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  1. Yeah I did, but I have a pretty solid team overall though. PG13, Tobias, LMA and Buddy really carried me as well.
  2. White's inconsistency is bothering me a bit and I absolutely need to win this week. Since Delon and Seth both have 4 games this week, I'm thinking about grabbing one. Which one should I go for?
  3. This guy was putting up 16/9 with 1.2 stls and 1.5 blks on 51% shooting in 2016. His injuries derailed him a bit but let's not forget that he was really, really good just 2 years ago. If he is on the verge of a full recovery and getting his athleticism back, then I see no reason why he can't put up numbers like that again.
  4. It's simpl - if you have room in IR, hold. If no IR but you'll comfortably make the playoffs, hold. If either of those are not true, drop.
  5. Yeah if he could get to like 1.3-1.5 stls I'd consider taking him in the 3rd.
  6. Yeah holding tight because of this. I have some wiggle room but I still hope he comes back by early next week.
  7. The being famous line was especially egregious because this dude literally made a movie about basketball this summer LOL. Not to mention that his preferred team destinations are big media markets like NYC and Boston. So full of it. I loved this dude when he never said anything and just broke ankles and destroyed egos. The more he speaks the less I like him.
  8. The Lord is finally making his glorious return. Who do I drop to activate him? I'm running a punt assist build, 9-cat H2H. My squad: PG: Derrick White, D-rose SG: Hield, Lamb SF: Kawhi, PG13, Covington PF: Toby Harris, LMA, Bagley C : Horford, J-Val, Mitch Rob, Favors I'm leaning towards Rose. Any suggestions?
  9. Looks like moving to the bench worked out pretty well for him
  10. Mitchell "C*ck Blocking my opponents" Robinson
  11. Powell's been nice lately and I'm eyeing him, not sure if I have a drop though. My team: PG: White, Rose SG: Hield, Lamb SF: Kawhi, PG13 PF: Tobias, LMA, Bagley, Favors 😄 Horford, Valanciunus, Mitch Rob IR: RoCo Only drop I'm considering is Favors, but even then, I'm not sure. Any suggestions? I'm comfortably in first place right now.
  12. I have him on IR and in first place, no way I'm dropping but if you're fighting for a playoff spit without IR you might need to consider it
  13. Yeah I'd look at a late 2nd or early third. Horford is usually very consistent so if he's putting up these numbers for the last few weeks chances are he will continue to do so for ROS
  14. Thank god I drafted well. PG, Tobias, Buddy and Aldridge have been carrying me during all these load management rest days
  15. Yeah Toronto guy here too, it's kind of annoying but really, only from a fantasy perspective. From a real life standpoint, a regular season game against Orlando isn't really very high on the team priority.
  16. This guy is never gonna shoot below 50% from the field again LOL
  17. The Lord will not fail you my son, he always rewards the just and the faithful. His bounty of stocks and threes will greatly enrich your life.
  18. Arise again my lord and take us to the promised land!!
  19. 9 cat H2H, punting assists. Right now my main pg is d rose. White and dragic are on the wire though and I'm thinking about grabbing one. Which one should I go for?