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  1. i literally only won bc Jonas got hurt😭 only won by 4 rebounds i am sorry to all those who may have lost because he got hurt though and I wish Jonas a speedy recovery
  2. Beverely, Shamet, WCS, Bruno Cabocolo, Delon wright, or Zubac Matchup is close in Pts, Reb, Ast, 3s, Ft leave a link!
  3. seriously wondering if hes rhe real real for at least 2 more games could be a matchup savior
  4. hes a major boom or bust lol gonna see if hes worth the last pickup on sunday
  5. wondering if hes worth pcking up for the weekend B2B he produces when conley is out, but sucks how conley is in an out constantly
  6. Really hoping he will be healthy for his back to back he clears waivers Saturday so looking for any update that he’ll play both games
  7. Got one more add and looking for Pts, 3s, Stls, Assists, FG and Ft% Who should i pick between Collin Sexton or Fred Vanvleet? Sexton is against Milwaukee and Vanvleet is against CHA leave a link!
  8. is he worth grabbing again? now that his suspension is over
  9. could have some decent run again with lowry out for possibly longer
  10. Do we think that Tristan Thompson will take away more minutes from Larry?
  11. both cleared waivers. Ibaka procudes when he gets the starting minutes and gay is decent too
  12. He’s going to be out for 3 games he should be changed to INJ
  13. Whos better ROS? Ibaka been down with marc, gay been okay, Harris been whatever too both were dropped and debating which I should use my number 3 waiver on? My curretn team , PUNT AST PG/SG: Mitchell, Klay, Lou will , smart SF/PF: nance, Thaddeus, jerami grant, C:,Adams, love, brook, myles; KAT, capela, robin lopez IL: PG
  14. Sorry haven’t been keeping up has bam been starting?
  15. lets just wait on this depression train until we get some actual information
  16. This guy is great I wish he hit more threes but can’t complain