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  1. I like Westbrook, Embiid, and Turner Ingram Collins wil be good, but I think ingram/turner will turn it around
  2. Danny Green 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    oh no danny what is u doin
  3. My Ayton/Doncic for KAT/Sexton? (Points League)

    Damn, getting KAT is nice, but Sexton does not seem good. esepciallys since he doesnt pass the ball very well, nor does he shoot 3s and isnt the most efficient. I think given its point league, i might stay with Ayton since hes efficient and Luka has multi stat producability
  4. havent played roto in a long time, but feel as though depth is more important. Also dont like having 2 stars on the same team, and bledsoe is kind of injury prone. havent really been keeping up with lillard. however giannis and bledsoe more stocks. dame and gobert is a good return for giannis and ur getting bledsoe too think id do it as long as u know giannis can hurt TO and FT
  5. Too much for PG13? - 100% WHIR

    yeah mmmm considering youd just be picking up his guys I think id do it. also since you mentioned being able to get JJ, dunn, and like tucker as well, id prob do it too. however like mentioned above, ive never seen a 4 for 1 done before hahaa
  6. Too much for PG13? - 100% WHIR

    i would just take all those playrrs from him and ask him to include in the trade, however, im not sure if i do it. PG is good but that is like 4 mid round players right there for a like a second round guy. i think thats too much depth as cook will drop when curry abck, DSJ is meh, and dwight is also meh. think thats too much for PG
  7. Which side here? Whir

    i think reggie is basically a throw in and i dont see bjelica holding this value for too long as kings began to drop. Id rather have lauri and Deandre as they're more stable and more secure. THJ is a baller but the other guys just dont do it for me
  8. Big trade ! WHIR

    i think id do it. i think you are in need of another solid PG and AD is the best. however there is injury risk with AD, but also rest risk with KD too. however Durant passes the ball well too, but Capela is mainly a DD with blocks. Ad and bledsoe offer more all over stats
  9. 2 BIG TRADES - 100% WHIR

    Only do the first deal if the second is a lock dont like the first one so much but the end result is nice youve gotnoieces on the wire that are serviceable too
  10. #2 waiver for Levert? WHIR

    I’d stash him if you can. however if your league members have tendencies to drop stars than I’d wait but if they aren’t trigger friendly droppers, id claim him too. But wouldn’t hold him if you’ve already got someone else in your IL
  11. OPJ vs RUBIO ROS? WHIR!!!

    Given a punt TO build I like Ricky since a lot of Ottos value comes from his efficiency with low TO however I believe Otto is the better player but is madly slumping and not sure how it’s going to play out in WSH. i think the safer pick and more reliable option will be ricky
  12. Which side.

    I’d go with JJJ side too bjelica will slow down, and rjax is meh danny is nice but JJJ with Barnes is just more consistent and better upside
  13. If you’re ablw to get either with those pieces I’d be amazed hahaa those guys are all WW pieces and if you can do it’s a good deal for sure but you’re gonna most likely have to give up more
  14. I would be trading Jimmy Butler, Brandon Ingram, Rudy Gay, and Deandre Ayton for Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker, and Jarrett Allen my team is below and I am PUNT AST and kinda FT PG/SG: Lou Will, Danny green, Eric Gordon , Justin holiday SF/PF: Ingram, Gay, Butler, Mirotic, Grant C: Ayton, KAT,Adams, Harrell, Capela, IL: love i figured I needed a boost in threes and scoring and this would help improve my FT as well. I’ve also got Love in my IL and can pickup guys like nance, aminu etc to help with rebounds. My bigs KAT capela Adams Harrell, grant, and love should I think be able to carry my rebounds and I’d be getting jarrett Allen back too. leave a link!