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  1. 9 cat H2H, punting assists. Right now my main pg is d rose. White and dragic are on the wire though and I'm thinking about grabbing one. Which one should I go for?
  2. Easily. Kanter will likely be more consistent IF he gets 25ish minutes, but in scoring and boards only. Mitch's minutes are going up, fouls are coming down, and he's bringing the boards along with his elite shot-blocking.
  3. Extra spicy P tonight! As a Raps homer, having a guy like siakam makes it much easier for me if kawhi does end up leaving. This guy is gonna be really, really good.
  4. Mitch "on my way to steal yo b*tch" Robinson
  5. Big Mitch going beast mode! This dude is gonna win people blocks every week
  6. I'd go with Mitch Rob. Blocks are hard to get and he can single-handedly win you that category as he avg's like 8-12 any given week.
  7. Keep Randle. Like others said, Lavine has been very injury-riddled this year plus in the case of an AD shutdown, Randle will be one of the primary beneficiaries
  8. Definitely Dinwiddie. His touches will go down a bit with Levert back but he should still be productive as he doesn't need a lot of minutes to put up nice stats.
  9. Which would you rather have? H2H 9-cat, I'm punting assists. My squad: PG: D-Rose SG: Hield, Lamb, Huerter SF: Kawhi, PG13, Covington (IR) PF: Tobias, LMA, Bagley C: Horford, Favors, Valanciunus, MitchRob
  10. Nothing so mortal and banal as that. Our lord battled devils in the lowest depths of hell to bring us mere humans salvation and took on great harm upon his celestial being and now he rests in the highest circle of heaven with other fantasy gods such as Lord Kirilenko and His Majesty Marion
  11. You won that trade big time imo. On a season-long basis, it's really only been AD and Harden who have been better than PG. I believe BBM has him ranked #3 for the season
  12. LOL what, all Portis does is score which is on eof the easiest cats to find on the wire. How easy is it to find mitchs 2-4 blocks? This giy could be a game changer
  13. I did a punt assist and my first 5 picks were kawhi, PG, LMA, Tobias and covington. Was also able to grab guys like hield, horford and lamb late in the draft. Been first since week 1
  14. Hooooly s**t, forget harden, this dude is the true mvp
  15. Zero chance. Green is a better pure 3-point shooter and MUCH better on defense. Lin might pick up some Delon's minutes though.
  16. Agreed, for all the hate he gets for his shooting woes, the dude just brings it everywhere else. He really holds the team together with his defense and playmaking. If you can look past Lavar's obnoxiousness, you can see Lonzo is talented af
  17. I think this guy is must own if you need blocks. The scoring and boards are slowly coming and he's reduced his fouls quite a bit too. Could be in for a massive post-ASB run
  18. Hallelujah! For on the 3rd day after celebrations did our Lord and Savior arise, akin to a phoenix from the ashes, and thus he engulfed his opponents in fire and flame and showed them great pain and suffering!
  19. Dude is a machine. Could win you blocks by himself.
  20. 100% agreed. Also consider the fact that Kawhi left SA because of a medical issue, so Toronto is going to take 0 chances when it comes to his health. If you didn't expect him to miss random games, you didn't scout his situation properly.
  21. Yeah I'd say good. Toronto has more depth than Memphis. But Gasol should still put up a solid 14/7 with a block and some dimes
  22. He could have a lot of value if he's the starting SG. But will he start over Bradley is the question?