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  1. Another absolutely horrible blurb, almost as if they are spitting narrative or agenda like some blurb writers clearly are. The Chiefs want Alex Smith to be a more aggressive downfield passer. Smith has developed a reputation as one of the league's most conservative passers. He only threw four passes longer than 35 yards last season. Of course, part of that was because he didn't have a go-to deep threat. Jeremy Maclin should be more than up to the task after leading the Eagles with 1,318 yards and ten touchdowns last season. Even if Smith adds the deep ball to his repertoire, we'd still expect Kansas City to lean heavily on its running game. Related: Jeremy Maclin Gee, looks like Alex Smith had a deep ball in his repertoire, he just added a better WR so it might help. Great blurb as always. Question, is Smith throwing the deep ball and throwing it well in that video? So please, do not say he cant throw a deep ball it really (which is insinuated by saying "IF") makes it obvious the people who say such things have no clue about the situation and/or are just repeating rhetoric from disgruntled fantasy owners over the years. Say it with me, Bowe is no Maclin.
  2. WOW, BREAKING NEWS AND A RIVETING BLURB! Jimmy Garoppolo - QB - Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo is expected to start during Tom Brady's suspension. May 12 - 7:54 AM
  3. which is it rotoworld? everything that is wrong with the blurb writers here is below...
  4. Here is another great blurb. They are comparing a 2nd year guy with bad QBs to dudes who made pro bowls. Just because probowlers put up the stats doesnt mean Matthews will. This reminds me so much of the Patterson hype. Also, what other WR is gonna be there to take some heat of of Matthews? Roll coverage to the only WR on the team seems like the novice fan can realize that will be the game plan. Philly Voice's Jimmy Kempski says to "adjust your fantasy football draft boards accordingly" for Jordan Matthews' new role. The Matthews hype train is picking up an avalanche of steam, but it's warranted. DeSean Jackson had a career year as Chip Kelly's No. 1 wideout and then Jeremy Maclin followed it up with the same. Now Matthews is penciled in for his normal slot role in addition to some outside duties, giving him a projected boost in both volume and depth of target. At worst, Matthews projects as a strong fantasy WR2 right now. Source: Philly Voice Apr 6 - 10:53 AM I love the "AT WORST" comment that he would be a WR2. No, sorry Rotoworld, yet again you are paying a guy too much money to share his blurb opinions as fact. He can suck just like Patterson did especially with crappy QBs. This is a wasted blurb to drive the hype and agenda that Rotoworld has to pump up a player to backs its projections and rankings. I hear the same type of rhetoric from people who are trying to unload players in my dynasty league.
  5. Are you guys reporting April Fools Day pranks now? Whoever wrote the blurb either hates Jennings or fell victim to his prank and is upset about it. After announcing he'd found a new team on Twitter on Tuesday, free agent Greg Jennings ultimately signed with nobody. It was Jennings' lame attempt at an April Fools' Day joke. Much like Jennings' free-agent "market," there's nothing to see here. Old, slow, and small, nobody is beating down the door to offer Jennings a starting job. Source: Greg Jennings on Twitter Apr 1 - 8:46 AM
  6. Who writes the blurbs? Its almost as if they write them to go with the agenda that supports their preconditions and ranking. Charles Clay said the Bills "don't want me coming off the field." Clay better be an every-down player considering the Bills made him the NFL's highest-paid tight end over the next two seasons ($11.5M per). That doesn't mean he'll be a statistical force. Clay will be asked to block a lot in Rex Ryan's run-centric offense and when the Bills do pass, it will be spread around by shaky quarterbacks. Sammy Watkins, Percy Harvin and Robert Woods will be chirping for targets. Like they forget that Cassel has done well with weapons around him, and they forget that Woods sucks, and they forget that Harvin is on his fourth team for a reason.