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  1. Not as risky as you think given how high their floor are and how high their ceiling can be. Very good value with Kershaw in the 6th. I like it.
  2. Throw Springer back for Sanchez and you've got your 6. You shouldn't have any issues picking Dahl back up in the draft as if you want him back. You throw someone like Goldschmidt back and going to be taken early. Throw Dahl back and you could probably wait a round or two. It's all about value here.
  3. Dusty, is that you? 😂 People definitely shouldn't forget about him. Speaking of first baseman, I'm already licking my chops at the chances of adding Andrew Vaughn.
  4. I think a key piece to whether or not I'd do the trade is missing here. Who would you be replacing Freeman's production with? If you have a good replacement, I may be inclined to make the deal.
  5. IF Anderson Tejeda can reduce his K rate by a little, he's someone that can jump well into the top 50s. Freudis Nova has some big helium potential as well. It's going to be a big year for these two as far as seeing how high and how fast they can both jump(at the very least legitimize them as prospects). Jordyn Adams and Kristian Robinson ooze with raw talent too.
  6. I can definitely see him going 20/75 as soon as this year and more in the future. It's very encouraging he knows how to take a walk. He's a cheap late round option that can produce surplus value.
  7. Last year's top J2 guy Luciano is an obvious choice. Sucks that he's a Giants prospect but the tools are there. I'm excited to see a larger sample size from Brayan Rohicoo and Antoni Flores.
  8. With that hitch, those walks and singles pretty much become doubles. He's the type of pitcher that can throw a no-hitter, strike out 15+, and still lose the game because he walked 7 and gave up 5 runs. He's definitely one of a kind.
  9. You couldn't have said that any better. While fair in a vacuum, I would much rather keep the elite 3 especially in a shallow league. It's really not close for me.
  10. If he dominates Double A, that'll answer all the obvious questions people have regarding him and be well inside the top 50. Nothing has changed here what's held up his prospect ranking.
  11. Technically he didn't quote any one in particular. So, he could just be giving his view on what Yoan Moncada will become. I didn't think Moncada would break out last year. I do think he will improve on his numbers from last season and surprise a lot of people who've fallen off the wagon.
  12. My thoughts are that he could break out at any time. It could be this year or in 5 years. I'm going to be that poor sap to chase it as well. While he is overrated, there's just so much talent there that you just can't let go.
  13. Are you still hurt that he spurned the Mets? It's a great fantasy landing spot for him. Half his games in Milwaukee? Sign me up. Was it pretty dumb to take the guaranteed money the Mets were offering? Sure considering the wear and tear on catchers. But, a big season in an offensive park could still net him the deal he was looking for.
  14. Looks like a no brainer to me. Whether you're competing or not, it's heavily weighted towards you. You should be able to move those pieces for more than what you got paid for and quite easily at that... if that's the route you decide to go. It really is lopsided. How much are those draft picks really worth in a FYPD/import draft? A LOT less than what you're receiving in return. Now if this league deals with contracts, that would change everything. Then we'd have to see what would be going back into the player pool.