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  1. This was a move we had to make, whether Kawhi leaves or not. Derozan had his chance. Every year without fail, he choked in the playoffs. I love the guy, but he got us as far as he could. Is Kawhi going to stay with us? I have no idea and there's a solid chance he doesn't. But if you can get a player of Kawhi's caliber in his prime with even a 10% chance that he stays, you take it every single time.
  2. I'd say so. TT is injured yet again. Nance and Zizic could be an intriguing frontcourt. But Larry Drew is almost as bad as Fizdale at utilizing young talent so who the f knows lol. He'll probably start f*****g Channing Frye over him again.
  3. Yup, it should go through. The trade was agreed upon before the injury news it seems like.
  4. Man, Fizdale and the Knicks org are total dickheads. If you're not gonna play the guy, just trade him, goddamn.
  5. You literally have zero idea what you're talking about
  6. Damn, this sucks. I had him earlier in the season, love him as a player in real life. I think the knee injury he was out with for a month really affected him and it fired back up in a big way. Hoping he has a quick recovery.
  7. There's 0 reason to take Okafor or faried over bagley. They are both on borrowed time pushed into their role as an emergency. Bagley is a 2nd overall pick on a team pushing for the playoffs and focused on youth development. It's a no brainer.
  8. Does this need to be spelled out? The playoffs are different from the regular season. The Raptors will be facing top-shelf teams on a regular basis. Rotations will be shorter and you need a superstar to take over games.
  9. Speaking as a Raps fan - if kawhi wants to rest or gives even the slightest indication that he's feeling tired or any kind of soreness, the organization WILL acquiesce to his whim. Remember, the top priority for the Raps this year is to sign Kawhi long-term and they will do anything to make sure that happens. Combined with the fact that we win games without him anyway, there's really no incentive to not rest him. It's definitely frustrating as a GM who owns him in fantasy, but as a real-life fan, I completely understand. It's just something you'll have to deal with if you decide to retain him for the season.
  10. Lol! Fizdale is just not a good coach
  11. Yahoo is your best option. It has some issues but it's WAY better than ESPN is now.
  12. For the H2H 9-cat league in my sig. Who is the best option for ROS?
  13. You have Jokic, Bron, Embiid, Lillard, Kyrie, Kemba and Butler lol. What kind of league is this? I would just set your lineups for the rest of the season, and do other stuff without worrying about your taco opponents
  14. Man, just trade this guy already if you're not gonna play him, he can give a big offensive boost off the bench to another team. Knicks are such a dumpster fire.
  15. 100% Rondo. You're pretty strong on bigs so portis is a little redundant for you, and you're lacking in assists
  16. I would pretty comfortably drop Bryant for Lord Cov. He could be a difference maker for you when he comes back
  17. Looking to dump Jordan Clarkson and add a PG who can get some defensive stats for my 9-cat punt assist build. My team: PG: Dinwiddie, Clarkson SG: Hield, Lamb SF: Kawhi, PG, Lord Cov (IR) PF: Tobias, LMA, Bagley C: Horford, Kanter, Favors My options on the wire: Satoransky, Collison and DSJ. Any of them worth dropping JC for?
  18. Yup, even in with minutes in the 20s he can usually put up some solid mid-round value. Great scoring, elite boards and %s.
  19. He's just getting ready for the post season guys, this is peak playoff derozan
  20. Did Kyrie speak out against a scientific paper you published or something
  21. Dammit lol, i don't think he's gonna be playing in any b2b's this season tbh.