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  1. Dynasty help

    Depends on team needs here. Do you need pitching or hitting? All things being equal I would prefer the A side myself. While you don't get the best player in the deal, it's more balanced overall.
  2. Dynasty Trade help WHIR

    Technically you're getting the best player in the deal, so not considering anything else, it's not bad. I would have to see the rest of the roster though given how deep the league is. The question here becomes whether can you afford to give up a OF and SP for a closer.
  3. St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Outlook

    Brantley is about to be 32. Not sure how much of an upgrade he would be over what the currently have on the roster and in the minors. Difference in cost versus production just doesn't make sense. Trading Fowler is also easier said than done. Adding another aging vet to that OF mix just doesn't seem like a good idea. Idea 2 and 5 makes sense. It will probably take more than a 1 year contract to get Donaldson though and they should still do it.
  4. Kevin Gausman 2019 Outlook

    Best thing that could have happened to him. Plus he was traded for a bunch of peanuts. He's going to have the best season of his career barring injuries in 2019.
  5. Adam Garland Pitcher's List- Top 150

    Overall it is a really good list. The only one I see with a big discrepancy from the norm would be Joey Bart. I'm really surprised to see how big of a difference in value where you have him ranked. There are a couple of other nitpicking ones but the +/- in spots there really don't make that much of a difference. Good job.
  6. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    If you're finding a way to add Garcia, you should find someone else to drop. Given his size, and the fact he's gotten TJ out of the way already, Graterol carries less reliever risk to go with his tremendous upside. He also has a lesser path of resistance with the Twins.
  7. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    Sure. I will re-phrase my last comment.
  8. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    Just because he's not a highly ranked prospect at the moment, it doesn't mean he hasn't received mainstream attention. He was already being mentioned last year on Fangraphs. He's had blurbs on razzball. He's been mentioned milb.com frequently. His name has been mentioned on many chats across the board. Not being high on prospect boards versus not getting mainstream attention doesn't necessarily coincide with one another. You have this misconception that this is the way I feel. That's not even the argument that's being debated here. You are completely morphing this discussion into a whole different topic. Your ranking of Garcia over Gore and ridiculous statement that you would not trade Garcia for Gore straight up is(based on your comparative analysis of their A ball statistics). And if that's been working for you, great. You said you had a success rate of over 50%, which would by a landslide make you one of the top baseball talent evaluators in the world. You should be running a baseball team my dude. Based on your comparative analysis, why not? It checks out. I really don't think you even know what that argument is anymore or ever did in the first place. And in conclusion... It's hard to argue with level of success. :bow:
  9. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    It was pretty clear but he already admitted he says a lot of crazy things. Now with that said, it's perfectly fine that he's higher on Garcia. In order to stay ahead of everyone else, it's important to be in on prospect before they start picking up mainstream attention... which Garcia was already getting towards the back end of last season. Using A ball numbers as the basis of his argument makes for a very weak one. As a prospect junkie yourself, I'm sure you can't agree with this next statement either. This is an asinine comment especially when you apply it to extremely young pitchers. Young pitchers are extremely volatile in general - especially at the lower levels. If you have semi decent command, you can typically excel with a fastball like his and a solid break pitch. It's not until you can consistently perform at a higher level where then you can cement your prospect status unless you already had a pedigree going in. With Garcia's size, he's going to have to continue to produce to be looked as among the games best prospects. That's just a given and more like a Captain Obvious type assessment. That's not his fault it's just how things have always been. Foul Line is great for this board. He's brought attention to many obscure prospects here that has benefited me as well. That doesn't change how flawed the basis for his argument is.
  10. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    I was writing a response to your previous comment as you responded with another. Unless you're already a highly regarded prospect, A ball numbers are typically be taken with a grain of salt. It seems you're in the wrong profession then my man. If you're better than 50%, you should be in someone's front office.
  11. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    That's very simple. Projection and pedigree. You can self proclaim Deivi Garcia is the better of the two prospects and completely disregard the entire industry. You're looking at fools gold if you are strictly looking at numbers to make your evaluation. There's not a single publication out there that has Garcia currently as even a top 50 prospect. Yet, Gore, who's numbers pale in comparison is at the top of the majority of list. Guys like Garcia has to prove it over and over at every level because of his stature regardless of numbers. Nothing has changed there... that's just how things have always worked. I'd bet my house that there not a single GM out there, and less than 95% of knowledgeable fantasy players out there that would trade Gore straight up for Garcia. And just to be clear, I really really like Garcia.
  12. Kevin Smith SS Tor

    If he were Latin American he'd be a top 50 prospect.
  13. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    I don't know man. I don't think even Yankee die hard fans would jump to that type of valuation. You got to look at more than just numbers. Will he be jumping up rankings list? Most definitely. Is he sniffing the top quarter of any prospect list? Very unlikely until he moves up to Double A and performs. His size will always be a knock against him.
  14. Yoan Moncada 2018 Outlook

    You have a shallow bench or something? He’s young and it’s a dynasty league. I don’t see the need to have to move him unless you get a really good offer. Not every young player comes up and becomes a Juan Soto right away. Patience. Selling low would not be a good idea.