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  1. Rosenthal still doesn't have an ERA. Good thing he's on all my teams.
  2. Trea Turner breaks Rickey's single season SB record. By the AS Break.
  3. What exactly is Ottavino's role in NY or at least where is he in the hierarchy? I am tempted to trade him for Chad Green because my team needs more innings volume w/ K's and not necessarily holds even though it's a category.
  4. This is like Scott Kingery deja vu LOL Hopefully with a better outcome...
  5. That's the problem with asking for advice in an auction league is that you'll get completely different opinions that might be based on the leagues those advice-givers give. I disagree that there are always bargains in the middle of the draft. This was far more prevalent in the earlier days of fantasy, but now those bargains are much fewer and far between in my leagues. More often, there are enough owners who think like that (don't bid early on elite) who end up bidding over the scraps while wishing they had bid on the elite players. At the end of my NL-only draft people were oohing and aahing over Starlin Castro going for just $3. But it's still Starlin Castro. There were far more people regretting that they didn't go the extra dollars on the elite players and either left money on the table or overpaid in the middle of the draft for the leftovers. I also strongly disagree that you should not call out players you want. I do this all the time. It helps me determine early which path I'm going on for the remainder of the draft. If you wait for the draft to dictate your path, you might get locked into a plan you don't want. The absolute worst is waiting on your guys only to have the other scrooges bidding you up because there's too much money left with not enough talent. In general, I'm saying the leagues I'm in have enough smart owners that these old-fashioned strategies no longer work. As far as your general strategy, I think you did a fantastic job despite the $19 left on the table. I think you did great with stars n scrubs and your offense looks formidable, but I also did not see where you said how many teams are in this mixed league. You need some things to go your way with pitching and even then you'll probably need to work the wire and trades, but it's much easier to fix pitching than hitting (at least in my leagues). I'm also unclear if you have a bench in this league. You're either short on saves or holds depending on how Archie does, how Jeffress heals, and Barnes' role. If either category starts to get away from you, just punt it and go for the other one. You can punt a category in 6x6, although maybe not if this is a 10-team league...?
  6. 14-team mixed keeper auction 6x6 OBP, TB, R, RBI, SB, K QS, ERA, WHIP, K, Sv, H I have Jose Ramirez with two years left on his deal at $11. Quite a bargain, even in our league. The problem is that I don't have enough keepers to max out (not that it's necessary) and another guy in our league has had an incredible run of finding cheap keepers. He now has more than he can protect (by far) and is willing to do 3-for-1. I'm pushing him for a 4-for-1 I know that he wants to include the following because they don't fit his plans: Gleyber Torres $8 Matt Olson $1 Jose Berrios $1 The sticking point is the final player. He wants to send me Willy Adames at $2. I asked for Miguel Andujar at $1 and he balked. I haven't asked for Rafael Devers yet at $2, but that could be the next ask. So here's what it comes down to: Ask for Devers as the 4th guy Take Peralta and do the deal Forget it and just keep Jose
  7. Suddenly all my leagues now use QS. I wouldn't have guessed it five years ago despite being a fan of the switch. But now QS are harder to come by - a lot harder. In 2014 there were 2623 to go around. That number has steadily dropped every year until we hit 1996 last season. That doesn't bother me so much, but at what point is it a situation where there's not enough to go around - especially in Only leagues? Are we getting to a point where SP who accumulate QS at a higher rate than the competition should get an even bigger bump in value (than you would expect) almost akin to a 50 SB guy? Are you paying an even higher premium than you would have in the past, or are you employing a completely different strategy altogether? Any thoughts or comments welcome!
  8. We got one owner! Just need one more - draft is in Asheboro. Sorry for any confusion. Just email me at ej2257@yahoo.com if you're interested.
  9. Still looking for owners - we're at 13 and looking for 14 at the least!
  10. We are still looking for owners - the draft may be in Winston-Salem this season
  11. You contacted me regarding the vacancy in an AL-only, keeper, auction draft league run on CBS Sports.  I've been running this league since about 1986...on CBS for about 17/18 years.  


    Here are some league basics:


    League Setup:  2 divisions/5 teams per division


    Rosters:  23 max/22 min  (AL players only)


    Salaries/Contracts:  Traditional rotisserie...players drafted with A Contract.  Players kept for a 

                                        second year go to B Contract/same salary.  Players kept for a third year to to 

                                        a C Contract with a 50% salary increase.  After a C Contract year, players                                                return to the Free Agent Pool for the following year.


    Salary Cap:  284 on draft day, increases to 325 following draft


    Keepers (going into auction draft):  9 total / 6 hitters and 3 pitchers (option to keep fewer)


    League Fee:  $150 (CBS Sports fee covered from this fee)


    Active Roster:  18...C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, MI, CI, OF (3), DH & P (7)   NOTE:  SP & RP are all P


    Free Agent Claims:  Weekly with claims submitted to the commissioner...auction format (player                                          awarded to highest claim, $2 fee per claim.  No fee for waived players.


    Trades:  Negotiated between owners, implemented by commissioner, $2 fee per player acquired.


    Rosters Set Weekly (Monday)    NOTE: Players INJ, set to Minors or trade to NL can be replaced                                                                   during any week if position eligible player is available on roster


    Head to Head Play....2 games weekly...21 weeks


    PLAYOFFS:  Two division winners play for Championship during Weeks 22-24 (best 2 out of 3)

                           Two teams with best regular season records, regardless of division, play 2/3 for 3rd                           place payout.


    AVAILABLE TEAM (best potential keepers only):


    C. J. CRON, 1B, MIN                           11B                     


    D. TRAVIS, 2B, TOR                             1B


    J. POLANCO, SS, MIN                         26B


    C. CORREA, SS, HOU                           45B


    A. JUDGE, OF, NYY                               8C


    A. GARCIA, OF, CHI                              11B


    J. REDDICK, OF, HOU                           5C


    L. GURRIEL, 2B/SS, TOR                      1B


    W. CALHOUN, OF, TEX                          10B


    S. PISCOTTY, OF, OAK                           11B


    L. SEVERINO, P, NYY                              2C


    S. BIEBER, P, CLE                                    6B


    R. BORUCKI, P, TOR                                1B


    M. MINOR, P, TEX                                    4B


    A. SANCHEZ, P, TOR                               2C


    After you review the above, you may still have questions.  Each year we have a window leading up to the draft (late March) when owners can propose rule changes/modification.  The "majority" rule on any proposed rule adjustments.  Last year we reduced rosters from 25/24 to 23 with the objective of deepening the number of players available for claim from the Free Agent Pool.  At this point, I'm not aware of any rule adjustments that may be proposed for 2019.  Oh, our league Constitution is fairly detailed, having evolved over many seasons.  It has become increasing detailed to clarify issues of confusion as they have occurred over time.  The info I've provided above is a good summation of how the league operates in accordance with the Constitution.


    Again...send along your questions and I'll respond as quickly as possible.  Thanks for checking with us!!