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  1. Also wondering if he’s worth the speculative add too
  2. JaMychal Green Outlook 2018-2019

    We seeing anything more with slomo out?
  3. Kevin Huerter 2018-19 Season Outlook

    does he take a big hit with prince coming back? huerter plays the 2 right? with bembry being the 3 and losing most minutes?
  4. If you’re okay with the loss in assists it’s worth it KAT is first round pick
  5. Josh Okogie in a keeper?

    I would drop Giles and then evans giles not enough minutes and Evans is meh giles has more upside tho
  6. Terrence Ross 2018-2019 Outlook

    with the pels being interested in tross, i would assume this would be good for his value? since hes a muchbetter shooter than some of the other guys on their roster Im assuming they could run a payton, jrue, ross, randle/mirotic/ AD since moore is a bit undersized
  7. Any drops? WHIR

    Oops sorry, missed out thag you missed out on deadline! if Harris get the O tag i think it’s a toss up between those guys base should be back before levert and levert May not even play this hear or he’ll be brought back very slowly bazemore could also be traded, I think bazemore is the more secure option to play this year
  8. Any drops? WHIR

    I don’t think I’d drop any body the best way is to do 2 for 1s to open spots the guys you have are all in secure roles, and are better than the ones on the wire. Stay put and look to upgrade you guys in 2 for 1s and get the best player since in a 10 teamer you have depth on the wire
  9. Lowry for Klay? Whir 100

    “Punt ast/kinda ft
  10. Yeah I’m for that I like always getting the best player in a shallower league
  11. Dipo 4 T Harris +? WHIR

    punting stls, it makes sense. I am doulb epunting FT and ast, and it does help. this trade would sure you up in the other stats as favors is okay, and wade too. i would do it
  12. hmm..... given its FG and FT made, demar is a stud at that too. I think mirotic and barton stay in the top 50 with Demar being in that 30. I think i would do it, whos your pickup?
  13. Strategy help

    I wouldnt drop any of your guys for those on the wire. Holmes and Melton are intriguing adds, however dropping morris who is in a stable role and smart as well for guys who get limited minutes doesnt seem like the best idea. Melton is worth an add if booker gets shut down, but smart and marcus are much more secure. I dont agree with simply trying to win 5/9 categories bc if something happens, youre immediately screwed. Its best to minimize punting cats to the least you can. Id like to keep gobert, his FT is not the greatest, but youve got good enoug guys who should be able to win you FT most of the time. Hes one of the most solid bigs and the only other real solid bigs without hruting FT are AD and KAT so id stay put with gobert. Id definitely look to move WCJ for a passing/stealing guard like rubio/conley , ricky could be a good candidate considering hes hurt. id also look to move mirotic for another wing guard like ariza/cov/ingles too.
  14. Which side here? Whir

    I like hardaway and Payton side it’s safer given kanter could be traded