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  1. What on earth has gotten into this guy? I keep expecting the cool down to come but every time I check him out he's putting up another 16-20 point game with a bunch of 3s. Thank god he didn't get traded because his role with Orlando seems to be takeover the 2nd unit scoring all by himself and then close out games.
  2. I agree although I think JJJ should be fine playing at PF next to a C like JV. JV can stretch the floor to midrange, play high and low post and good enough to keep defenders from sagging off of him. Hopefully that means spacing isn't going to be a problem and JJJ can still get down low or PnR without having defenders pack the paint or crowd him out. Having said this Gasol was a much better passer than JV and was always looking to pass when he was playing off the elbows or near the 3pt line plus Bickerstaff isn't a good coach so there's probably enough there to dampen the JJJ hype train just a little.
  3. Considering the rest of the moves the Clippers made at the deadline it wouldn't surprise me if it's the latter. I think they really want to to keep their 1st round pick. Gives them another bargaining chip when the offseason wheeling and dealing starts.
  4. By the looks of him he dominated those Chicago deep dish pizzas while in the windy city. Looking thick. So Wizards at this moment are going to run with a bench mob of McRae, Crazy Eyes Bob and Jabari off the bench. If that isn't an all offense, no defense tankathon then I don't know what is.
  5. Scott Stupid Brooks strikes again. Now watch as next game Bryant plays a quarter.
  6. Should be a good short term add for points, 3s and a handful of assists. He's been relatively injury prone in the past though so if he's thrust into playing heavy minutes it could be a very short term add.
  7. There's an issue with Yahoo's boxscores not loading properly at the moment.
  8. Averages of 19/6.5, 1 steal, 1 block, 2.7 (!) threes on 48% FG over the last fortnight. Rotoworld: "Should probably be owned in standard leagues" Are you kidding me? This guy is on fire right now and he's worth owning in 6 team leagues. Great counting stats and FG but ugly FT% (under 65% on 5FTA/G, although that's massively skewed due to a game where he went to the line 13 times. Rare for Oubre). He was a lock for 30min a night even with Warren around but now Warren's gone for 2-3weeks Oubre should be in for a heap of time at both forward spots.
  9. Don't forget inbounds violation. That was a huge error. Gave the Jazz the ball back with a minute to go and down 6. After that the Nuggets couldn't do anything except turn it into a 3 possession game or try to d up and potentially only get the ball back with just over half a minute left. You're right about his offense though his scoring was red hot.
  10. Made some really bad decisions with the ball and was bad defensively.
  11. In the replays I've seen you can see Oladipo's kneecap just below the hem of his shorts, which is a good couple of inches above where the thing is damn well meant to be. It's like the patellar tendon just goes completely lax. Gruesome.
  12. Great fantasy game but horrible in actual basketball terms tonight. He basically cost the Nuggets the game. Hopefully Barton recovers ok because he had a bit of a nasty fall at one stage. Nothing in the post game reports about injury though.
  13. Not only that but Saric has a good post game so when KAT decides to head out to 3pt land Saric is a good foil to plant down low. KAT should be taking at least 1 3pt shot per quarter, he's arguably their best perimeter threat (better than Covington IMO), so Saric is really versatile next to the big C at least offensively.
  14. Well said. It's his efficiency that's annoying most people. As for the 50% FG ROS unfortunately he has no shot at that. Considering the volume of 3s he takes he would need to enter Steph Curry territory and become the best long distance gunner in the league. I'll happily take 44% FG% from here on out if it means he doesn't miss any more games.
  15. Sato is on a dirt cheap contract. 3 mil per and next season is a qualifying offer. He'd be a reasonably attractive trade asset if Washington made him available, and if Sato impresses in the next month or so I bet the Wiz start getting calls for him. I'm torn on Sato. He's a smart player, usually doesn't force the issue and the situation now with Beal, Ariza (shooters who won't hesitate to shoot when Sato passes to them) and Bryant (high energy PnR big) as his teammates suggest he should have ample opportunity to put up decent guard stats, however when you watch the Wizards Sato can be so passive. He's not super athletic, doesn't hound the passing lanes and if his shot isn't dropping early he can be a turtle for the rest of the game. Even with 35 min/game I'm not expecting huge things from him. If he can average 12/5 with a 3 per game I'll happily take that.