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  1. Now that his atrocious season is over and all the rust should have been knocked off, I'm going to go ahead and say it... Wander Javier The raw skill and pedigree are still there. He's only turning 21 in December. People may want to jump on the Luis Matos train before it leaves the station. Gabriel Arias sort of had a breakout but I'm sure he's still available in plenty of leagues. Luis Frias with the Diamondbacks is someone would could potentially jump into the top 50 at some point. I think we could see Trent Deveaux make some strides next season. Daniel Espino is someone I'd look to target in a FYPD if I'm looking for a new arm to develop. I think Parker Meadows has a good 2020. It'll be a important year for Bubba Thompson out of Texas. Ryan Vilade is finally showing some power and if he can consistently tap into it next season, he's going to be a high riser. Young SS Alexander Vargas will be a hot name to follow as well.
  2. There's definitely talent there. Although he was listed at 175, he didn't look anywhere near that weight last season. He looked like a pencil hold a baseball bat as big as he was. It looks like he may have filled out some and still has plenty of more room to grow. Very good bat speed which along with some addition weight, I think he can be a 20+ homer middle infield bat. Filling out more and keeping the weight on will be key to what he can potentially become IMO.
  3. I wouldn't consider it ripping him off but that's good value for Altuve.
  4. Keep Lowe. His versatility gives him the edge. The same concern you have with Lowe applies to Mercado as well.
  5. You take that trade regardless if you're contending or not. It's a no brainer for what you're giving up. If you can't move him later on for a better deal, then use him next season. It's highway robbery.
  6. Counter him. Yoan Moncada, Brandon Lowe, David Dahl, Kristian Robinson, Ethan Hankins, and a 1st(I think this is fair but you don't have to settle for fair). This package is young, filled with upside, and what you should be looking for if you're going into a rebuild. What exactly were you going to do with Gray? Cease while attractive and his proximity works, still has plenty of reliever risk. It would hardly surprise me if he had a '18 Folty type season one year and completely bomb the next. You're also buying pretty high on Gurriel Jr. as well. Ask for the moon and don't settle. What do you have to lose if he rejects? Send him another one afterwards.
  7. Moncada is a good start but it's a no to the current package. Post his team. That's quite an underwhelming farm system for a 12 team league especially with 30 spots. You could probably cut a third of those players and not bat an eye.
  8. There is some Yandy Diaz like similarities to his profile. Hopefully unlike Yandy, he makes his adjustments well before he's 27. The hit and on base tool itself are very promising. The young man knows how to hit.
  9. It’s the DSL. It’s intriguing regardless, just not as intriguing especially if you’re an avid follower of that league. This is not meant to be offensive to you but I don’t get the vibe that you are. As someone has already mentioned, pitching is very weak in this league. It’s hardly uncommon to see a prospect tear it up there and struggle once they face more advanced pitching to only fall back into obscurity. I took the plunge due to this thread. I’m excited to see how he develops. Having direct access to his brother from a baseball standpoint and financially only helps his cause and prospect status. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have if his last name weren’t Acuna. It’s really early.
  10. Slatykomora and Maxcd99 both make some very valid points. If his name was Joe Bob, while his numbers still stand out, he certainly wouldn't be as interesting. That said, the fact of the matter is that his last name is Acuna and he's performing well. That's going to make you raise an eyebrow and makes him much more intriguing. 3 more hits and 3 more runs today. Looks like he wants to come stateside now.
  11. I would do 2 in a heartbeat. This deal works out both short and long term. I'd prefer to keep Dahl and Albies in the first deal. Agree with the poster above on the fairness of the deals.
  12. Don’t let logic cloud your judgement. In dog years, he’s 94 years old. Nothing to see here. Sarcasm aside, I’ll glad to see he’s rebounded after a couple of mediocre years. He was a hot hot prospect not too long ago with that pretty Robinson Cano swing. Sucks he’s a Marlin and will be hitting in that ball park though.
  13. I saw that yesterday on Alcantara as well. I couldn't tell if that video of him hitting there was meant to be negative or positive. I guess positive since his FV moved up but he already had a big leg kick coming in and now it looks more extreme. I would have thought they would have wanted to quiet it down just a bit. The raw tools are big and loud across the board so he's definitely going to be someone to watch over the next few years.
  14. He looks like a max effort swinger which isn't unusual given his stature. It's going to be fun to see how this Acuna develops. I'm sure his brother will be feeding him right. His size will improve.