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  1. Dipo side still. Collins has the most upside of the players outside of Dipo and Booker by a mile imo.
  2. It's a bit hard to say because we don't know how your league's scoring system works, but in a vacuum I'd take Dipo over Booker. Dipo is a bit too low in the rankings right now because of poor FT shooting, which sould get better. He's then a top 18 player, whilst Booker is a top 25 player or something like that. Also a bit more confident in Oladipo's health. But it's not that far off, you should follow your gut and go for your favorite player in the trade.
  3. Sup guys, I was trying to acquire LeVert and offered my Otto Porter Jr. straight up. The owner didn't bite and countered with OPJ+Dunn for LeVert. This league is 8-cat head to head, so no turnovers. Dunn, when healty, is projected to be a top 50 player in this league. OPJ has been awful though, and I really like what I see in LeVert. Get LeVert or stay put and make something else happen? Help me, and I can help you in return!
  4. His minutes were already down before the injury. They will probably ease him back in a bit, unles he gets in a zone. I don't care if he takes a few games to heat up, I need him starting and feasting by next week, that's all.
  5. Very nice. Though I am quite certain he will accidentaly bump his head in a strange way and has to be taken out of the game.
  6. He looks 'different' tonight in a good way. Still a way to go here, but the arrow is pointing up again.
  7. I really need this dude to catch a break and play well for a while so I can get something decent in return in a trade. After losing Millsap I probably will have to punt blocks so he loses even more value for me. SMH
  8. This guy... stupid 3th foul Just tuned in to watch him play for the last 5 minutes of the half, and the first thing I see him do is get some silly obvious foul which is his 3th and costs him 5 minutes of playing time...
  9. Watching him play, it looks like he's not integrated with the team at all. He's not really involved in the flow of the offense, and looks a bit lost out there. I hope it changes, but it kinda hurts to see him play like a scrub after he has been out. Hope it's just because he's not 100% yet...
  10. Anyone been watching the game? 13/8/2 with 3 blocks is alright, but it seems he can do much more. He basically got 2 buckets and a reb in garbage time to kind of salvage it. But why did he only get 26 minutes? I know he played about 8 minutes in the 1st q, so it wasn't 2 quick fouls. Is there something else causing his low minutes? Opening night and his strong game vs. the Pelicans he played 34 and 36 minutes, so I don't see why he's being limited? Obviously I did only see parts of this game.
  11. Never sit your studs. Have faith in him. Even if he sucks, play him at all times. Don't miss out when he gets an amazing line