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  1. Yoan Moncada 2019 Outlook

    Technically he didn't quote any one in particular. So, he could just be giving his view on what Yoan Moncada will become. I didn't think Moncada would break out last year. I do think he will improve on his numbers from last season and surprise a lot of people who've fallen off the wagon.
  2. Carlos Correa 2019 Outlook

    My thoughts are that he could break out at any time. It could be this year or in 5 years. I'm going to be that poor sap to chase it as well. While he is overrated, there's just so much talent there that you just can't let go.
  3. Yasmani Grandal 2019 Outlook

    Are you still hurt that he spurned the Mets? It's a great fantasy landing spot for him. Half his games in Milwaukee? Sign me up. Was it pretty dumb to take the guaranteed money the Mets were offering? Sure considering the wear and tear on catchers. But, a big season in an offensive park could still net him the deal he was looking for.
  4. Dynasty DEAL (Hader & Sixto Sanchez) WHIR

    Looks like a no brainer to me. Whether you're competing or not, it's heavily weighted towards you. You should be able to move those pieces for more than what you got paid for and quite easily at that... if that's the route you decide to go. It really is lopsided. How much are those draft picks really worth in a FYPD/import draft? A LOT less than what you're receiving in return. Now if this league deals with contracts, that would change everything. Then we'd have to see what would be going back into the player pool.
  5. Clevinger, Hader, or Conforto for final keep?

    Unless it's an elite closer who I knew was going to get me 40+ saves, in less than a 10 keeper set, I'd have to go with either Clevinger or Conforto. Conforto has the higher upside of the two and improved against lefties last season so I'd probably lean that way.
  6. Do i make this trade in a 30 Team Dynasty

    On pure value, ignoring needs, format, roster, and especially your league size, sure. Would I make that deal in a 30 man league? I would have to get back another piece even if it's a minor one. It's not a good deal in such a deep league.
  7. As long as you're active, rebuilding a farm system isn't difficult. Young players break out all the time. A launch angle here, vision correction there, jump in velocity over there, etc. happens all the time. You have a strong young nucleus that you should continue to building your MLB roster around. I wouldn't go tearing that down. I would try to pounce on some post hype guys people are down on, rebound candidates, or older productive vets rebuilding teams are always looking to unload. Not every move needs to be a big one either.
  8. Dynasty Trade Help - Sale/Correa

    He's still an MVP talent but those 3 aces will carry your pitching stats. You don't have to go play russian roulette streaming in pitching stats throughout the year. It's a very strong win now move. I'm not really concerned with Sale as he has all off season to get right. You may regret it a few years down the road but banners hang forever.
  9. Keeper help (pick 4) 12 team H2H WHIR

    He's a young steadily improving 3rd baseman that finished the season with an OPS of .864. At 22nd round value, who you can hold multiple years at a low price, we'll agree to disagree here. Carpenter will be 34 and at 6th round value at the end of next season. He's likely to be thrown back into the pool. Flaherty will be at 7th round value where seems more appropriate with his pricing(there is a little value there, maybe a round or two) but not compared to some of the other choices. A case can definitely be made for Clevinger over Chapman and Tatis. But with only 4 keepers, I'd follow that hold addage of leaning towards the bats. Personal preference here. I don't believe it's a good idea to keep 2 pitchers, none of which are tier one, in a 4 keeper set unless it was a points league... or there was tremendous value there. Clevinger is... Flaherty isn't in terms of long term value with the annual 3 year markup.
  10. Keeper help (pick 4) 12 team H2H WHIR

    Soto and Chapman are the two obvious choices. I'd stick with the youth movement here and go with Eloy and... Tatis. Tatis only because Soto/Eloy are already OF'ers. I wanted to go with Tucker as Tatis' price rises pretty quickly and it's unlikely you'll get the production you're looking for from him until it does.
  11. Two prospect offers for Scooter Gennett

    I still think you're selling yourself short here. Catchers, especially young catchers, are such high variance creatures. They're as volatile as relief pitchers. Now this deal does look better than the other two given your two catcher format, but I'd go window shopping elsewhere first before you come to a decision. Scooter is a proven commodity at a valuable MI position.
  12. Altuve for Nola? Dynasty WHIR

    It's enough for Altuve and fits what you're trying to accomplish. It's a good deal.
  13. Two prospect offers for Scooter Gennett

    The second deal is especially bad.
  14. Dynasty Trade Help - Sale/Correa

    I think your chances of winning it all this year will be significantly higher with Sale than Correa in a roto. Being that it's a dynasty, I wouldn't give up much else if I were to make the trade. I would not miss Reed, Frazier or Tapia if you included one of them in the deal.
  15. Dynasty deal

    It’s so even that I’m having a hard time choosing. If I’m forced to pick here, in win now mode, I’d take the latter. The former if in rebuilding mode. Once Givens is traded mid season, he’ll likely be moved into a setup role. Whoever has him might as well take advantage of his value now as a trade commodity.