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  1. 12 TEAM 5x5+ OPS & QS (K is K/9) H2H YAHOO LEAGUE (7 Keepers) C W.Ramos 1B A. Rizzo 2B O. Albies 3B K.Seager SS A.Bregman OF B.Harper A.Judge L.Cain UTL W. Merrifield M. Brantley BN R. Hoskins Y. Puig J. Martinez J. Soto SP J. deGrom L. Castillo J. Berrios M. Soroka B. Snell C. Anderson J.A. Happ DL J. Lucchesi Y. Darvish RP W. Davis J. Jeffress In first currently by about 5 games. Do you think he'll take the job back from Strickland? Got a need for SV but there isn't anyone I clearly see as easily droppable. Only two I was thinking about was Soroka or Jose Martinez (Cards), but Soroka is coming off the DL soon, looked good beforehand, and was the best pitching prospect for the Braves. Jose has cooled off stats-wise, but the upside is impressive. I'm wondering if I should make a move for Melancon before he comes off the DL, and who would you drop. Is it worth it? Cheers, WHIR for sure
  2. Saw this in a forum on a separate website, "Brantley story has been fun - it's nice seeing good players play well again. That said, might not be a bad time to see what he can fetch you in a swap; he's currently sitting at 156 wRC+, versus his career mark of 114. He won't fall apart completely, but we've probably already seen the best of him." What are people's thoughts on this? I was confident that if he could stay healthy he'd be a stud. He's crushing it. Is he in over his head? Not saying he's going to just sink, but is now the peak time to put him on the market?
  3. Buxton- More of a tip of the cap to his upside, but my already fading hope is growing dimmer by the day Deshields- IF he can stay healthy Gallo Hamilton- Too much of a headache for a 1 category stud Peraza
  4. Definitely stick with Acuna. Especially in a keeper. He was the #1 prospect in baseball coming into this year and he's in the show. He's got so much room to grow as a player, you could get better.
  5. Take it. Much better upgrade based on what you need than what you'd be losing based on what your OF bats already are.
  6. Zobrist and either Simmons or Suarez. I'd say Simmons, I like his upside and growth as a player each year. If you're desperate for power now, Suarez.
  7. I say keep Machado, Rizzo's line will even out, he's a consistency machine. If you're not going to be successful this year in a 5x5, it'd probably be on the pitching end (w/o knowing what you have). Knowing if this is a redraft or keeper is an added factor as well.
  8. Take it, 100%. You get the best player and 1B are definitely in high quantity this year. See if you can make a ploy for Jose Martinez, he's gonna be a beast.
  9. I like it. You're getting in on two quality bats when there on the "buy-low stage" and Nola certainly is a quality SP, especially if you're desperate for arms. Your bats don't take a terrible hit either. I like it, good haul.
  10. 12 TEAM 5x5+ OPS & QS (K is K/9) H2H YAHOO LEAGUE (7 Keepers) C W.Ramos 1B A. Rizzo 2B O. Albies 3B K.Seager SS A.Bregman OF B.Harper A.Judge L.Cain UTL W. Merrifield M. Brantley BN R. Hoskins Y. Puig J. Martinez J. Soto SP J. deGrom L. Castillo Y. Darvish J. Berrios B. Snell C. Anderson J.A. Happ DL J. Lucchesi M. Soroka RP W. Davis J. Jeffress I see all three of these guys and can't decide if I should make a play for them or just stick with what I have. I have too many OF but I grabbed Puig when he was dropped during DL stint, Soto just got called up, and the others I just drafted well. I know my RP could use a boost but Flaherty looks like the real deal. In first right now, but I want to make sure I'm not missing great opportunities. Should I stick with what I have or is there someone here that's droppable that I'm not seeing? I feel like I need to start trading away 2 for 1s because I have the depth and I want more open spots to grab guys off of waivers lol. 5 adds per week. Drop a link and I'll help out. Cheers
  11. Anyone thinking about starting 'ol Chasey against the D'Backs at home today? He's been up and down this year but his DL stint was because of food poisoning, not an arm issue or anything.
  12. Yahoo says Oh, Clippard has been very good, Tepera has been setting up, and Axford is in the mix too. Seems like it's anyone's guess, what's your take? The guys left in my league that haven't been grabbed yet are Oh and Axford but I don't want to make a hasty add. Only have 5 per week. I figure it's between Oh and Clippard but Clippard has better peripherals.
  13. Wheeler is one of the guys I'm considering though he's not on my team currently haha, but if there's no one you think is worth dropping him for, then I'm okay with someone else rolling the dice on him.
  14. 1. Bell 2. Bour 3. Gurriel 4. Deshields You could make a case for 1 2 and 3 going either way. Personally, I'd rather be hitting behind guys like Polanco and Marte than Castro and Dietrich. I chose those two first because of them being in the 4 spot, but If Gurriel hits like last year, he's in #1. He's got much less pressure on him because of the beasts that are in front of him. Thanks for the help on mine.
  15. Acuna is already taken, would there be anyone else you would switch Pirela out with? I really like his lineup spot, he's been hitting 1st and 2nd recently, sometimes in the 4 spot. And he was their best hitter last year.