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  1. Welcome to the Holy Order, brother. The Lord will most assuredly bless us all
  2. I would go with kyrie. Scoring and assists are at a premium these days and getting those 2 elite guards to start your draft really puts you in a good position. You can get solid bigs in the next few rounds - capela, Aldridge, bam, Bryant, valanciunus etc
  3. Agreed, I'd take a flier on him in the last couple of rounds, especially considering how frail kyrie is
  4. Man, they have to play this guy. He's so damn good. Just absolutely cookin' the entire preseason.
  5. KP will get more blocks and 3s but Ayton is the better choice overall. Scoring should be more or equivalent, more boards and he's much more efficient. KP's shooting drops off a cliff after the ASB every year. Plus his lingering health issues are always there.
  6. When are people gonna stop sleeping on Vuc? He proved himself as an elite player last year. I'm targeting him in the mid-2nd round everywhere. For a balanced roto build, he's a perfect guy to pair with 1st round guards like Curry, Harden, Lillard etc. and if you're punting assists, then you can pair him with Embiid and AD.
  7. I wouldn't drop anyone. You have a pretty good squad and no one on the wire is really a better replacement than Dragic or Herro. I would say MAYBE you could drop Herro for Prince but even then, Prince isn't really much of a difference-maker and I'd rather gamble on Herro's upside.
  8. Lol at people saying they're reaching for him. You don't reach for the lord you mortal heathens, the Lord reaches to you and compels you with his heavenly choir to pick him up.
  9. Our glorious Lord has ascended to a higher plane, channeling the mythical God of Boards Rodman
  10. He was extremely frustrating last year. Not touching him unless he falls to like the 8th or 9th round. His production will go down too. He was basically the guy in Miami but he might actually end up being the 4th option in Philly. Efficiency and steals might go up but I'm expecting a steep drop off in scoring, assists, rebounds etc
  11. Does this take into account the volume though? For example, in 18/19 Drummond took 5.2 FTs at a 59% clip, and Whiteside took 3.4% at 44%. This will weigh much more towards your FT% than just bare averages
  12. Yeah it's kind of a waste of one of Lillard's best cats, FT, to draft guys like Drummond/Whiteside. For my roto build around Lillard, I tried to go for big guys that are good to great at FT - Ayton, BroLo, Gasol, Dedmon etc. I guess Favors is the odd one out there though lol but his volume isn't that high to hurt you too much.
  13. Agreed. Yes, he was insane with the blocks last year, but like you said, he really only has half a season of that kind of production, and there are lots of other external factors that could prevent him from reaching that level. Now, if his ADP was after the 5th-6th round, i'd take a chance on him, no questions asked. But when it comes to your first 4 picks, the guys who will be the cornerstones of your team and essentially help you win, I prefer someone with more of a history of producing on a consistent basis.
  14. Agreed with you somewhat. i would say that Kemba last year was an anomaly - I highly doubt we see that kind of production from him in Boston with Tatum, Hayward, Jaylen Brown etc. In CHA he pretty much the only offense and had the green light to take as many shots as he wanted. Reason I kind of hesitate to take Jokic in the 1st is because he struggles to score sometimes, and scoring is really at a premium in the later rounds. I feel like you have to have a 25ish ppg scorer as your first pick unless you want an uphill battle later on. This is the case in roto anyway and might be different in H2H, which i've never drafted Jokic in. I'm sure you could put together a nice punt points team around him.
  15. Won with him in 17/18 when he avgd 27/6.6/4.5. trying to remember who else I had on my team then - Butler, Whiteside, Klay and RoCo off the top of my head
  16. Would not draft Jokic, at least at the #6 spot where he usually goes. Would much rather have Lillard or even Embiid there
  17. You're assuming that harden or Kat will be available at #3. Chances are one or both might be gone by then. What are you gonna do if that happens?
  18. I came in here to point this out but you went in dry on him already LOL. But yeah, punting in roto is a surefire way to lose because you're gonna have an EXTREMELY difficult uphill battle everywhere else.
  19. I took him with the 14th pick, and the sad thing it was completely by accident. I was going to take Vuc but for some reason I had no idea I was on the clock and didn't even realize it until I had about 2 seconds left. Pg was the auto-selection and got drafted by the computer lol
  20. Imo Conley is still a safer pick than cp3 and fox. Cp3 might be better per game but he will almost certainly miss a lot of games. Fox has really only had one good year and even then, he fell off the last couple of months - I'd like to see some consistency before burning a top pick on him. Agree that Lowry is underrated and will probably have a very good season this year.
  21. Completely different players, hard to compare them against each other because they provide different things. If you need scoring and 3s, then go with Herro If you need stocks out the wazoo, go with Thybulle I personally lean towards Thybulle because 3s are easy to find on the wire. It's much harder to find someone who can provide almost 2 steals and blocks a game.
  22. His holiness Lord Covington has left us with a disciple - the young Acolyte Thybulle who shall now follow the path to ascension!
  23. The Lord will never fail us! Rain or shine, blizzard or drought, His holiness will grant us with salvation!
  24. Depends on what you need, and personally for me it would only be between Hero and Bridges as I don't think Monk will be much of a fantasy factor, if at all. If you need scoring and 3s, I'd go with Herro, and if you need stocks, then Bridges is your guy. I do think that Bridges as a clearer path to minutes though, as he's part of the Suns youth movement and is set to continue starting for them. Help: