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  1. Traded dipo and mirotic for kemba and cj
  2. Kind glad I traded this guy away. I regret drafting him in the 2nd but hey love and learn
  3. Siakam man, easily. Millsap is who he is at this point. Siakam has a lot of upside still and will continue to produce big as the 2nd/3rd best player in Toronto
  4. Just got this offer. Seems fairly even but the only thing I'm worried about is Gasol being shut down or traded. Should I take it or can I get more for Kawhi?
  5. LOL I love this dude, he gives 0 f**ks about who he's trolling. Pure Aussie swagger. This guy and Steven Adams on the same team would be gold. Also, those Jazz jerseys, man those are gorgeous
  6. Kinda glad I traded him, I want him to get back to where he was beginning of the season but it isn't looking too good.
  7. Just traded him. Hate to do it as the dude has been a staple of my fantasy squads for the past 3 years but I'm in a tooth and nail race for 1st place against 4 other GMs and can't miss any production
  8. Since capela is going to be out for a month to a month and a half, and I need all the production I can get I'm looking to move him for one of the players I mentioned in the thread title. I have standing offers for each of them. Who should I pick?
  9. 41/13/5 with 3 stls and 2 blks, 50%/89% shooting. Absolute beast.
  10. Rightfully so. Hayward panicked and inbounded too early and that shot should always be going to kyrie
  11. Sold him a couple of weeks ago and after seeing these underwhelming (for him) performances I'm kinda glad
  12. This dude is a beast and the kind of stats he puts up in like 20 minutes is insane. He'd be like a top 25 guy if he got 30-35 minutes a night. Too bad he's stuck as a backup to Ayton
  13. Harden is rubbing off on him a bit too much loll
  14. I recently traded him away so I don't have a horse in this race anymore, but I have to say, for the time that I did have him, from when I drafted to last week when I traded, I was just a little bit underwhelmed. I was expecting, if not a slight improvement from last year, then around the same numbers, but so far he hasn't hit those peaks
  15. Harris is avging 16/3.3/2.8 with 1.0 stls on 43%/80% shooting with 1.7 threes Jordan Clarkson is avging 17/3.3/2.3 with 0/7 stls on 45%/86% shooting with 1.8 threes it's kind of a problem is JC, who's on the wire in most leagues and probably went undrafted, is avging the same number as a top 50 pick.
  16. Would you drop Larry Nance for him? Kinda wanna pick him up and Nance is my only close to being droppable guy
  17. Keep Dipo. You can get more than DJ+Gallo. I'd be targeting other 2nd round players.
  18. You have to have someone worse than Ingles on your roster lol. In any case, they offer different things. Ingles will get you more dimes, boards and steals but Harris scores more on better efficiency. So if Harris is offering what you need more so than Ingles then sure, drop him
  19. I'd pretty comfortably drop Joe Harris. All your other guys are solid and Harris provides the least value imo
  20. I honestly don't even see the fun or the point in playing in a league where a guy has Westbrook, Lillard, Jokic, Harden and KAT. That's literally half of every top 10 of fantasy drafts this year lol...and now you're getting ANOTHER top 10 guy
  21. I'd hold DSJ for now. It looks like he's getting better at playing off-ball and being successful next to Luka. Bagley wasn't that great to begin with and there are a lot of mouths to feed in Sac. Take a wait and see approach for now.
  22. Take it, big win for you. Siakam > Harrell because of more playing time and better ft%, scoring, occasional dimes etc. Winslow has also been a better PG than Lonzo so far so you're golden
  23. Nance has been great while Tristan was out but as I had feared, his production has suffered playing alongside TT. I feel like I have a solid replacement in Kyle Anderson - should I go ahead and make the move? I don't think Slo-Mo will be on the wire much longer