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  1. 16 mins with these kind of stats? Can't imagine once they give him a steady 25-30.
  2. Tell that to the coach. The last lineup they ran was Booker at PG. Canaan at SG. Ariza at SF. Ryno at PF. Ayton at C. SG and PF spots pretty much swap between Warren, Jackson, Crawford, Bridge and Okobo.
  3. Possibly for 14 teams and above... but with Suns you never know. Booker is day to day. Once he's back, pretty much the usage rate belongs to Booker and Ayton.
  4. Did anyone watch his game tonight? He seems to be getting good mins. 28 mins tonight but it was blowout 136-108 vs Wizards. 10pts 8reb 7ast 2stl 1trey. 4 of 8 and 1 of 2 at the line with 1 TO. Is it garbage time or meaningful minutes? AFAIK, Doc doesn't like to play rookies.
  5. His shooting should come back up at some point ... 57 games he shot 45%. So something is off this year. The biggest issues is playtime. He's playtime has been erratic even without Jlin. Crabbe recently took over as starter. If he shot 42-45% with 1 trey, 3 ast and 1.5spg, 0.5bpg, those are still decent numbers for end of 14 teams.