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  1. Kobe destroyed your team in the playoffs didn't he
  2. Honestly given how bad the ankle roll looked, two weeks is probably the best we could have hoped for. Hope he heals up good
  3. Curry is listed as "doubtful" for Wednesday. That at least seems better than an jniiry diagnosis, maybe he'll just be day to day going forward
  4. Honeerlt I'm fine with 2 weeks if it means it's not serious or long term
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/anthonyVslater/status/937895782363082752 Steph apparently in pretty good spirits, joking with teammates and telling them it's just a sprain. Please be fine chef curry! Take a couple of games off if you need to
  6. Crutches are standard operating procedure for leg injuries no matter how serious they are so this by itself doesn't mean much. Still hoping for the best Also: https://mobile.twitter.com/anthonyVslater/status/937895102743183360 According to this X-ray came back negative. Ankle is swollen but it's just a sprain. Phew! Looks like he avoided something major
  7. Yeah at least he was able to leave under his own power and it didn't look super painful after the initial roll. Guess we wait and see
  8. Uh oh...that looked bad. Hopefully it's not too serious...
  9. Ugh can gsw stop blowing teams out? I was expecting a fat line from him because it was pretty tight up until the half and then the warriors decided to be the warriors lol But I guess I can't really complain about 30 pts on 70% shooting, 5 triples and 2 steals
  10. Definitely, he's too good to be coming off the bench permanently. Either way I think he'll produce. He just needs 25-30 mins a night
  11. I don't even own this guy but I'm watching the Pels Jazz game and good god this kid is NASTY. This is a superstar in the making right here. He's so damn smooth! Good for you whoever gave him a chance. I'm gonna try and pry him off his owner in the meantime...
  12. Dropped Jamal Murray's bum a** and picked up the Thrillster and got harris as well. All aboard!
  13. Doesn't seem like a serious injury, probably just a precautionary rest day because let's be real, they're playing the kings
  14. 31 pts, 4 ast, 5 rebs, 2 stls, 4 triples, 9/13 from the field and 9/9 at the half Jeeeeez, 50 pt game incoming tonight?
  15. Y’all forgetting that this man is back to back MVP AND the greatest shooter in NBA history. KD joining GSW made Steph probably the most underrated 1st round pick in fantasy
  16. Jimmy doesn’t care about stats, I think he just wants to win and wants to mention and help develop wiggins and KAT.
  17. That’s what happens when you’re the best of the best. These sorts of lines are commonplace and are expected on a nightly basis. That’s why guys like lebron, kd, harden and Russ also have very little activity on their threads as well - you know what you’re gonna get, you did spend a first round pick on these guys with that being said steph is just killing it. He’s almost playing like his unanimous mvp year
  18. Yeah hill is probably there to provide some guidance and veteran leadership as the squad as a whole skews very young. Besides, fox is playing just fine off the bench and for now he doesn’t even need to start to be effective
  19. It’s a given, fox already led the team last night in minutes and has consistently been one of the guest scorers on the team. He’s a prized rookie and kings are in full rebuild mode. It’s only a matter of time until he’s playing 30+ regularly and has taken over hills starting role
  20. Added him as well. The stats have been VERY promising even playing behind George hill and it looks like they actually shared some time playing time together. I’m light on assists so I thought I’d take a flier on him. Very fun player to watch, his speed and quickness is insane
  21. Is there something wrong with Espn and nba.com? They’re showing he scored 23 pts but tsn shows him at 28 pts, and at point the commentators annouenced that he had 26. The scores seem jumbled for Klay and Durant as well