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  1. Absolutely. Spam those trade offers like you're one of those desperate stock market desk jockeys in that movie Margin Call. Sell like your fantasy life depends on it.
  2. This is the Knicks we're talking about. They're standard bearers for NBA mediocrity under Dolan & co. Ntilikina fans better hope for the former because the latter sure as hell isn't going to happen.
  3. Probably too late but to all JJJ owners do not look at the boxscore for today. For your own sanity.
  4. It wasn't that. NAW was in the game early and was doing damage from the first quarter. Nunn isn't great defensively and NAW was beating him off the PnR pretty easily and getting good looks.
  5. Agreed, it's frustrating to watch a guy with his physical attributes not reaching his potential on D. Right now he's incapable of playing consistent lockdown defense without fouling but such is life with young bigs.
  6. They definitely have. IT is a shell of a his former self. He may say he's healthy but 'healthy' is relative. He's lost a lot of his athleticism and now he just doesn't have the same ability to move like he did compared to a few seasons ago. He's always been horrible on D but now he's not as good on O either. What we're seeing now from him now production wise is probably as good as it's going to get especially playing in this team/system. He'll probably have a few nights where he's lights out from deep but watching him trying to drive and get separation from defenders in the paint is kind of sad.
  7. Nunn is absolutely better than JRich offensively. Nunn could do with some of JRich's defensive ability but you can't teach height/length.
  8. I think his confidence is fine he just can't continue to hit on everything like he was doing to start the season. He's obviously got a green light and he continues to have the highest number of shot attempts for the Heat. He was never going to continue to shoot at the % he was shooting at the first 5 games so he was due a few duds. He's not a plus defender so his scoring is really his major contribution and that should be there more often or not. As long as this situation continues (starting and getting around 30mpg) he's a hold. He'll have good games and bad games. I like the fact that he even attempted to dunk on Drummond. Against the Lakers he took it right at Davis and Mcgee a few times but unfortunately he got blocked.
  9. Can't start JJJ at C. Not yet. He needs to learn how to defend without fouling if he's going to be the defensive anchor. If Memphis started him at C now he's a lock to pickup 2 fouls in the first few mins of the game.
  10. I'll clarify then. Does Ntilikina do specific things better than Roberson? Sure. He's a guard. He should be able to dribble the ball better and (potentially) shoot the ball better. Does it show on the court? Rarely if ever. The comparison was regarding overall offensive impact and in that case Ntilikina is like Roberson i.e. sweet FA impact to the point where it's detrimental.
  11. Did I say he was the sole reason for the Knicks getting blown out? No. The team obviously has many issues but the person I responded to said Ntilikina had no blame in the Cavs loss and that's not right. His non-existent point guard play and lack of threat on offense absolutely is a part of the problem the Knicks have including against the Cavs. How often does Ntilikina demonstrate all that? Once every other offensive possession? A few times every other game? Once a month? He can have all the potential in the world but if it doesn't translate to actual consistent play on the court then it's close to meaningless especially if the rest of the team is struggling on O. Roberson was an inconsistent and limited offensive player but made up for it with his defense. You can for the most part get away with that on the wing. Ntilikina is an extremely inconsistent and so far offensively limited player who is meant to be point guard. You don't get away with that at that position even if your defense is great unless you have a system which negates that. Which is what I said above and again, the Knicks don't have that.
  12. I don't know how you can say that. Ntilikina against the Cavs was so timid on offense that he was total non-factor i.e. the Cavs didn't even have to guard him hard because Ntilikina took himself out of the game on O. When you have a guard that is one or two of the following: A) indecisive initiating offense B.) hesitant to shoot C) timid attacking the paint and opposition bigs then for all intents and purposes that guard is useless. Frank isn't just one or two of those he's all 3. Maybe it's to do with the coaching or whatever but I think it's 99% on Ntilikina and there's no way you can survive with a deficient player like that in the NBA unless the offensive system the team is running is good. The Knicks are not good. Ntilikina is currently the guard version of Roberson but worse on O which is actually mind boggling.
  13. Isaac is doing what I thought JJJ would be doing right now. JJJ could take a leaf out of Isaac's book and maybe try to zone in on the defensive end and let the offensive stuff come later.
