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  1. Why couldn't he be blocking this whole season?! - i'll take em now cause I need em but still.....
  2. Guy is really playing like he got a second lease in life....my mannnnn
  3. All the people complaining, are first time jrich owners?? Not as if you guys drafted him first or even second round right.....
  4. Read about how hard this guy works so love him as a real life player... Unfortunate, no for fantasy....doesn't do enough Dropped for Avery
  5. This guy...bloody ego is writing checks, his body can't cash
  6. If only he can get some consistent steals in! But I'm definitely not complaining
  7. With Collins coming back, how would it affect owners of guys like Dedmond and Len?
  8. Salvaging the line...thank god. Dude should come 3 hours early before each game to warm up so he doesnt have to start so damn slowwwww
  9. Drop city right?? Can't deal with the low minutes and no production Might as well take a flyer on Payne