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  1. Yup agreed. I'm riding him till the wheels fall off. He should be pretty good for the next couple of weeks but he'll waiver-worthy pretty soon
  2. Good God this dude is a blocks MACHINE. He has the potential to singlehandedly win you that cat every week. If he could only get consistent minutes... Hopefully after the ASB or whenever that goofball Kanter gets traded
  3. This f*****g guy lol. I've been benching him for like the last 2 weeks because of how badly he was killing my fg%. Let's hope the asb let's him get his head out of his a**.
  4. When he plays he's pretty easily a top 5 fantasy player, and he's one of the most consistent guys out there too. He rarely ever has a dud night. It's those rest days that can get frustrating
  5. He's coming around guys. Fouls are going down, the amazing block numbers are still there and the scoring seems to be coming in too. I'm sure the minutes will come soon.
  6. AD said he wants to be a contender and win a chip. BKN is good, Levert/Allen/AD/Dinwiddie just isn't enough to even beat Raps/Celtics/Bucks, let alone the elite West teams.
  7. Must-grab, at least for this week. 4 games, no Mudiay and no Frankie. We've seen him put up nice #s when he gets the minutes.
  8. Seriously, coming back from that injury and making his way back to where he's in the mvp conversation. It's crazy, I'm so happy for him. Also I will always respect this dude for choosing okc over LA. Real G s**t
  9. Seems more and more like last year and this year's hot start may have been a fluke. This slump has been going on for a long time now. Hopefully the ASB does him some good because he has been extremely frustrating. Like others said, the awful fg% would've been tolerable if the stocks were there, but those have dried up too.
  10. Really? He just came back after an injury and was putting up top 25 value before going down. Not sure what you're talking about.
  11. Hmm...I'd definitely consider it. The Embiid GM in my league was actually talking to me about a potential Kawhi/Embiid swap so I might take him up on his offer nearer to the playoffs. Raps don't have any b2b's until March.
  12. Idk, I don't really see the Kings making a move for him. They're going full youth movement around the Fox/Bogdan/Bagley/Hield core, and even WCS might not be in their long term plans. They're pushing for the playoffs as well, and Kanter just doesn't contribute to winning basketball.
  13. I honestly think his fantasy value is about to come to a complete end. Even if he gets traded, where could he go where he would possibly earn 25 minutes a night? His defense is just too poor for most teams fighting for a playoff spot. Most tanking teams are developing their young guys to give him those kinds of minutes.
  14. Any more updates? I can't hold him because I have roco in IR, so I wanna know sooner than later.
  15. Yeah I'm not selling for anything lower than a top 7 player
  16. Yeah I've pencilled in the Warriors for the ring already, but with Kawhi we might make a Finals run and that could do it for him to stay.
  17. https://twitter.com/realtuffjuice/status/1088550514432794624 https://twitter.com/realtuffjuice/status/1088551674455543808 https://twitter.com/TheSteinLine/status/1088554721084882951
  18. if you need blocks, I'd definitely do this trade. Butler > Myles but it's not a huge difference and given your requirements, Myles is better for you anyway. I'd take Brogdon over White any day of the week. Brogdon is about as consistent and reliable as it gets.
  19. I like this trade for you, fair value. I have PG and i'd probably take that pretty easily. Beal will be producing close to a top 10 value ROS and Lauri is a nice cherry on top. You do lose the steals but everything else should make up for it. Who would you be dropping?
  20. I would definitely go for Thad. Millsap has been losing minutes recently as the Nuggets focus more on their young core./ Thad has been really good, and without Dipo should get even more opportunity
  21. Are you punting anything? This kind of seems like a wash to me. I'd lean towards Whiteside though and really lock down the blocks category with Myles/JJJ/Favors. You're taking a hit on dimes though.
  22. I think you can get more for LMA. He's been ballin this season and with Spurs pushing for a playoff spot, should continue to play big minutes. I'd just hold at this point.
  23. Not really sure of Kanter's outlook, not looking too good. Should I drop him for Nance? 9-cat, punt assist build, first team in sig.
  24. This was a move we had to make, whether Kawhi leaves or not. Derozan had his chance. Every year without fail, he choked in the playoffs. I love the guy, but he got us as far as he could. Is Kawhi going to stay with us? I have no idea and there's a solid chance he doesn't. But if you can get a player of Kawhi's caliber in his prime with even a 10% chance that he stays, you take it every single time.