  14. Depending on how this season plays out that's probably what the plan is for Portland this offseason. If Simons keeps this up CJ becomes expendable for the final year of his contract. I'm not sure if a Simons/Lillard backcourt is a bit too small though.
  15. Out of Wiggins, Covington and Towns name the one that is an injury prone 28yr old who is coming off of knee surgery, isn't the focal point of the offense (in other words doesn't have to play), or the franchise is giving ample mins/opportunity to try to force them to change their horrible game and actually deliver on their potential/live up to at least 50% of their contract? Covington is getting mins restricted now because they can and it's a long season. He'll come good. At season's end I'd be surprised if his season averages didn't come close to his production in the past. I'd even take a slight drop in production due to mins played if 'load management' means he plays 75+ games.
  16. Don't read too much into the fact Nunn didn't close out the game against PHX especially considering the Heat have a B2B. Dragic was on fire from when he entered the game late in the 3rd Q onwards and the backcourt of him + whoever else blew the game open from the start of the 4th and Spoelstra could afford to give guys like Herro and Duncan Robinson extra mins and close out the game. Spo didn't even really have to bring Butler back in but PHX made a small run and I guess he wanted to make sure the game was finished. Basically the Heat were in control almost the entire 4th quarter. Nunn was getting shots and decent looks up until he sat. A drop in usage and shots was always going to happen when everybody was healthy. If he can maintain around 30mins he'll get his on offense but he won't be 20ppg. What's a bit more concerning is his defense. It's not great. Whoever he guards basically has an open lane after a screen is set on him. He's not Isaiah Thomas level of bad but he definitely exploitable.
  17. JJJ was setting a screen and made illegal contact. It was definitely an offensive foul but why they recorded it as an offensive charge is a bit of a strange one.
  18. Death, taxes, and JJJ picking up 2 fouls in the first 5 mins. What a bonehead.
  19. DLo isn't going anywhere at least not this season. The problem for the Warriors is getting someone in return for DLo that isn't a net negative and right now the trade market isn't great. Obviously things can change as the season progresses but who right now would trade for him? There aren't any trades out there that make a lot of sense. Anyway this is getting off topic. I think Bowman ends up heading to the G-League. Dubs can't afford to cut Chriss considering their bigmen injury woes. I wouldn't cut anyone decent for this guy in standard leagues unless the contract situation changes.
  20. Interesting that Nunn was out there tonight in garbage time... Winslow, Dragic and Butler being healthy and needing the ball in their hands to be most effective is definitely cramping Nunn's play a bit but he's still getting looks especially as a perimeter threat. He's just not getting as many isolation sets or ending up with the ball off of screen and rolls. I don't think you can take away too much from tonight's game other than what others have mentioned about Denver at home. They had 3 key players missing/in foul trouble and they still stifled the Heat. When they want to turn it on the Nugs are definitely one of the harder teams to face on their home court. Also I wouldn't be surprised if there was a bit of a hangover from having just had 3 easy games in a row (yes that includes Houston who defensively are incredibly bad right now). I'm betting Miami come out a lot sharper against Phoenix.
  21. HELL no. That place is trash. It's all memes and hot takes that get upvoted and their fantasy threads are rubbish. A better system would be a 'block user' ability to hide users who you don't care for. Anything more turns it into facebook/reddit/whatever other popular forum is meme'd out.
  22. Definitely relevant. I'm not 100% sure on the exact number but 2-way contract players are restricted on the number of NBA games that they can play in. I think it might be a maximum of 40 or 45 games?
  23. Agreed I think he's far better off as a 6th man and getting almost complete control of the offense for most of his mins instead of being no.2 to Beal, especially if IT's days of playing 30+ mins a game are over. As a 6th man he'd be getting max usage for almost every min played.
  24. It is useless using that stat. Per36 is a horrible measure of guessing production from a player.
  25. Starting or coming off the bench is irrelevant, I don't know why people care about that. It's the mins and usage that's most important. Just because a player starts doesn't mean they're going to get the best opportunity. I doubt he has his minutes restriction lifted completely but if he can play up to 25mins or so that should be more than adequate.