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  1. Traded him and Marcus Morris for Beal and Jamal Murray. Im punting FG and I love beal for fantasy so I'll take it. Even missing a few games in the playoffs with Kawhi is dangerous.
  2. yall still holding for the potential? i dont think this year is the year...he's getting the minutes, but even then he provides very little supporting stats and very few 3s. i know he's having a solid game rn tho
  3. Reggie Bullock? Allan Crabbe? If you're in a 10 team league and these buffoons are owned, you should join another league
  4. He's a good end of the bench guy if you're looking for 3s. Basically another Crabbe
  5. this s--- always happens to me -- i acquire a player like this and he starts ****ting the bed
  6. Probably draymond. Hes a great player to have if you're already top 3 in your league, but his inconsistency and potential to f--- you over make him hard to pay a 2nd/3rd rounder for if you're in the bottom half of your league.