pick and by the time I looked back with 2 seconds left, it was too late 3 (27) - Deandre Ayton 4 (34) - D'Angelo Russell 5 (47) - Mike Conley 6 (54) - Brook Lopez 7 (67) - Robert Covington 8 (74) - Derrick Favors 9 (87) - Ricky Rubio 10 (94) - Marc Gasol 11 (107) - Gordon Hayward 12 (114) - Dewayne Dedmon 13 (127) - Mikal Bridges Thoughts? Kicking myself with the PG pick but at least it's roto so I can save on games played and there's an IL slot...so it's some consolation.
  11. Got him in the 6th round and very happy with that. That combination of 3s and blocks is just too juicy. Now that there's no Brogdon, he might even up his scoring a little bit
  12. Best case scenario is that he misses 6-10 games, and I can just put him in my IL and stream that spot. Also since it's roto, I can save on some games played until he comes back to full strength. I got Lillard with my first pick and I actually really like that 1-2 combo, very fun.
  13. I had my desktop muted and didn't realize it was my turn, and accidentally drafted him in the 2nd round LOL. Only consolation is that it's roto with games limit and an IL spot, but still...hurts man
  14. Curry on one of his patented heaters is THE most fun player to watch in the league.
  15. Conley and Bogs will definitely help his efficiency, which was brutal during certain times last season (then again, Jazz had pretty much no one else who could score). Maybe his scoring goes down a little bit, but assists should go up, and maybe defensive numbers, so net value probably remains the same.
  16. IMO he's still close to being a top 50 guy even on a stacked Sixers team. He's very versatile and can contribute across the board. Never really had high usage in the last few years.
  17. Ripping it up right now. Stock going up as we speak!
  18. I feel like this is really undervaluing Herro. Did you see him play? His ability to create his own shot and his bag of tricks is already better than pure spot-up guys like Korver and Reddick. He has flashes of some solid playmaking too.
  19. Didn't see anything about my boy Fox yet. What are we expecting this year? He made a big leap last year, putting up 17/7/4 qith 1.6 stls on 46% shooting. Can he take another step forward this year? The team has remained more or less the same with only Dedmon replacing WCS. I'm thinking something like 20/7.5/4 for Foxy on 47% fg and hopefully high-70s/low-80s ft. Should be worth a 3rd round pick I think, and a solid first PG for anyone who went for big men and wings in the first 2 rounds.
  20. One of my favourite players to own last year. Stuck with him even thorugh all the foul trouble lol. I believe in JJJ. Targeting him aggressively everywhere this year, around the 3rd-4th.
  21. Don't trust this guy very much at all. Wouldn't touch him unless he fell to the bottom 3 rounds or so. Kemba and Tatum are gonna run the show in Boston, and Jaylen is going to be third banana. This pushes Hayward to the #4 option. I can see something like 12p, 3a, 4p on decent %s with a steal/three and a half and that's about it.
  22. IMO Jokic is not top 10 material, even if he is "easy" to build around. You have to make sure your rounds 2-4 are perfect if you have Joker in the first. I took him first round last year and it was an uphill battle the entire season.
  23. Hi all, I'm looking for 2 owners for a redraft league, a free 10 team Yahoo Roto League that I've been playing for about 6 years now. No money involved, the group is made up of close friends and family and we play for bragging rights, trash talk and the love of basketball. A couple of GMs this year had to step down due to other obligations so I'm looking for their replacements. Despite no money being involved we do take the league pretty seriously and play hard. It's a 10 team, 8 cat roto set-up on yahoo. We're planning on drafting Sunday, October 13 at 1 pm EST. if you're interested please msg here with your email and I'll send you the invite. Thanks!