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  1. Yes JV! As a Raps fan, I was always a little disappointed that the team never utilized JV as much as he should, but he should be one of the best scoring options in Memphis. Can't wait to see what he does. Leggoooo
  2. Yup, they have room for 2 max slots - they're going after Kawhi and another star player this off-season.
  3. Efficiency can definitely go up. He was posting 50% fg with most of the defensive attention on him. Now with 3 all-star caliber players all commanding attention, I wouldn't even be surprised if it shoots up to like 54-55%. I also think defensive numbers might go up now that he doesn't have to spend so much time creating his own shots. Maybe even assists with better teammates around? he was showing flashes of playmaking when Gallo went down. His scoring will dip, no getting around that, but I think he'll be a more "complete" package.
  4. I'd be ok with dropping Faried. His value has an expiration date and in an 8-team, you have enough talent on your roster to make up for it
  5. Someone dropped Mcgee in my H2H 9-cat team and he cleared waivers. Hasn't been picked up yet. My squad: PG: Sato SG: Hield, Lamb, huerter SF: Kawhi, PG13, Roco (IR) PF: Tobias, LMA, Bagley C: Horford, Favors, MitchRob, J-Val Any drops for Javale?
  6. Honestly, I think the fears of Tobias regressing that much is overblown. Philly has like no bench now, and their starting 5, while amazing, is not as good as the Warriors, so they have to stagger their big 4 quite a bit. Tobias, being the best floor spacer and shooter out of that big 4, will probably play a lot of minutes because he slots in perfectly beside Jimmy, Simmons and Embiid. If anything, I can see Jimmy and Simmons taking a hit because imo Harris is a better scorer than either of them. I really don't think Toby will take that much of a hit, and can probably still avg 19-20 ppg.
  7. JJJ should never have been on any waivers at all. The foul trouble is annoying, but the dude's upside is ridiculous. You can't drop a guy with his kind of ceiling.
  8. This is what's giving me hope. Toby can shoot lights out from 3, and that by itself is extremely valuable next to guys like Embiid and Simmons.
  9. Welcome to the Jarenaissance, gentlemen, enjoy your stay
  10. Just a matter of time before he went back to beasting. Love this dude, just such a consistent, no-fuss stud.
  11. Dropped him for Kevin Huerter. It was a nice run, but Levert coming back will probably kill most of Bazz's value. His fg% is also atrocious.
  12. Really does suck for Wall. But holy s**t that contract is going to absolutely cripple the Wizards for the next 4 years. A 30+ year old injury-prone PG completely reliant on his speed and athleticism coming back from a crippling, career-threatening injury making almost $50M a year...my goodness. This has to be one of the worst contracts in the history of sports.
  13. He's already getting way more minutes, doesn't even matter at this point. But yeah he'll probably start pretty soon. Also dat playoff schedule tho. Anybody wants Bags from me, they're gonna pry him from my cold dead fingers
  14. Kid's been really good. Efficient scoring in the teens with strong rebounds and solid block numbers. One of those guys that's not really flashy but just get the job done. He's still coming off the bench but essentially playing starter minutes. Could be a top 60 guy after the break.
  15. Well Knicks are going hard for both KD and Kyrie, and if they get even one of them, AD has a legitimate reason for re-upping. If DSJ continues to improve and MitchRob can get his foul issues under control, Knicks could put a nice squad together.
  16. This is fantastic, thanks you. They'll pry my PG13, Tobias, Hield, bagley and Sato out of my cold dead hands
  17. I'm thinking they trade Vuc to a team needing a solid big presence for picks/young talent. Vuc is really good and he'll be fine regardless of where he goes. Magic probably should just start their rebuild now around Gordon/Isaac/Bamba etc. Move Vuc, T-Ross, Simmons etc for a starting calibre PG maybe and go from there
  18. Dropped him for huerter. If he rounds back into form I'll pick him back up. Honestly not a lot of demand for him in my league and you can replicate his stats pretty easily from the wire
  19. So i picked up Napier after I lost Dinwiddie and he's been pretty good so far. His value has an expiry date though. I'm looking to pick up another guard for my punt-assist team. Should I drop Napier for Huerter? Huerter probably has better ROS value right? Forgot to mention, it's the first team in my sig. For those on mobile: PG: Satoransky, Napier SG: Hield, Lamb SF: Kawhi, PG13, Roco (IL) PF: Harris, LMA, Bagley C: Horford, Favors, MitchRob, Zizic
  20. Something to consider: This would give them an open roster spot - there's a chance they may go after Wes as they badly need some 3 point shooting on that team. Wes would probably slot in at T-Ferg's spot and OKC would roll out a Russ/Wes/PG13/Grant/Adams lineup. Pretty nice.
  21. So with Jordan staying for the remainder of the year, does this make Mitch a drop candidate? His minutes were already really shaky.