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  1. Nah a redraft league ive got PG too so I couldn’t afford to hold 2 IL guys
  2. I would for sure look to move doncic! Shoot for somebody like Jrue, Butler, or even PG since hes hurt! Definitely like the punt assist build!
  3. Good thing I traded Zion for JJJ whew i wish everyone the best of luck on the Zion airline
  4. For me i think green or Herro are the drops i think Danny will always be a headache to own; without much upside anymore herro I think MIAmkikes him so I’d stay with him
  5. I currently have dinwiddie, should I drop him for PJ Washington or stay put? I am punt assist YAHOO 10 TEAM 14 MAN 9CAT Punt assist G: Delon, Dejounte, Dinwiddie, Bogdanovic(SAC), Eric Gordon, Jrich F: Miles bridges, Isaac, OPJ, JJJ C : Ayton, Embiid, Bam, Zach Collins, IL: PG leave a link!
  6. Delon is also big enough to play the 2 guard as well if they opt to play Brunson or Seth too
  7. What’re we expecting some Spencer this year? always a great handcuff with kyrie always missing time BKN does have more mouths this year
  8. Very small suggestion, for future posts! writing too much can sometimes be a turn off for people to help! I solid team, but I think could use small changes, I lien changing joe Harris Sexton for Prince and one of Mcgee and Deandre Im also open to changing ingles or Hayward If they suck to the other big you don’t pick out of mcgee or deandre
  9. OG seems to be playing well! And Rotoworld is talking ability 10 TEAM now
  10. Was offered JJJ for Zion, should I take it? I am worried about Zions knees, but I know he will be very exciting where as JJJ is somewhat boring but also very good My team is below YAHOO 10MAN 9 CAT, PUNT ASSIST G: delon, dejounte, pbev, Bogdan( SAC), Jrich F: Isaac, Miles Bridges, PJ Washington, Zach Collins, OPJ, Zion C : Ayton, Embiid, Adebayo IL: Paul George leave a link!
  11. Oof JJJ owner is asking me if I want trade Zion for him now if it’s meniscus for Zion I’m scared
  12. Seems like he could be starting SF/PF with miles bridges he seems to have the 1/1/1 potential anyone think he can be good?
  13. Anybody think he could have a decent year? Kerr seems to like him and he’s more diverse than WCS
  14. i literally only won bc Jonas got hurt😭 only won by 4 rebounds i am sorry to all those who may have lost because he got hurt though and I wish Jonas a speedy recovery
  15. Beverely, Shamet, WCS, Bruno Cabocolo, Delon wright, or Zubac Matchup is close in Pts, Reb, Ast, 3s, Ft leave a link!
  16. seriously wondering if hes rhe real real for at least 2 more games could be a matchup savior
  17. hes a major boom or bust lol gonna see if hes worth the last pickup on sunday
  18. wondering if hes worth pcking up for the weekend B2B he produces when conley is out, but sucks how conley is in an out constantly
  19. Really hoping he will be healthy for his back to back he clears waivers Saturday so looking for any update that he’ll play both games
  20. Got one more add and looking for Pts, 3s, Stls, Assists, FG and Ft% Who should i pick between Collin Sexton or Fred Vanvleet? Sexton is against Milwaukee and Vanvleet is against CHA leave a link!