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  1. Josh Hart 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    he still ballin however, IT was out so idk
  2. Should I Do This Deal - 100% WHIR

    i think given you need that PF position plus LAC does have that nice PO sched id do it. Plus i do think wade does hurt Jrich a bit too unfortunately
  3. crabbe just dropped! Thinking i need some more threes and pts, who should i drop for crabbe? my team rn is Im punting assists and FT PG/SG: lavine, jrich, bullock, hart SF/PF:, PG,, Kuzma, beasley, josh jackson, crowder PF/C: capela, drummond, whiteside, aminu, markannen IL: ariza thinking maybe aminu or hart? leave a link!
  4. Josh Hart 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    do you guys think he can keep up his 3 pt shooting?
  6. i think unforauntely if dwight isnt being moved, not good for willy
  7. idk what this is for whos getting who??
  8. who to drop for Beasley?? WHIR

    i would drop allen! BKN does have okafor who will vie for minutes, and beasley is gonna get hella usage
  9. think i personally would stay put or get someone other than gasol. i think gasol wil get shut down, like someone said b4, target lillard or beal. lillard id def go for
  10. looking at my team, i think im in desperate need of three point shooting! think im leaning towards ellington, bogdanovic (SAC), smart (PG elligiblity), hart (balling), and maybe kevin love because i can just swap him and ariza out. maybe demarre, or i can just stream the spot.
  11. Accept this? Whir

    i think i like butler, evans, WCS., but highly banks on evans. butler side higher upside, but more chance for bust mccollum side is safer
  12. Trade Help WHIR

    id stay put, jrue is a beast, and murray will get better too.
  13. just lost porzingis, but luckily got beasley. i have 1 more add for the week who should i pick up for my team? think i need to replace threes, since beasley should be okay replacing pts, rebounds, and blocks some noteable FA: oubre, chriss, len, ellington, bogdanovic(SAC), demarre carroll, hart, love, smart, willy, noel leaning maybe towards smart, bogdanovic, ellington my team is i am punting assist and FT, 10 man 9 CAT! PG/SG: lavine, KCP, bullock, SF/PF: Prince, PG, Aminu, Kuzma, beasley, josh jackson, porzingis C: capela, drummond, whiteside, WCS, IL: ariza leave a link!
  14. Dame Lillard for Paul George WHIR

    i think id like PG for your team build too. plus position eligilibty is really nice. but POR does have better PO sched somethign to note